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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

healthy new year

These are my wishes to you!
Magazine cut out;
selfmade faux postage (Alteration from a former "real" stamp);
confetti washi tape; printed old ledger; neocolor II;
Background gelli printed
linking to ajj
and mm&m ("Polka dots")
and we have snow now - the first for this winter.
started on 26th and seems not to stop, steadily the flakes are falling down...
the cat is confused;)

Monday, December 29, 2014

the inscrutable look

left page: translates "her look was inscrutable"; orange Background stamping with motif from judi kauffman (red Castle);
right page: get more info on the nebra sky disk from Wikipedia, if interested. there are various interpretations about it. my text translates: "like a smiling face"; White stripes by a print from an embossing Folder with acrylic paint.
Alpha: teesha moore
for ajj

Saturday, December 27, 2014

wild horses

found These horses in an ars mundi Magazine.
words stamped (rbbb - Alpha) onto tissue and glued on.

for ajj

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

rock x-mas!

couldn´t throw out the title page from that (older) 2001 Merkheft.
the shouting poodle is too cute! so have a great time with whichever Christmas Music you like!!
 (stamp of Music line: stamp Francisco; Alpha rbbb, also via stamp francisco)
linking to ajj
well, this post was scheduled, but i want to edit it:
thanks for the Music, Joe Cocker - may you r.i.p. (†22. dec)

Monday, December 22, 2014

think big or small?

the cut out is from an Advertising in a Magazine. i glued it onto a gelli printed Background which was stamped with patterned Diamonds from chocolate baroque.
words printed onto old ledger paper with font hedgerow.
linking to ajj "Collage"
and to take a word "red and green"
while this is a photo of mid-november:
we currently have some quite beautiful (yet Stormy) days with awesome sunsets:

not christmassy weather at all -
but otherwise the feast is coming closer:
i had given son #1 a Magazine...

and he brought me this:
(well, a box full of them...;))

not only looking yummy, but also tasting so:
and for the next 2 weeks the Family is together...
i love it when all have arrived.
we really have a non-stress Christmas -
no stress with presents, no cooking stress, just relaxing...
i have some scheduled Posts for the upcoming days,
so if you come by about every other day, you can find some entries for the rest of the year.
enjoy the season!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

fashion-conscious penguin

translates: "you should not always borrow my things"...
first i had thought about the words: "oh please tell me that Website!"...
cut out from a geolino Magazine (if i remember right).
"hot!" stamped with Alpha from rbbb
green dymo words printed with photoshop brushes.
when you enlarge: look at the other penguin that watches how the Little one gets ranted;)
well, mothers with daughters will probably know this Situation...
linking to ajj

Thursday, December 18, 2014

ajj: nomadenleben (nomadic life)

it all started with this Background...

but not much of it was left in the end;)
i collaged the page with Magazine outcuts, and stamps (see below), some of them on tissue.

linkin´ to art Journal journey, of course;)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


about two years ago i had made this digital Collage,
now i had it printed (photo store) and for this spread i tore it in two halfs.
Background printed with gelli plate and stencils + die cut sea horses.
stamps: wave-shaped pattern (red Castle, Judy kauffman), cancellation stamp ma Vinci, Alpha teesha moore, maritime mail custom made.
lighthouse postal stamps from a german series.

for three-muses challenge lighthouse
and for ajj: collage

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

eye see

a Variation of eyes on a gelli printed, stenciled Background.
stamp "for your eyes only" from bartholomew´s ink

for ajj 

Monday, December 15, 2014

the lonesome deer

for this spread i took a page from the national geographic Magazine. i liked the mood (well, i´m happy not to be this lonesome deer in this winter landscape, grateful for my warm and cozy home). and i didn´t want to destroy the Feeling, so i kept the left page quite untouched (only washi tape, stamped with teesha moore Alpha; washi doesn´t hold stamp ink so well, so i traced the stamping over with an Overhead pen)
the Alpha on the right is from rubber Baby Buggy bumpers, the deer Skeleton is from stamp out cute.
linking it to art Journal journey
and to take-a-word: winter

Saturday, December 13, 2014

ajj: i scream ice-cream

and another one for ajj

could have been a fast and easy one - but then i ended up searching for my tissue stamped ice-cones for at least a quarter of an hour (i had borrowed this stamp recently on a retreat... i knew i had These tissues and they could not be far away, and all other things were prepared... you know, drives you nuts;))
a catalog for frozen Food was slaughtered, and the "favorite list" was printed with help from this Generator (love it!) 

