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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

input days and output days...

to produce "Output" (to become creative) i need times to dig into certain sources to get "Input" (to feed my brain and Soul)...
one of this kind of sources are books.
and today i got some really terrific fodder... as i had made an order at the taschen company last saturday.
i spoilt myself with these (they were on sale, but ntl my Budget of the month is spent):
so, first there is a book i already spoke about in my last post:

the book of miracles ("wunderzeichenbuch") comes in a wonderful strongbox, lined with marbled paper. the book itself is accompanied by a 175page description book in three languages.
34,2 x 6,9 x 24,1 cm
and even heavier (you can hardly lift it; size 23,7 x 6,1 x 34,3 cm ) is this one:

Peter Beard is an American artist, photographer, writer, and playboy. He is known both for his hedonistic presence in the New York party scene, and for serious photographic and artistic work (particularly of Africa, where he mainly resides). [wikipedia]
i had come across this photographer quite some years ago when i found an article in a Magazine (Süddeutsche Zeitung) with this Picture (among others):
i loved it instantly.
he is a journaler for long time - including photos, handwriting, painting, etc in his collaged diaries...

he often puts a big photo in the Center and groups other photos around:

the next photo is edged by tags:

and he often smears paint (or even animal blood) onto the collaged Pictures.
the edges sometimes are doodled (i think nick bantock must know him... conspicuous similarities;))
if you love this style as i do... go and buy the book. worth it!!

and i couldn´t resist also buying this calender, as i also love Hieronymus Bosch!!
ca. 30x30cm, ready to cut out, i think! and coming in a handsome pocket (like the Music covers of LPs used to be).
now you know where i am in case you don´t hear of me the next days. digging my nose into these books. i surely will enjoy them extraordinarily!!


  1. Was für ein toller Post von dir heute wieder!!!
    Peter Beard - wow - ich liebe seine Arbeiten und habe vor Jahren seine Bilder und einen Artikel über ihn aus dem Stern herausgerissen. Ich war absolut geflasht!
    Oh ja, dieses Buch wäre was für mich - da muss ich mal schauen, ob mein Budget es zulässt....
    Aber auch dein Wunderbuch ist ein Traum, das sollte ich auf die Wunschliste setzen.
    Liebe Grüße von Ulrike

  2. This is such a fascinating blogpost, especially the bits about Peter Beard, who makes such interesting work and who is seemingly a very interesting person of whom I previously knew nothing.
    And your blogpost is written in perfect natural English.

  3. Glückwunsch zu der tollen Bestellung - da hast du ja jetzt mega Input und ich bin schon auf deine nächsten Werke gespannt.

  4. Hach, die sehen wirklich gut aus!
    Kennst du eigentlich Tim Walker? Ich liebe seine versponnen Inszenierungen. (Und warte gerade auf "The Lost Explorer")
    Vielleicht sollten wir auf dem Medina eine Bücher-guck-Runde einplanen? (Dann können wir allerdings wahrscheinlich auch gleich die Stempel zu Hause lassen...)

  5. WOWEE fabulous books and you are so worth it Johanna! A new month of spending is right around the corner too ;-)
    Your post is so interesting as are these books...TFS

  6. Wow, a trove of inspiration here, Joanna. I haven't heard of Peter Beard, but his work looks fascinating. Thanks for sharing. Jx


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