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Thursday, January 01, 2015

buddha and the lotus plant

the left page in this spread is collaged with a Buddha Image cut out from ars mundi Magazine; the tissue Buddhas "Warhol style" are glued onto the Background. stamping with bamboo (Arizona stamps, too) and the word breath (teesha moore).
the right side is taped in (with self painted tape) [actually it is the backside of the "lonesome deer"]. i loved this Picture (geo Magazine) and wanted to Keep it as big as possible. the info tag holds the latin Name of the plant, and "XIII" means: it belongs to the 13th class of linné´s classification System.

as the Background is made in the style of Andy Warhol, i link it to ajj ("inspired by the masters")...
well, you will notice that in this challenge i will often work in the style of Collage or stamping mode - i´m simply not a painter and actually that isn´t what i´m striving for. but there are many other artists/masters i think i can relate to by working in my mode. hope that counts;)

oh, and do the seed pod Points also Count for mm&m;)?


  1. Yes, I think it counts, too! Schöne Journalseiten, und eindeutige Warhol Inpressionen! Danke fürs Mitmachen bei Art Journal Journey! GLG, Valerie

  2. I'm so glad whoever chose the AJJ challenge this month picked Masters again, because I will never get tired of those. You did a GREAT job of representing Warhol.

    I was glad to see you also are a collage artist like me, (me being a person who can't draw ANYTHING). I admire your art and also your stamping abilities, which also are superb. So, I know that has GOT to account for a LOT.

  3. Natürlich zählen die SEED POT POINTS!
    Eine herrliche Doppelseite Johanna -
    Du hast recht -- auch wenn wir keine Maler sind..unsere Inspirationen können wir ja von allem nehmen...
    das ist eben unsere Kreativität , oder?
    Danke für's Dabei sein bei den Challenges... ich freu mich so !

  4. Your collage and other creativity is always a delight Johanna and diversity and individuality helps the world go round. Collage and Mixed Media are real favorites of mine. Your Warhol influence here is great!
    The Buddha page is very cool and I am a huge fan of Loti...both beautiful and very symbolic!

  5. wow was für tolle seiten du gemacht hast,toll mit den buntrn buddha köpfen,gefällt mir mega
    gut.,ich hsab auch eine seite zum thema andy warhol gemacht,so ein zufall.

    xxx Jeannette

  6. Großartige Journalseiten, Johanna.

    Danke für's Mitmachen bei MOO-MANIA & MORE

  7. Wonderful Warhol style Buddha but I wouldn't put the two of them together in my mind. Lotus are so fascinating with their layers aren't they. xox

  8. I love it. I vow to learn this year to do art journal pages. I will have to review some Warhol work!


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