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Sunday, February 22, 2015

fabric inchies and other dabbling...

the weather was unfriendly over the Weekend, and as i consider my blog to be my creative diary i just Show what i did on sunday...

you know that "never throw anything away" Motto - even SMALL parts of paper, or in this case: fabric are hoarded.
These measure one Inch and are leftovers from various Projects...

then i sewed around each inchie (otherwise they maybe would solve them from the pelmet again)
this one was even smaller than an Inch square, so i framed it with a molotow acrylic pen. (pelmet is a fantastic material, you can paint on it also)
tried to draw with the acrylic pens on the fabric, but it soaked in and was not to my delight...
now: what to do with the inchies?
i was looking for small stamps... (here: paperartsy)
... or just inking parts of a stamp as here: 
now the other ones (too dark to be stamped on) will come into a box and be worked on with pailettes, Buttons or other stuff and be used on an upcoming Project, whatever this may be...
then i wanted to dye some spreads in my old silver/blue altered book.
i brought out my dye inks
(here: vivids and adirondack)
after tinting some spreads i thought i might make Patterns with Baby wipes:
wet towel wiping over a stencil (brand umr) above a dried page,
and after drying of the circles it Looks this way:
in the end i soaked up the rest of the blue water with the Baby wipe,
so another Thing not wasted;)
linking my post to mix-it-monthly and take-a-word (both with theme fabric)
and moo mania&more (circles)
edit: and in my comments i just got the hint that paperartsy has a "miniature art" challenge right now! so i will link it there also (ha, and i had even used some of their stamps;))


  1. Hah I can so relate about nothing going to waste as you proved so inspiringly again and again Johanna!
    Cool post and creations.
    Pelmet is not something I am familiar with ... will have to check into it.
    Thanks also for the "those were the days" earworm ;-)

  2. Boah diese kleinen Teilchen sehen perfekt schon aus - so wie sie sind.. die kannst Du sicher toll weiter verwenden!
    Super dass Du uns teilhaben lässt an Deinem Kreativen Sonntag Johanna... lieben Dank für's Linken zur Moo Mania & More Challenge!
    Ich wünsch Dir einen schönen Wochenstart für morgen und SONNE!


  3. Einfach genial, was Du aus den "Resten" gemacht hast,! Sehen spitze aus Deine Inchies! Mit ner kleinen Schlaufe machen die sich sicher auch gut als Geschenkanhänger! Ja und jetzt lüfte doch mal das Geheimnis was denn eigentlich Pelmet ist?! ♥ Conny Mix It Monthly

  4. What a lovely day you had! Love your book page! Your inchies are fabulous - like you I feel that nothing should go to waste! There is a new challenge on the Paper Artsy blog - In miniature - perhaps some of your inchies could be used to enter? Chris B

  5. Die Stoff-Inchies sind ja toll!!! Was du immer für tolle Ideen hast - ich habe auch noch so viele Stoffreste oben im Nähzimmer - das muss ich mir dafür unbedingt mal merken ;o)
    Komm morgen gut in die neue Woche. Liebe Grüße, Dagmar

  6. Ja, aus Resten etwas zu machen ist immer eine besondere Herausforderung, selbst aus so kleinen Stückchen wie diesen, schaffst du es noch!
    ... und was wird jetzt aus den Quadraten?
    LG Ulrike

    1. tja, Ulrike... was für eine frage;) wirst schon sehen, eines tages, vielleicht...

  7. Auf was für Ideen du immer kommst - cool. Ich bin schon gespannt, wo die Inchies dann mal eingebaut werden.

  8. Love all your inchies, they are very creative. I can't work that small anymore, as I can't grasp things when they are so small :( Love the circle page, too, great way of using the colours. Ups, Habe vergessen das Gehirn auf Deutsch umzuschalten, hab gerade Nachhilfe Unterricht gegeben! GLG, Valerie

  9. Amazing miniatur-art and clever idea for smal stuff as well as useful, too. Great job, Johanna.

  10. Deine Kreativität scheint ja in unendliche Weiten zu reichen, was diese fantastischen Teilchen hier mal wieder beweisen. Bin jetzt schon gespannt, wo Du diese tollen Inchies verbrätst.

  11. Marvelous use of a Sunday and what's hanging around. I like your inchies and your dye pages especially. Circles are so wonderful. xox

  12. Your inchies are marvelous, Johanna. I've seen quilted pillowtops with inchies...lovely and intricate. Knowing you, you will find just the perfect use for each and every piece. I look forward to seeing them again!

  13. Beautifully expressive little canvases of art!

  14. Beautifully expressive little canvases of art!

  15. Deine Kreativität kennt auch keine Grenzen!!Bin begeistert was Du aus allem machst, am meisten bin ich in das Skelett verliebt!
    Ich wünsche Dir einen schönen abend,
    lG Anja

  16. What fun to see what you did on bad-weather Sunday. Gotta love inches especially yours with sewing and stamping and tiny words.
    Look at your box of dye inks! - swoon!
    Spent a bit of time wondering how you made the lighter circles on the blue, then read it again - bleaching with baby wipes - clever!

  17. I can relate to not letting anything go to waste. It's simply not in my nature. I have a friend who left a bunch of printed materials and old books with me and told me if I didn't want them, to throw them in the trash. I can't do that. So glad to see you don't waste anything, either.

    I've also been known to dye dryer sheets and hand wipes with whatever watered down paint I have left over. I know you'll find a use for yours.

    I love, love, love those inchies. A bit small for how I work, but I sure love what you did! You had a VERY productive Sunday, indeed.

  18. I love all what you're used to do dear Johanna!
    These precious little bits are perfect my friend!

  19. Love your inches, the perfect project for Paperartsy miniature challenge. x

  20. What fun it looks like that you had with your inchies! I especially like the ones that you stamped on.

  21. Wow, I have never made inchies, but these look amazing. So much detail in such a small space. Wonderful!

  22. I adore your fabric inchies-that skeleton one just cracks me up!

  23. I love how you have used small part of stamps on your tiny little art works! These look lovely!

  24. Wow stunning little fabric inches and I love how you have chosen parts of the stamp, amazing. Happy Art :-) Kezzy xxx


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