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Sunday, February 15, 2015

the pinterest thing...

you may have noticed ... or not;) ... that i added a pinterest sign at the side of my blog.
of course pinterest is a wonderful source of inspiration and i also love browsing there (we don´t need to talk about the time you can spend there, oh my...)

formely i had asked for not pinning my work, and that is for a simple reason: i notice that pins often do not lead back to the source of origin, to the creator of something.

to give you a sample:
totally BY CHANCE i found some art i made on boards (and these linked to others...)  
NONE of these links leads to my blogpost, where i published them:

all of the links above say "uploaded by user". what a crackbrained pinterest feature is that?!!  this just is disrespecting copyright. which is not o.k. at all!!
i found other art pieces i made also, some with links, some without...
it gives me a sad Feeling... i can´t be proud of my art if nobody knows it was created by me.

but to see the reality: i can´t change that. if pinterest allows this feature, people will use it.
so i decided to take the other road and go into the "offensive"...
from now on i will pin my art on my own boards, where you can pin it from (if you like to do so) and where the links will lead back to my permalinks (and not only to the main side of my blog).
i have a better feeling this way.

so far i have uploaded my blogged art from this year and 2014. i will work my way back and the other years will follow. [i must say quite interesting for myself what i had made in former years;)  so many forgotten pieces there...]
i would love to hear YOUR thoughts about this "uploaded by user" thing... maybe you don´t just care about? it would be nice to tell me in the comments...     


  1. Das ist ja interessant - wie hast deine Arbeiten denn gefunden, nur durch Stöbern, oder hast du gezielt gesucht?
    Ja, da ist es tatsächlich das Beste, nun in die Offensive zu gehen. Aber da hast du dir ja immens Arbeit vorgenommen, wenn du deine 'alten' Arbeiten alle einstellen willst. Puh!
    Aber toll für dir restliche Welt, daran noch mal teilhaben zu dürfen.
    ... und jetzt klicke ich gleich mal auf dein großes P!
    Liebe Grüße von Ulrike

    1. gezielt suchen geht da ja nicht...
      aber da ich selber auf der suche nach "mailart" war, war es relativ leicht darüber zu stolpern...
      und dann wird ja oft ein link-weg angegeben, woher der betreffende das hat... und das führt dann wieder zu einem "toten" pin.

  2. I was under the impression that Pinterest did not initially necessarily link to your original post but that now it does. I hope I'm wrong otherwise I'll get cross too. One annoying thing is that, depending on the pinner, it can sometimes link to your blog but not to the actual blog post, that is annoying, but maybe that is a thing of the past too?
    On the other hand, now that our art it Out There anyone is able to pin it any way they like.
    Although I have read that there is a way of stopping people pinning from your blog....................

    1. i also experienced often that Pins lead to a certain blog, but not the permalink. and as you don´t know whether the post is from last week or two years ago, you often can´t find it... (well, at least you know the creator)

      and i´m sure there is no possibility to stop People from pinning. everybody can copy a Picture from everywhere (and be it by screenshot) and upload it without any link Information.

  3. I am not now, nor have I EVER been on Pinterest, although I've been told my art is on it. One thing I know is, when I interview someone, I ask that viewers NOT pin from my blog, but visit the interviewee for permission to pin.

    I learned that my friend Halle's wind chimes were pinned from MY BLOG based on an interview I did with her a couple of years ago.

    I've been told you can see art and you might get the blog, but not the blog post, so could hunt for weeks if you want the direct pin.

    I may have to do exactly like you and join Pinterest to pin my own art there. Seems a shame we have no control over our own things. As much as we'd like to get our art out there, we also want credit (good or bad) for what we've made.

    Unlike you, who watermarks all your art, I have just started doing mine, or some of it. I'm just learning to do this, and it takes forever, especially with a slow computer like mine.

    I hope you get some good answers to this question and problem so many of us seem to share.

    1. well, we have to face it: our pics are unprotected as soon as we post them in the net.
      in earlier times i had no watermarks on my work, so they are Floating freely... anybody could print and sell them as theirs. (now i have watermarks, at least to spoil some printing, but it won´t lead back to me anyway...)

  4. Das weiss ich eigentlich nicht, ich schau da auch gar nicht ob das zu mir zurückführt... ehrlich gestanden.. ich bin nur immer erfreut wenn ich was von mir seh ...

    ich pinne automatisch die SAchen der anderen aus dem jeweiligen post heraus, weil das ja am schnellsten geht und das führt immer zurück zum jeweiligen post...

    vielleicht sind das pins von Leuten, die keine blogger sind...keine Ahnug...

    Ich liebe auf alle Fälle die Inspiration dort und ich finde es im Prinziop einfach auch toll für mich selber mit den boards... einfacher geht's ja kaum!

    Viel Spaß dort Johanna!

  5. Johanna ich kann verstehen, dass Dich das ärgert. Habe selbst bisher gar nicht darauf geachtet. Klar könntest Du stolz sein, wenn Deine Werke als Originale von Nick Bantock (habe selber 3 Bücher von ihm) verbreitet werden aber letzten Endes fühlt man sich ja doch einzigartig und möchte nicht als Abklatsch oder Kopie von jemandem gelten. Deine tollen, äußerst kreativen und ideenreichen Arbeiten sind Unikate, die auch nur Dir zugeordnet werden sollten. Ich persönlich habe darüber noch gar nicht wirklich nachgedacht und auch fröhlich drauf los gepinnt, ohne auf den Blog des Urhebers zu achten. Es ist ja so praktisch und einfach auf Pinterest.
    Insgeheim freue ich mich, dass Du nun dort auch Deine alten Arbeiten veröffentlichen möchtest.

  6. I always try to link a pin with a website. Just plain wrong to do otherwise. I do try and pin from my own and usually put my web site in with the pin to make sure it comes back, but like you said above, Once we through it out there, it's fair game. The only other way to protect is to have a signature on every piece you put out there. xox

  7. ... nochmal zu Pinterest:
    leider kann ich mir deine Arbeiten gar nicht anschauen, weil man sich dort ja registrieren lassen muss, was ich aber nicht will. Sehr ärgerlich! LG Ulrike

  8. I think it is good that you are uploading your work so that you get the credit. Quite right too! I must admit that I may have done 'uploaded by user' on occasions, but purely through ignorance! I will now check and correct. Thank you for your thoughtful comments. Jx

  9. von mir gibt´s sogar ein ATC bei Pinterest, das die Empfängerin auf ihrem Blog gezeigt hatte und das bei Pinterest nun unter ihrem Namen läuft - trotz mehrfacher Kommentare meinerseits hat die Pinnerin das nicht geändert ... so was macht mich auch sauer, aber ich seh´s wie Du: ist nicht zu ändern :-(


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