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Monday, August 04, 2014

take-a- word: black-white-red

i was in the mood to keep it simple this time...
cassette from holliewood
font: face your fears

oh yes, and i had to preserve my music on these cassettes... in earlier years recorded with a microphone from the radio (before the direct methode was possible)... that means everybody had to keep quiet when i sat there in high exertion trying to get a song from the beginning to the end... i could have murdered my siblings coming into the room and slamming a door while i was recording... or the moderator talking before the last tunes were played...
and the tragedies when a cassette ended in tapejam... be sure it was the one with the best songs!
 recently i threw out most of my (many!) tapes... their sound was yowling and no longer a pleasure to listen to... but oh the memories!!


  1. You brought back memories for me, too, Johanna, what a brilliant idea for the challenge!

  2. So unique as usual your artworks are, Johanna.

  3. A great piece with many memories for me too! xx

  4. I still have a lot of these yauling K7, I love them so much...
    I adore your idea and your clever way to remember Johanna. :)

  5. Sweet memories! Great idea! Thanks for sharing with us your memories that are so similar to ours.

  6. I love the sinplicity of this piece, Johanna...and the accompanying story. I am clinging to a cassette of an interview I did with my mother a couple of years before she died, and hoping to get it transferred to CD (which, of course, will be replaced by something else in the future, no doubt!)

  7. Oh my. The cassette seems to show us how old we've become. Unfortunately, I remember 8 tracks!

  8. Oh, I still have many tapes and many tape-decks. I actually clicked on your cassette to see if it played - haha! - it didn't!
    Good blogpost reminding us of the days pre-Itunes, that miracle of today's music (IMO).

  9. Total cool, du hast hiermit die schönen, alten Zeiten wieder aufleben lassen - ach ja!
    ...seit Tagen richtig im Stress, weil ich meinen Verpflichtungen gar nicht in time nachkommen kann...

  10. Einfach und trotzdem so beeindruckend... jetzt war ich sofort in meiner Jugend mit meinem!


  11. WOW! I love the simplicity of this and yup- I too have cassettes somewhere- nothing to play them on "(

  12. Great story to go with what you created here Johanna...
    Music is the Universal Language!

  13. Oh, how I remember those days of recording from the radio and what memories have now returned.

    This is a wonderful piece, Johanna, and not a surprise to learn that Music is your First Love.



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