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Monday, January 05, 2015

fluxus artist robert filliou

well, this Journal spread is more an homage i think, as this kind of art is hardly to be brought into a Journal Format (at least not easily for me...)
i´m talking about FLUXUS and a famous Artist of this movement: Robert Filliou
i can only write about a few of his Happenings:
e.g. in 1977 he Chose masterpieces in the paris Louvre, which he dusted wíth fresh cloths, had some photographs made of this Action and preserved These clothes and the polaroids in boxes.
or he made installations like this one:
(text: i´m back in 10 minutes. mona lisa)
 famous was the "" Installation (created 1984 in Düsseldorf): 5000 dice on a floor, all with only one Point on each side... all is one and one is all... 
Filliou also proposed to celebrate the birthday of art on january 17th, this year it will be the
1,000,052nd Anniversary. ( hier)
for me fluxus is a very interesting movement and for a while i had an extra blog (fluxoid), which i could not Keep because of shortage of time...
linking this to ajj (inspired by the masters) and mm&m (i think the dice will provide enough dots;))


  1. Oh Johanna. I'm learning so much about art I never knew existed. This is fantastic, and you taught me not only a new word (Fluxus), but also a movement. This is stupendous and so is your art honoring Filliou.

  2. Ganz toll! Danke fürs Mitmachen bei Art Journal Journey. Valerie

  3. Das sieht nicht nur spitze aus , es ist auch gleichzeitig eine tolle EInführung in diese Bewegung und einen hochinteressanten Künstler!
    Danke Dir Johanna... werd ich ein bissi mehr regergieren, interressiert mich sehr!
    Hab eine gute neue Woche und lieben Dank für so einen tollen und interessanten Beitrag zur Art Journal Journey!

  4. Ach, wie toll, dass du einen Fluxus-Künstler aufgreifst - es sind spannende Seiten geworden!

    ... erinnerst du dich noch an die tolle Fluxus-Ausstellung, die wir damals in Bielefeld besucht haben! Das war so ein irres Erlebnis!
    LG Ulrike

  5. wow thanks for telling us about the movement, very interesting, and yet they have a little sense of humor, I am really learning a lot from everybodys masters

  6. Thanks for the mini education on Fluxus. I do like Josephy Bueys and I guess he was involved in a peripheral way. Fun work. xox

  7. Tolle Wirkung auch besonders durch den genialen Gelli HG, gefällt mir sehr gut.
    LG ANja

  8. Absolut genial - die Werke klingen mega spannend... ich sollte mich mal näher damit beschäftigen.


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