Friday, December 12, 2014

ajj: she keeps an eye on him...

for ajj :

Background gelli printed with a stencil; various scraps and snippets plus stamps: custom made muybridge deer; "so weit so gut" ("so far so good") from dani peuss

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

ajj: capolan and bug

one more for the Collage month at art Journal journey

made with various stencils, ginkgo leaves stamped with real leaves (the black veins), capolan postal stamp selfmade, capolan Label stamp from stampington, cancellation stamp ma Vinci, bug is from a napkin 

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

ajj: don´t look back - move on

again a spread for ajj:

again gelli printing with a stencil for the Background.
various Pictures from my box of scraps
and Alpha from ma Vinci.

Monday, December 08, 2014


angels are the theme for this week´s take-a-word challenge
and for this month´s art-journal-journey we are asked for collages...
so i made this collaged page:

it is the second page in the spread together with this one.

the Background was gelli-printed with a spiral stencil. stamped "angel" Definition (stampinks) onto tissue and glued it on. the Kids-painted angels (stampinks) are stamped on a yellow dyed glasses-wipe.
the glassine envelope (contained Sweets some day ago) with the beautiful angel Label was given to me years ago. on the back i found the address of the munich shop it was from (worth to Google: - but this item is no longer available). fixed the envelope with a red tinted washi tape.

pics from the making process:

Sunday, December 07, 2014

ajj: collage - tessin / ticino

another Collage (ajj) in the art Journal i´m currently working in... the wet and foggy weather does not tempt me to go out, so i enjoy my creative passions...
i took a map of the italian speaking part of switzerland (Ticino) from an old merian Magazine (i love the look of their maps!).
the compass rose is stenciled with a die (borrowed, don´t know the brand);
the sun stamp is from a-stamp-in-the-Hand.
number stamps from ma vinci, cancellation stamp custom made.

Saturday, December 06, 2014

ajj: rainy weather (& some tips)

[ok, i´m too lazy to correct all the "self-correction" of Blogger... i type in lower case because it takes less time, but the results of Blogger are making me look like an orthographic fool...]
another spread in my gelli printed Backgrounds Journal is completed:
(linking it to ajj)
it is the opposite site to the fog page i previously made:

so both are about dreary weather...
for my new page i used the following stuff:

the antikamnia Picture of 1908 with the grinning Boy was laying in my box of scraps for Ages, the Silhouette of karl Valentin (a bavarian comedian) was stamped onto tissue paper; the stamp in the Journal is from chocolate baroque (it did not stamp quite well, so i decided to cover it with the Image of the Boy)
the Quote of karl Valentin (here written in bavarian)  is perfect for these days:
i´m happy when it is raining, because if i´m not happy, it rains anyway.
cool attitude, isn´t it?
now a Little trick i want to share, though maybe you already know it...
(but i was asked how i get my printing on glasses wipes, which are too instable to run them through the Printer)
first i have to confess i save every Inch of ledger paper and other tinted old papers in a box. there will come a day when i Need just a tiny bit or a leftover of them... but you can´t run a Little Piece of paper through the Printer. so i do the following:
i print my Chosen text onto a sheet of normal paper (with word program);
i print it centered in the middle and not too far on the top.
after printing it i must not Change the Position of the text in the word program!!
now i choose a leftover of ledger which should be a bit larger than my text.
layer the ledger on top of the printed text.
if you like, you can control the Position by Holding the paper against a lamp (like i did here) or against the window. but actually that is only necessary if the size ledger is hardly bigger than the printed text. normally you can make it free handed.
next step is Fixing the ledger with tesa (also washi tape will do, if it is gluey enough).
it really must be secure, otherwise you will have the ledger vanishing in the Printer...
but of course make sure the printing will not be on the tape!
then you run the paper through your Printer again.
as you haven´t changed the Position of the words, it will print exactly at the same place as before.
(well, here i decided to Change the printing Color in last second for better matching to my Collage, but the Position remained the same)
and concerning the stamping on tissue, like i mentioned These days also:
a wet tracing around the Image allowes a smooth ripping;
and Bonus: the tissue is thin enough to let the stamp ink bleed through, so you can also use the Image flipped over.
i hope this was helpful.
at least i helped me to ignore the weather outside;)

