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Sunday, August 31, 2014

kniphofia - die fackellilie

at the moment i have the feeling i need to grow stock of pictures for the winter to have something to work on... or something like that - i´m shooting like crazy... (and i haven´t worked non-digital for quite a while... which i miss. but there is a great urge to go out and photograph...)
well, this week i was (third time this year) in the botanical garden of munich. weather forecast was fine for thursday (and only for thursday, we have quite a wet and cold summer month here), so i took my camera and the train.
i ended up with about 450 pics and call it a good day:)) very satisfying!
[für ulrike: ich hatte auch mein weißes papier dabei, damit ich auch diesbezüglich im winter was zu tun habe;) hat mich niemand drauf angesprochen *g*...]
here you see a "red hot poker" (kniphofia; german: fackellilie) at the pond of the botanical garden.

on one of these plants a dragonfly (darters(uk) or meadowhawks (usa); german: heidelibelle) had taken place. i put her into a circle stamp.
photo itself not edited, framed with shadowhouse´s black-vintage-mask (blending mode divide);
upper left a selfmade brush and done!

Sunday, August 24, 2014


showing some of my edinburgh photos today...

first thing: there are a lot of festivals going on in august in edinburgh, it is said to be THE festival town of the world at this time
famous are the military tattoo, the book festival, and of course the fringe, which includes a lot of street artists

st giles cathedral
canongate kirk cemetery
 calton hill
right beside the parliament and located in holyrood park: arthur´s seat;
you can climb it for a good view over the city and beyond.
("town house": usually provided a council meeting chamber, a court house and a jail)
 and if it was too windy or rainy, we always found a cozy tea room:)
dean village:
a village amidst the town, idyllic old charm
it leads to the dean gardens at the water of leith,
where in earlier centuries up to 11 water mills were grinding the wheat for the people´s bread
if you love second hand shopping, you are right in the quarter of stockbridge:
many charity sellers of old bracelets, books, clothes etc for a bargain.
delicious cakes and scones in the royal botanical garden,
and of course plants, too;)
old town
assembly hall and ramsey garden
the royal yacht britannia...
the sunny veranda at the upper deck; and if the royals were bored, they played "wombat-tennis"... here the poor guy on the ventilator
another nice quarter: leith

Friday, August 22, 2014

MiFoC August {Woche 4 - Stimmung}

wie bei manuela sind es bei mir heute auch regenfotos geworden...
ich bin nämlich noch voll mit meinem fotobuch über unsere edinburgh-fahrt beschäftigt, und dort hat es nun mal gerne geregnet (hab mir sagen lassen, es war hier auch nicht besser...).
natürlich sind manche besichtigungen schöner bei sonnenschein, aber insgesamt konnten wir das ganz gut planen. 

ansonsten mag ich eigentlich auch trübes mal zwischendurch, ich liebe ja auch den blues;)
trotzdem darf es gerne noch ein schöner spätsommer werden:)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

MiFoC August {Woche 3 - Farbe}

i´m back from edinburgh,
but i might to have to neglect my blog for the next days, as i´m planning to make a photo book of 152 pages... that is something i love to do after a travel, as memories sink in deeper and i have to look up some additional informations to include into the book. (my three follow traveller ladies always look forward to get the same book, so i don´t want to dilly-dally...;))
maybe the one or other photo will find it´s way to my blog, too...

here is one from the second day, a horse carousel in the west princes street gardens directly at the bottom of the castle hill.
straight out of the camera... 
the colors are gleaming because of the rain
(we had quite a lot of rain, about half the journey. but you must anticipate this when you come to edinburgh... never go without your umbrella...)

i think this should be color enough for manuela´s challenge this week

Friday, August 08, 2014

MiFoC august {woche 2 - sommer}

speaking in flowers, there is one which represents summer like no other:

we have a field of sunflowers nearby and i can´t stop visiting for taking photographs.
linking these to manuela, where you can find the pictures of the other participants. 

i will be away for the next week, visiting edinburgh with girlfriends...
hope to bring some shots with me for the next challenge.

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

three-muses-challenge: zetti

caution, this is a longish post
(if you only want to see zetti-artwork from me, please scroll down...)

this is an obituary for the rubber stamp company zettiology (short: zetti), which closed down last week and had been run by teesha and tracy moore since 1991. an era of style setting rubber stamps comes to an end. 
(i really regret that, but teesha and tracy always went on without standstills, so i can understand them... and i´m happy i own a shoebox full of their stamps, as i never hesitated to buy lots of their images;))

for me, the journey began in the year 1996, june... i came across my first rubber stamps and soon detected zettiology on my hunt for non-cute (oh well, it were the times before internet, nobody can imagine that any longer, so no quick emails etc). 
their style was different from everything else on the market and i had to make my first order immediately...
... the complete set, of course...

i was infected and it turned out to be incurable.

the company was smaller then, their catalogs handbound:

see the low postage fees back then...

i saved all my zetti-post, as there were so many treasures among it...
e.g. they brought out a supplement of their catalog in form of cards:

many images went with the idea of zetti being an ancient, perished imperium, mysterious and out of this world, reminiscent to the ancient egypt in some artifacts etc... tracy did not get tired of playing with these thoughts and designed a passport for the followers of this idea - and even a game which he sent out in laminated form. 

it was always such a pleasure to get their vibrant post, often with added gifts of postal stamps, magnets etc made with stamps from their rubber line.

they created many postal sheets (some in limited edition),
and i can say they influenced my art preferences (mail art) in a similar way nick bantock did.

in the next photo you can see how they incorporated their images into hotel labels...

teesha always shared her ideas generously, created collage sheets (still available on, was one of the first i know in art journaling. she run zines ("the studio" & "play") for a few years, but always was (and is) on the lookout for something new. she never complained about somebody "stealing her ideas" or copying her (on the contrary, she encouraged people to do so), because she had the self consciousness she was the first and the best and will always win the recognition she deserves. she was always a step ahead. and i wish her and tracy all the best for their future ideas!

getting the zetti catalogs was a pleasure as long as it lasted (means: until the images went online),
i still love the drawings of tracy on the covers:

as years went by, the name of their company became a synonym for a certain style of art:
zetti meanwhile means something odd, quirky, whimsical.. often colorful, with a touch of striped black&white...
and of course: you don´t need to own one single stamp of the company to make art in "zetti style"!!
now let me show you some creations i made with zetti images (or in their style). 
they are not new, but i wanted to give you some samples:

 a fabric leporello, zetti style (created 2007):

if you´d like to see more, just click on my zetti-label.