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Monday, March 31, 2014

take-a-word: stars

a star. really.

background spray painted and scanned. 
star brushes freebies from the internet. 
bowie photo googled. 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

SPA: down on the farm

i started with a sprayed background (scanned it);
horse one of my photos
created a stucked version of muybridge horses for the stripe at the right and blendet it in;
various custom made brushes added;
finished with a texture from shadowhouse (2 feb 12)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

3-muses: steam/smoke/clouds

 i realized that on my egg-piece actually the steam (in form of smoke or clouds) was missing, so i made another piece for the 3-muses challenge.
i altered a real postage stamp (see below) digitally into a faux one.
i took the clouds as the "smoke on the water" and transformed them into "deep purple".
"machine head" was the album name, on which this famous song was released in 1972.
and the single reached number 4 on the billboard pop singles chart in the united states (so maybe i should have named it 4$, but as the band is british...)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

easter approaching...

easter is around the corner... ummm, around the egg;)
SPA-challenge wants it steampunky (as well as the 3 muses on wednesday) and take-a-word is all about eggs... so i made this combination of both themes.
  elements are mostly from sbg and deviantscrap
font: pea sean

Saturday, March 22, 2014

dancing in the rain...

everybody is waiting for rain here... we had a wonderful early spring (up to 23°c) the last weeks and now the earth is more than dry. we urgently need some days of rain. forecast is lower temperatures and some rain for at least the next three days, and i really hope it will come this time.

playing around with free textures from flickr and deviantart, silhouette made by me with a photo from a catalog; font: pea sean

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

three-muses-challenge: spring

background: roseyposey (sbg)
framing: chicks_n_ducks (sbg)
banksy zebra from the internet (reworked)
font: for the one hundreth time
(wächst zwischen den steinen vor der haustür, man darf nur nicht immer zu sorgfältig sauber machen;))
(if you don´t clean too thoroughly, some flowers also settle between the stones...)
fonts: beyond wonderland + fine hand

Monday, March 17, 2014

take-a-word: green

i have another atc for the zetti swap, a green one this time...
all stamps: zettiology

and a digital piece (i had time to play, because after a week full of brightest sunshine we had a dull weekend - actually nature would need much more rain!)
  green background: nothing-but-freebies
all elements: tangie baxter (scrapbookgraphics)
font: 1454 gutenberg bibel

Saturday, March 15, 2014

SPA: arrows

digitally created postcard using:
background and words: tangie baxter (sbg - ajc13)
arrows: paula kesselring_over-the-rainbow

find the other participants of the challenge here

MiFoC März { Woche 3 - Textur }

heute mal ein rätsel: 
was ist das?

texturen finde ich immer spannend, und für manuelas challenge hätte ich richtig viele fotos hochladen können;)

auflösung (20.3.):
ich musste selber erst mal googeln, nachdem ich diesen gefällten baumstamm fotografiert hatte. es handelt sich um die pünktchenflechte  Amandinea punctata.
viel habe ich darüber nicht gefunden, aber offensichtlich besiedelt sie gern die rinde von licht stehenden laubbäumen.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

a little sewing...

 es war mal wieder ein schreikissen fällig (diesmal für meinen mann in der arbeit;))
munch als motiv bot sich natürlich an...

und weil das wetter dieser tage zwar schön, aber manchmal doch tückisch windig ist, hab ich mir mal eben einen loop genäht... youtube weiß, wie das geht... 
bei dieser gelegenheit festgestellt, dass die amerikanischen stoffe oft nicht so breit liegen wie unsere, ich musste stückeln, um auf die 1,40 m länge zu kommen... sieht man aber nicht;)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

three-muses-challenge: zetti

backgrounds painted with twinklin h2o´s
various stencils, stamps (some custom made) and images from teesha moore;
elephant found in the web and altered

Monday, March 10, 2014

take-a-word: blackbird

a sad thing that happens once or twice a year: the cat kills a bird. last week this poor blackbird was the victim...  a magpie´s noise caught my attention and i found her in the garden, feathers all around.
the layout is made with a paper from sissysparrows_greymatter (scrapbookgraphics) blended (screen mode) over a background from 2 lil owls (jewel chalks);
stitching: missvivi (sbg)
fonts: black night + candara
feather brushes free from the web

diese tote amsel ist auch mein foto für manuelas wochenthema "vögel"... ich dachte eigentlich, ich hätte diese woche keinen beitrag, denn mit meiner canon powershot komm ich normalerweise nicht so gut an vögel ran...

Saturday, March 08, 2014

SPA: fishes

one of my favorite fishes is the seahorse.
i can´t remember where i found this striped one, but i gave it a zoological name;)
orange background is from 2 lil owls (jewel chalks)
elements from deviantscrap (pinklotty_summerfreshborders), scrapbookgraphics (roseyposey_gentlemen)
fonts: boston traffic + adolphus
[edit: meanwhile i found out that this species REALLY exists, and even this zoological term was right;)]

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

3-muses-challenge: mail art - bon voyage

elements from scrapbookgraphics: kit enjoy the journey from natali design & tangie baxter artjournalcaravan 2013
postal stamps and mailing label googled
font at the bottom: byron

Monday, March 03, 2014

take-a-word: numbers

three more of my zetti-atcs
 backgrounds: numbers stamp (custom) on the left one, the other ones stenciled;
faces: teesha moore
 some custom made stamps (stempel malter) involved: text on the right one translates "normality is overrated"... 
face on the left one: printed onto transparency, painted on the back and glued on;
doodles and imagine banner: hidden_vintage_studios: tangled up
key signs on the right one: masking tape

Saturday, March 01, 2014

SPA: newspaper

i created this newspaper title
in the size of a postcard

MiFoC März { Woche 1 - Orange}

 manuela fordert uns diese woche auf, etwas in orange zu zeigen...
na dann, zuerst: die frucht als solche... in einer lieblingsschüssel, die vor vielen jahren ein selbstgetöpfertes weihnachtsgeschenk einer lieben freundin war. die blaue glasur passt wunderbar zu den orangen...
 mein lieblingstrinkglas (steht hier in der küche vor der glasrückwand mit den heracleum-fotos...);
über die ersten beiden fotos hab ich freebie ttv-texturen von flickr gelegt.
ja, auch die natur hat zur zeit orangefarbenes zu bieten: 
das innere der krokus-blütenstände z.b. ...
foto von dieser woche (allerdings nicht von heute, denn heute ist das wetter zu muffig, da bleiben die krokusse geschlossen)