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Monday, March 09, 2015

a spring weekend

we really had a sunny Weekend of spring - and the upcoming week has a wonderful forecast, too.
the nights are cold, but the croci are having a Party in the garden (and i decided NOT to add another gazillion photos of them to my collection;))
i was in munich on friday, visiting an exhibition of butterflies in the botanical garden. the greenhouses are awesome and i spent about 2½ hours there (meanwhile i´m clever enough to Dress in layers, because in some of the houses a t-shirt is enough...)

i had some time left until a Meeting with friends in the evening, so i went to a graveyard (ostfriedhof), but it was a short stay there, as it was quite cold in the late afternoon... i´ll have to come back, because this graveyard is a really large one and i will surely have to make more photos...
the angel is from the ostfriedhof, but the Background is from my hometown and taken out of my clouds Folder... plus a texture from shadowhouse creations.
Fonts: for the Butterfly Quote brush up too and for the angel draft brush
both Pictures are matching the "wings" theme at ajj, the Butterfly also the take-a-word theme "spring" and the angel the current mix-it-monthly challenge...


  1. Zwei wundervolle Bilder !
    Wir hatten gestern ein Traumwetter und ich habe den ersten Zitronenfalter des Jahres gesehen. Ich wünsche dir einen guten Start in die neue Woche, liebe Grüße, Dagmar

  2. Wunderschöne Bilder. Hie hatten wir auch traumhaftes Wetter Gestern, Heute sitzen wir wieder im Nebel! Danke fürs Mitmachen bei Art Journal Journey, GLG, Valerie

  3. Herrliche Aufnahmen sind das! Klingt nach einem rundum gelungenem Wochenende!
    Dann soll die neue Woche ebenso gut werden -
    danke im Namen von Art Journal Journey!

  4. Wonderful images on both of these pages

    Thank you for joining us
    Love Chrissie AJJ guest hostess xx

  5. Ich sehe Du hast Deine Liebe zu den Friedhofsengeln nicht verloren...

  6. Dein WE war ja sehr ergiebig, hier hatten und haben wir auch richtiges Frühlingswetter, nur die Nächte dürfen sich noch mehr erwärmen:-)
    Ich liebe Schmetterlinge genauso wie Vögel und der Satz von Tagore ist toll dazu!
    LG Anja

  7. It seems that spring gives you wings dear Johanna! :D
    Beautiful job as always!

  8. Wundervolle Bilder sind das geworden, liebe Johanna.

    Ich wünsche Dir eine schöne neue Woche

  9. Genau solch ein schöner grüner Schmetterling hatte sich im letzten Jahr auf meine Hand gesetzt, als im Botanischen Garten Leipzig war!
    Ja, man könnte Stunden in Schmetterlingshäusern zubringen und sich einfach nicht satt sehen. Wie gut du es hast, so oft in München sein zu können!
    ... auch um die tollen Friedhofsmotive bist du zu beneiden!
    Liebe Grüße von Ulrike

  10. Wonderful wings (and things to go with them) Johanna!
    You refraining from photographing the crocus made me giggle. There are times I ask myself 'HOW many pictures can I have of the sky or the birds or our bottle tree' *ggg*
    what would we do without digital...
    hope you go back to the Ostfriedhof because I would really enjoy seeing more photos...
    Happy is trying here very slowly to make the changeover

  11. Holy cow. I had NO idea the butterflies were already spreading their wings. Seems a bit early here, since we finally got rid of our snow yesterday.

    I was super impressed with the angels and was surprised when I read that you went to the cemetery to photograph these angels.

    I have a complete book of photos (using an old SLR) of cemetery art. I took an independent study course in college and wrote a small book on cemeteries. Did you know they are similar to cities due to their structure? The inner city and the inner cemetery radiate outward from the old, ornate, extremely expensive graves and gravesites to the now flat gravestones. Lots of psychology in the way we now look at graves and death, too. I was always fascinated by them. Still am. Love what you did in the name of art!

  12. Awww was eine wunderschöne Collage! Das Licht in den Wolken und die schönen Texturen auf dem Engel! Ich liebe es! Das muss ich unbedingt auch mal machen ;)
    ♥ Conny Mix It Monthly

  13. Both of your pieces are beautiful, Johanna. You are so skilled. I would never have guessed the clouds background was not the original. I love that angel! Jx


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