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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

three muses challenge: autumn colors

i made a new brush: "seed&weed mail", because these are some of my favorites in nature...
when i was in the botanical garden in munich last thursday i had the chance to photograph a lot of seeds... here you see one from paeonia suffruticosa (a shrub peony).
i completed the photo with postal stamps, a frame from artistry and some selfmade brushes.
second sample made in a similar way:

as said, i made a lot of photos there.
here a collection of some i made into png-pics to use in digital art.


  1. Ja, da sieht man wieder die Biologin in dir. Total schöne digitale Collagen.

  2. Your photos are stunningly lovely. I watched them in lightbox: the seeds are really fantastic and so autumn like.
    Good choice for the challenge, Johanna.

  3. brilliant wie Du Deine Aufnahmen hier verwertet hast Johanna! Großartige Arbeiten!

  4. Klasse Johanna - kann mich garnicht richtig entscheiden welches ich lieber mag.

  5. The seeds and pods are the ideal elements for the challenge, Johanna, love their intricate details, more special being your own photos!
    Enjoyed looking at your Edinburgh photos, my friend has just arrived back from there, too!

  6. Oh very brilliant indeed. I like it very much all you have displayed.

    The colors are stunning.

    Johanna mine is up but mine is sort of scary as it is a wee bit on the on coming event. Halloween time.

  7. The seeds are really fantastic, Johanna! ♥ The autumn colors are great!
    Have a wonderful September. :)

  8. What beautiful photos. Knowing your talents, I'm sure you will surprise us by using them beautifully, as always!

  9. What beautiful photos, Johanna. Knowing your talents, I am sure you will use them beautifully!

  10. Oh how beautiful! A great idea and so clever. Lovely work! xx

  11. Oh how beautiful! A great idea and so clever. Lovely work! xx

  12. Those seedpods are all so handsome and beautiful...I can see the attraction and lucky you knowing how to do special digital things with them = bonus!
    Great what you've created here Johanna...

  13. Ich will noch keinen Herbst,und bin farblich noch im Sommer modus, aber Deine Farbenfarben und Formen sind auch herzerwärmend.
    LG Anja

  14. These three are delightful botanical cards, really clever art and photography combined.

  15. love the seed pods, your photos are terrific.

  16. love the seed pods, your photos are terrific.

  17. Knowing how much you love botancial things, Johanna, I knew as soon as I opened your blog there would be something special ... and these are so, so special. You deserve a standing ovation, my friend.

  18. Alle Arbeiten eine Augenweide - doch die letzte Seite ist der Knaller, wie du die Jungfer im Grünen, die ich so liebe, freigestellt hast! Alle Achtung!
    Ich bin jetzt auch wieder da, aber noch nicht so ganz...
    LG Ulrike

  19. These are beyond beautiful! i am in awe of your creativity :)


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