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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

shaving foam backgrounds

today i had one of those days...
(i suppose you know them...)
you want to get creative, but somehow you can´t get yourself started.
and you get more and more discontent,
well, it was 4 o`clock pm, and all i had done today was reading the newspaper, Surfing through the web (which i wanted to reduce...) and being at lunch with a colleague (which was fine).
then i remembered a post from anja i had read in the morning about a Video with shaving foam Backgrounds made in combination with stencils. and you never have too many Backgrounds, right?
well, i do not have actual plans for using them, but at least i was happy i did something;)
 i started with red, yellow and green
 i loved how the stenciled foam looked on the paper
(actually quite less dramatic after removing the foam)
 after some papers the foam was quite stirred, which was not bad for the paper, as less White space was left... and i added some Drops of red (i used tim holtz´ distress inkers) for refreshness...
(you see, meanwhile i had left away the stencils...)

 some black Drops added on my way...

in the end i had more than 20 Background Cards.
not too heavyily colored, so i can use it for... hmmm... not important at the Moment;)
but i was busy for an hour and more satisfied now;)


  1. Fun Johanna. As many times as I've seen this, I've never tried it because I never buy shaving cream.. Looks good though. xox

  2. Ach ja, D I I I E S E Tage, ich kenne sie leider auch nur zu gut. Wie schön, dass du zumindest eine Hintergrund-Matschaktion getätigt hast.

  3. Sounds like a really nice day to me.
    I know the feeling - you want to make art and play with paints and colours, but what to do?
    Looks like you solved the problem just fine.

  4. Hintergründe zu manschen macht doch immer wieder Spass und geht wunderbar an ideenlosen Tagen.

  5. Very interesting artwork dear Johanna! :)

  6. Brilliant backgrounds and ready for whatever !!

  7. Wow, these look amazing. I haven't tried this technique ... yet! it definitely looks worth trying. Jx

  8. I can't believe how far behind I've gotten. I have made lots of shaving cream backgrounds, but never tried using a stencil. In the end, I adore what you have done. I usually spend an entire day making mine. You are far more prolific and quicker than I. Great job.

  9. Super gelungen diese Rasierschaum-Experimente und mit Schablone echt raffiniert anzuschaun. Super! Ganz toll auch deine anderen so vielfältigen Experimente. Ich liebe das Matschen und Experimentieren mit ungewöhnlichen Materialien auch sehr und Anja hat da ja auch Einiges zu bieten. Weiter so!
    Liebe Grüße

  10. Hallo Johanna, du bist gerade die erste, die ich nach meiner Blogpause wieder besuche - und finde hier genau das Richtige für mich, was ich auch lang schon wieder machen wollte.
    Dein Bild mit den Pfeilen sieht total klasse aus, schade, dass du es so hast nicht bewahren können.

    Das Video hab ich mir eben auch angeschaut... ja, das ist die richtige Betätigung an einem Frust-Tag, weil ja immer was dabei herauskommt.
    Liebe Grüße von Ulrike

  11. Das sieht super klasse aus! Habe es sogar geschafft Zeit zu finden für das Video. Lieben DANK für den Tipp!
    LG Conny


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