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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

three-muses-challenge: game boards

the lewis chessmen are are a group of 12th-century chess pieces, most of which are carved in walrus/whale ivory. they were discovered in 1831 on the isle of lewis (outer hebrides, scotland) and are known as the best-preserved medieval gaming pieces in the occident. 
well, i knew of them before i went to edinburgh two months ago and i had in mind to buy replicas of these pieces (in the shop of the national museum of scotland), because i totally love their look! i bought a set of them (without the board; too big and too expensive...) and i´m so happy with them!
in my digital piece you see a map of the isle of lewis and two of my chessmen (knight and queen).
and i made an entry in my tiny altered book as well: 
right side two overlapping maps (below a more detailed one with the region of the find):
and above it a piece from my old atlas:


  1. I saw your pieces when I was looking for chess pieces for mine. Gorgeous creation, my friend!

  2. Stunning chess pieces and art work, Johanna. Interesting and well done.

  3. fantasteristisch!
    Diese Figuren kenn ich ja dank Dir inzwischen und finde sie genial und hier bin ich sowohl von der digitalen Version als auch von der neuen Doppelseite im Journal begeistert Johanna!
    Hab einen schönen Tag!

  4. Lovely post, Johanna. I must have a look at these chessmen the next time I'm at the Museum.
    Love your tiny book too, that looks really fun to make art in.

  5. Wonderful pieces, Johanna! 've seen photos of the Lewis chesspieces, and love what you've done with them.

  6. Ho, I love all your explanations each time! And, above all, I love all your art pieces too! Very well done dear Johanna! :)

  7. I love the chess pieces and the story behind them AND the entry in your journal about them. Take a bow, my friend.

  8. The Uig chessmen are really beautiful. I think to remember they are said to have been made in Norway. Thank would also explain the walrus ivory.
    Your pages look great, Johanna!

  9. What gorgeous chess pieces, and thank you so much for sharing the story with us, Johanna. I love the use of the map as well. BRAVO

  10. Before I read your words I was going to say what wonderful chess pieces they were they are amazing thanks for showing them in your beautiful artwork.

  11. Die Schachfiguren sehen wunderschön aus, kann ich gut verstehen, dass du sie dir gekauft hast :)
    Deine Werke sind mal wieder klasse.

  12. What a special creation and I learned something too!!!


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