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Monday, December 01, 2014

take-a-word: door

when we were on Holidays in denmark in october, i got the Chance to photograph many of their beautiful doors. this one is in tønder, the door of det gamle apothek (the old pharmacy).
i added elements from itkupilli (tree and bird) and tangie baxter (cardboard Alpha). everything is placed on a Background paper from 2lil-owls.
the original photo is here:

the old pharmacy is a building from 1595, which in 1989 was transformed into a gift shop with an unique atmosphere, antique elements still showing through in the 46 (!) rooms of the house. in total there are 1200 m² to enjoy looking and Shopping. in the cellar there are displayed Christmas items all year through. i´ve never seen such a huge collection elsewhere.
i want to thank you for all your good wishes and positive vibrations:

(hehe, i had a typo in this first... i wrote paintful instead of painful... greetings from mr freud;))


  1. A beautiful door to a magic place. Thanks for interesting info about it.
    Hope that your hand will recover soon.
    Hugs xx

  2. Ein herrliches Tor ! Weiterhin gut Besserung Johanna!

  3. Gute Besserung und mein Arm ist auch voller tapes - solidarische Grüße.

  4. Schöne Tür, Johanna!
    Gut Besserung :)

  5. Was für eine tolle Tür, ich bin von solchen Kostbarkeiten immer wieder begeistert. Wie schön, dass Deine Schmerzen nachlassen und die Schulter heilt, würde ich mir und meinen Füßen auch gönnen, aber das bleiben leider fromme Wünsche:-)
    Ich wünsche Dir in jeder Hinsicht eine sonnige Woche,
    lG Anja

  6. Your door is gorgeous Johanna and I am so glad your shoulder is feeling better it makes a great art statement with the colorful tape.

  7. What a beautiful door, and how I'd love to venture inside. You've "dressed it up" in fine fashion. (So glad you're recovering well!)

  8. Ach ja, die schönen Tonder-Türen!

    Dann warst du mit der Schulter ja doch endlich beim Arzt - oder doch 'nur' beim Physio?
    Diese Tapes können echt so viel Erleichterung bringen, wenn sie denn richtig gesetzt sind - das kann auch nicht jeder gleich gut, kann ich nur aus eigener Erfahrung sagen.
    Lieben Gruß von Ulrike

  9. I'm always in awe of digital art, and it's so much nicer when you have taken the photo. At least you know it's yours. The way you manipulated the photo of this door, and made it your own, is stunning.

  10. There are so many beautiful doors in Tønder, you have made a wonderful piece with one of them.

  11. You are a woman after my own heart, Johanna, with your love of architecture and then the way you incorporate it into your artwork. I would so love to visit Denmark one of these days.

    Also, my friend, I must have been sleeping because I didn't know you'd hurt yourself but I'm glad to hear you are getting better.

  12. Dr Freud LOL
    Happy you are well on the road to recovery. I am enjoying catching up with your creating Johanna!


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