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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

3 muses challenge: roses

a symbolic combination which is present in many celebrations (think day-of-the-dead in mexico) or music (e.g. always repeated on the imagery of grateful dead and other bands).
life and death: no one exists without the other.

gesso and stamps (roses: stembello; alpha: teesha moore; dots: flamingo artstamps; "nr 5": ma vinci); 
the stencil (andy skinner)  actually was tricky. i didn´t want to spray here (because of smearing) but worked with the dauber dapper; but the small creases were too small for even a very thin pen and i had to paint them by hand.
and a digital piece, too:

background: sissy sparrows + layer from cvisions, bees viva, stitching miss vivi (all scrapbookgraphics)
rose: own photo
thorns: selfmade brush

und weil die rosen lebewesen sind, werden sie gelinkt zu ajj


  1. Wow, nice work on your skull and roses page. It looks awesome. Love the digital piece too, especially the insects!

  2. Cool journal page, Johanna, love them both!

  3. Wow - was für eine coole Kombination - absolut klasse!!!
    LG Dagmar

  4. super klasse sieht das aus.. ja das ist trickreich mit diesen Stencils.. ich glaub das ist der Grund warum man bei so detailierten Sachen mit einem Imagetransfer ganz gut beraten ist... aber ich drücke mich immer davor, weil ich diese Rubblerei nicht so gern mag.
    Du hast den Totenkopf eben personalisiert!Hat doch auch was! Sieht perfekt aus .
    Und das untere digitale ist sowas von schön wieder! Link das doch noch zu AJJ -Lebewesen büdde büdde!


  5. Wunderschöne Journalseiten wieder! Dir einen schönen Tag, Valerie

  6. Two great pieces, Johanna, the first properly macabre, the second features one of my favorite quotes, and is beautifully done, as always. It's always a pleasure to see your interpretation of the challenges!

  7. Both creations are really super and so true...the stitches around your rosebud add such a great look too in keeping with the thorns

    Happy middle of the week Johanna

  8. I really like your digital piece! :)

  9. Great job on this challenge Johanna I love the quote on the second ...beautiful work.

  10. Love the quote about the thorns and your thorns brush and the whole digital piece is great. Your skulls and roses pages are superb too, I like your non-digital pieces very much.

  11. We have Day of the Dead here too but we don't have Santa Muerte. Day of the Dead is not a celebration. In general people go to graveyards and mourn their loved ones. They use to embellish the tombs with flowers and candles. Some people clean the tombs too. It is November 2nd. It is said to be a magical day. If a spell is cast on this day, it will certainly happen but I think what I've said might sound such an insanity for German girl.We are very superstitious here. Magic is part of everyday life.

  12. Terrific pieces-I almost used the second quote for mine

    Love Chrissie xx

  13. Johanna, da bin ich mal ein paar Tage nicht auf Blogrundgang und schon gibt es hier bei dir soviel nachzulesen. Ich lasse dir hier beim letzten Post mal ein Sammellob ;o)
    Danke für die Info wegen der Schnecken. Diese "Tiger" habe ich bei uns noch nicht gesehen. Mir geht es wie dir, Schnecken sind mir ein Graus und ich finde sie echt ekelig. :/

  14. love your skulls and roses! so right for the time of year....Your digital piece has lots of delicious you always do! Just beautiful!!

  15. Two very different but wonderful collages! They show how many different meanings a rose can have.

  16. Good morning Johanna and oh what wonderful art you have shown us again today - love your little pages and the digi work is amazing


  17. Na, der Totenkopf passt ja wunderbar zu deiner Bibel
    und die Digi-Collage ist klasse!
    LG Ulrike

  18. Well, what can I say, you have taken Roses and created two simply wonderful and thought provoking pieces from them, Johanna. Absolute stunners.

  19. Wow, Zwei total unterschiedliche Werke, klasse!

  20. I love the quote about the thorns having roses. Lovely work.

  21. Fantastische seiten sind das,gefällt mir ganz spitze.

    GLG Jeannette


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