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Thursday, September 04, 2014

the TINY one

[newest Thing on Blogger is that "text correction" function. they set the words haphazardly into upper case letters, may it be right or not... i will let it be, even if it Looks foolish as if i could not write correctly... i will go on typing lower caps only as this is the faster solution...]
it was really time to start another altered book, because at the Moment that seems to be the only Chance i get into the mood for working with my Hands.
i decided to work in one of the really tiny prayer books i recently bought on a flea market.
to Show how tiny they are, i laid a credit card onto the book to compare...

i started painting one spread with gesso, adding a bit of bistre powder and sprayed it with water. drying with heat gun.
i looked into my stock of faux postage and found one i made Long ago: the wild things´ max sailing in his boat. i added Palms (which are the trees for mix it monthly and the living beings for ajj), a sun (custom made stamp) and cancellation stamps from ma Vinci.
so i ended up with my first spread in the Teeny-tiny one:

and that´s what the Intention is... to make quick litte entries and get muddy fingers;)


  1. Wunderschöne Seite...und ein fettes Grinsen in meinem Gesicht wegen der "Schmuddelfinger".

  2. Lovely pages, great idea to alter prayer books, I have a whole box full here, so perhaps I should start on them, like the monks of old with their illuminated manuscripts.Ups, bin wieder in die falsche Sprache gerutscht, sorry! Dir einen schönen Tag! LG, Valerie

  3. das ist eine zauberhafte Idee so ein kleines Büchlein zu altern! Muss ich auch mal gucken ob ich so was Kleines wo mal finde!
    Die Premiere ist hier schon mal super gelungen finde ich...
    Toll dass Du wieder dabei bist bei Art Journal Journey Johanna!
    Ich denke immer wieder an Dich - Du weisst schon.. ich hoffe ich kann bald Daumendrücken aufhören und Dir gratulieren zu einem neuen Status!

  4. Fab first pages in your itty bitty prayer book Johanna!
    Wondering if we can get Bistre here in the US...
    sure like all I've been seeing done with it in Europe...
    made a great background here!
    I will be curious what you think of the thin pages as you keep creating...
    technology can sometimes be very annoying and then again so wonderful ...

  5. Such a lovely tiny creation, Johanna! You are always so full of lovely ideas. :)

  6. Wie genial - eine tolle Idee mit dem Altered Book. Bei mir liegt immer noch das angefangene Wörterbuch.... aber weiter komme ich damit auch nicht. Seufz.... Deine erste Doppelseite gefällt mir sehr gut.

  7. eine supertolle Idee, genial umgesetzt, Johanna.

    Ich wünsche Dir ein schönes Wochenende

  8. I love your "little" art with so much in it. That's a terrific faux postage stamp and I like the sun and so much else on the small page.

  9. You crammed so much lovely stuff into such a small spread!

  10. A very nice small artwork and a good idea to use such a small book. Also I like the stamp with the boat on it, looks so good.
    Dear Greetings

  11. Ach Johanna, mein Herz geht auf, was eine süsse Seite, ich liebe den Kontrast von den dunklen Wolken und der Sonne so sehr, das gibt den Seiten eine echte Dynamik! Und dann noch das Boot mit dem süssen Kerlchen...haha grossartig! Was ein tolles Büchlein, mir gefällt besonders, dass man die Bindung sehen kann! Mix It Monthly ♥ Conny

  12. Oh how do you work so small. Quite lovely. Great idea to re-use your books. xox

  13. Wow Johanna what a task you have set yourself your first pages are amazing

    Hilda x


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