Friday, December 05, 2014

moo mania & more: poinsettia

it was not easy to find a matching Picture for  mm&m this time (but that´s why it is called a challenge;))


i digitally erased another blossom from the medieval pic and replaced it with a poinsettia.
the glassine envelope below contains one of the legends around the plant:
the legend tells that Pepita, a poor Girl from mexico, had no present for the child in the cradle on Christmas eve in the chapel. she picked some grass beneath the way and made a Little Bouquet of them. shyly and with a few tears in her face she entered the chapel. but when she laid her present into the cradle, it suddenly turned into a Bouquet of red blossoms. everybody who could see that believed a miracle had happened in front of his eyes. and from this day on the poinsettias are called "flowers of the holy night", because they always blossom at Christmas time.
Die Legende erzählt dass die kleine Pepita, ein armes Mädchen aus Mexiko, am Weihnachtsabend kein Geschenk für das Jesuskind hatte, das sie ihm in die Krippe der Kapelle legen konnte. Ratlos kniete sie sich ins Gras neben dem Weg und pflückte ein paar Gräser und fertigte daraus einen kleinen Blumenstrauß. Verlegen und mit ein paar Tränchen im Gesicht betrat sie die Dorfkapelle. Als sie jedoch ihr Geschenk in die Krippe legte, wurde plötzlich aus den Gräsern ein Strauß voll roter Blüten. Jeder, der dies sah, glaubte an ein Wunder - es geschah vor seinen Augen. Und von diesem Tag an hießen die kräftig roten Blumen "Flores de Noche Buena" - "Blumen der Heiligen Nacht", da sie jedes Jahr zur Weihnachtszeit blühten.
and of course it also matches the ajj challenge this month

Thursday, December 04, 2014

ajj: elephant spread

today i have an elephant spread for art Journal journey...
it is made in my Journal of gelli print Backgrounds.

below you can see the stuff i used.
plus i ripped off an old zoology book of 1909 for the info (yes, i´m getting better using up the old  stuff;))
Alpha from teesha moore

Wednesday, December 03, 2014


... for this week is "whirls, twirls, spatter and splatters. Use these embellishments to spice up your artwork."
so i made another digital Piece for this theme. (i didn´t work much digitally recently and feel a bit rusted)

i gave the deer´s horns some swirls and called it a lucky sign.
all elements by itkupilli, Background by artistry + siennaphotodesigns, font bleeding Cowboys.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

angels can fly

wonderful theme at art Journal journey this month: collage

it started with a gelli print Background, which was not successful: the Journal must have had a dent and did not lay even for the print. so big parts remained White. but i turned it into an Advantage and used a napkin over it (you can see some of the swirls of the stencil through it).
[i´m sure you all know the trick how to tear napkins: make a trace with a thin wet brush and tear along it, it will run smoothly!]
then i thought about a matching Color for the bottom and found it in my stash of painted glasses-wipes. i printed the Quote (font: adolphus) onto the turquoise wipe and stamped a pair of wings (invoke arts) onto it.
the postal stamp was cancellated with a stamp from ma Vinci.
[i had thought about working in the swirls with turquoise, but i was afraid to ruin the whole look... Coward!]
stuff i used...
swirls are the theme of the three muses this week, too - but i will have another (digital) sample for them tomorrow.