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Thursday, February 05, 2015

file folder pocket - hieronymus bosch

actually my plan was to work for the garden fabric Journal.
BUT. when i wanted to print some pictures of flowers for this, i noticed mister huffy Printer did not deliver the Colors i wanted to have. seems i use him too seldom... anyway, all blue turned Brown, blabla... i was miffed, too -
and decided to follow another plan.
i had made some acrylic Backgrounds on file Folders these days, and if you remember i bought this Hieronymus bosch calender (for 99cent!! destined to be slaughtered!):

i love the imagery of Hieronymus bosch...
a world of Monsters and chimeras, full of symbolism (way too much to go deeper here, if interestered make online researches)
Problem with cutting out is that all these creatures and Scenes blend into each other, so you can hardly decide where to cut...
anyway, i Chose a part i thought would be Fitting the current ajj challenge...
i started with this Background:
and cut out the Image:
i laid the Image down to see where to emboss the birds (stempelmine):

next i embossed this wonderful stamp with verdigris embossing powder (i don´t remember where i bought it... my powders were hiding in a drawer just waiting for a recent resurrection... as it is the best way to stamp on acrylics):

on the upper right the stamping was made without embossing:
THEN it comes to the textile challenge (mix-it-monthly)...
i thought to include some cheese Cloth (gauze Bandage), i hope that counts;)
 but in my stash of course there was no yellow (which i wanted)...
but that was no Problem:
i added bits of it to the Collage... (i take a glue stick for that)

a bit of stenciling on the lower right... :
i felt a Little something was missing...
washi always is a good helper;)
glued down the Image finally and drew around it with colored pencils... done!

the sewing along the sides will be made when the backside of the Folder is collaged, too...


  1. Bezaubernd, gefällt mir sehr wie du Hieronymous Bosch hier eingebaut hast, mit dem wundervollem Background und Stempeln - einfach grossartig! Dein Kalender war ein super Schnäppchen! Danke fürs Mitmachen bei Art Journal Journey, GLG, Valerie

  2. Oh Johanna, dies ist eine mega-tolle Collage, richtig, richtig klasse. ... und wieviel Mühe du dir mit der Aufbereitung und den vielen Entstehungsfotos gemacht hast!!!
    Ein Augenschmaus!
    LG Ulrike

  3. Ich kann mich Ulrike nur anschließen. Wunderschön und danke für die Entstehungsgeschichte.

  4. oohh man ist das klasse,und der hintergrund so genial gemacht,bin ganz hin und weg.

    xxx jeannette

  5. Marvelous Beasts abound. Love your use of the textiles too! Nice colors. xox

  6. Oooooh Johanna, I adooooore this one!
    It really worth to be enlarged.
    What a work my friend.
    I admire you indeed! :)

    (May I swap it please?)

  7. Well gosh gulp, I think I'll have to lie down after this fascinating set of techniques, work-arounds, descriptions and materials, not to mention the photographing, photo-editing and text-on-photo placing, and concluding with that amazing and frightening picture.
    "Mister Huffy Printer" and "miffed"!!!!! - brilliant.
    A great blogpost, a classic.

  8. Super stunning. I got here late, so the other gals have said much of what I would have, had I got here earlier. But I was certainly impressed with the way you dyed your cheesecloth. A gal after my own heart!

    BTW, I mentioned you today and want to compliment you again for giving me this fantastic idea!

  9. Genial! Ich bin hin und weg von dieser tollen Kreation Johanna!
    Einfach super!

    So toll auch, dass Du immer alles so genau zeigst und erklärst! Danke für dieses herrlichen Beitrag zur AJJ Challenge!

  10. Oh my, Johanna! Such a wonderful piece. Thanks for showing all the stages. It is so colourful and humorous. FABULOUS!

  11. Such a fun piece. Thanks for sharing your process.

  12. Haha grossartig Johanna! Und ja Gaze zählt NATÜRLICH mit ;) Sieht ja echt ein bischen gruseling aus, wie die werte Dame da verspeist wird...ja und was soll ich sagen, des Vögleins Hut ist ja auch nicht aus der neuesten Mode...sehr gewagt, dieser Herr Bosch ;) Ich habe es sehr genossen, Deine Seite entstehen zu sehen, suppi! ♥ Conny Mix It Monthly

  13. What fun from beginning to end Johanna.
    Thank you for bringing us along to enjoy the details!
    I have been thinking more about embossing powder lately myself and like yours I had to dig deep to locate my collection.
    Great cheesecloth dyeing...that is fun stuff too.

  14. Brilliant loved looking at the process and wow what a finish !!!!

  15. Was für ein Aufwand liebe Johanna aber das Ergebnis ist der absolute Hammer ... bin sprachlos. Ich liebe Deine genialen, kreativen und fantastischen Ideen sehr.

  16. I love your collage and all the textures and colors!

  17. I love how whimsical this piece is...good job! Fun!

    Hugs Giggles


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