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Saturday, December 06, 2014

ajj: rainy weather (& some tips)

[ok, i´m too lazy to correct all the "self-correction" of Blogger... i type in lower case because it takes less time, but the results of Blogger are making me look like an orthographic fool...]
another spread in my gelli printed Backgrounds Journal is completed:
(linking it to ajj)
it is the opposite site to the fog page i previously made:

so both are about dreary weather...
for my new page i used the following stuff:

the antikamnia Picture of 1908 with the grinning Boy was laying in my box of scraps for Ages, the Silhouette of karl Valentin (a bavarian comedian) was stamped onto tissue paper; the stamp in the Journal is from chocolate baroque (it did not stamp quite well, so i decided to cover it with the Image of the Boy)
the Quote of karl Valentin (here written in bavarian)  is perfect for these days:
i´m happy when it is raining, because if i´m not happy, it rains anyway.
cool attitude, isn´t it?
now a Little trick i want to share, though maybe you already know it...
(but i was asked how i get my printing on glasses wipes, which are too instable to run them through the Printer)
first i have to confess i save every Inch of ledger paper and other tinted old papers in a box. there will come a day when i Need just a tiny bit or a leftover of them... but you can´t run a Little Piece of paper through the Printer. so i do the following:
i print my Chosen text onto a sheet of normal paper (with word program);
i print it centered in the middle and not too far on the top.
after printing it i must not Change the Position of the text in the word program!!
now i choose a leftover of ledger which should be a bit larger than my text.
layer the ledger on top of the printed text.
if you like, you can control the Position by Holding the paper against a lamp (like i did here) or against the window. but actually that is only necessary if the size ledger is hardly bigger than the printed text. normally you can make it free handed.
next step is Fixing the ledger with tesa (also washi tape will do, if it is gluey enough).
it really must be secure, otherwise you will have the ledger vanishing in the Printer...
but of course make sure the printing will not be on the tape!
then you run the paper through your Printer again.
as you haven´t changed the Position of the words, it will print exactly at the same place as before.
(well, here i decided to Change the printing Color in last second for better matching to my Collage, but the Position remained the same)
and concerning the stamping on tissue, like i mentioned These days also:
a wet tracing around the Image allowes a smooth ripping;
and Bonus: the tissue is thin enough to let the stamp ink bleed through, so you can also use the Image flipped over.
i hope this was helpful.
at least i helped me to ignore the weather outside;)


  1. Both are great tips, Johanna. I have created many things using your taping method, but never would consider glass wipes, since they are so much heavier than tissue. I've also used freezer paper and ironed the sheets onto it once I cut the freezer paper to my printer's size.

    Thanks for sharing these tips and I really like your collage today.

    BTW, I sort of quoted you today.

  2. Ich liebe Karl Valentin und musste gleich erstmal grinsen. Er ist so herrlich mit seinen Weisheiten gewesen, einfach genial!
    Toll, dass du auch wieder den Werdegang von deinen Seiten zeigst, da schau ich immer gerne zu. (obwohl diese Techniken mir jetzt schon bekannt waren..)
    Schönen 2. von Ulrike

  3. Super Seite ... der war schon cool der Valentin!
    Dein Trick ist super !

    Hab einen schönen Abend!

  4. Ich schmeiss mich weg, das hat mir heute noch gefehlt, vielen Dank für mein breites Grinsen, einfach nur herrlich was Du da zusammengestellt hast:-)
    LG und ich wünsch Dir auch einen schönen 2.Advent.
    LG Anja

  5. Wow, das ist ja eine tolle Doppelseite! Ich kann zwar den Text nicht verstehen, da ich kein Englisch kann, aber die bildliche Gestaltung finde ich wunderbar.
    Was mir auch sehr gefällt, dass du uns die Entstehung der Seite zeigst und miterleben läßt.
    LG Barbara

  6. Great attitude! ...but I still don't like when it rains for days, weeks, sometimes months at a time! ;) A great page, Johanna.

  7. Grossartig! Art Journal Journey sagt Danke! LG, Valerie

  8. Oh .. danke für's Linken zur AJJ Johanna♥♥♥

  9. Auf die Idee muss man erst mal kommen. Klasse! Lieben Dank dafür. Gut das ich "fließend" ALLE Sprachen beherrsche..., wüßte ansonsten ja gar nicht welcher geniale WITZ Deine Seite enthält.
    LG Conny


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