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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

dangerous shopping...

well, i´m not known for mindless Fashion Shopping... not at all...
but there is one store my mind runs a bit crazy, and you know that one: i*k*e*a!
the weather this week is forecasted to be aweful (storm and rain), and that started yesterday...
so when my son (being at vacation here) said he would drive to Ikea, i called it a wonderful idea and went with him. i had in mind to buy two of These:
you can never have enough place near your Workspace - and it is removable quickly: Bonus!
now, the Thing at Ikea always is the same: temptation everywhere...
my son was looking for a bedframe (which was not in stock... though the Internet had told us 4 of them would be available at this store...)
and i got stuck in the fabric department.
it is not that i don´t have enough... (but i can´t remember this ever was an Argument... and: Patterns at Ikea normaly have a short half-life! so be quick!)
say yourself:
could i leave without These??

i especially love the blue one, but i think i can dye parts of the White one, too...
and around the Corner were the dish towels (arguments same as above...)

i was satisfied.
... halfway home i noticed i hadn´t bought the trolley tables.
forgotten!! (should i get my BRAIN tested??)
well, my son will go to another Ikea store nearby the town where he is studying and hopefully bring along my trolleys.

 and everything will be okay.


  1. Ooooh, wie schön! Ich war lange nicht mehr bei IKEA, und vielleicht ist es gut so, da ist immer so viele Versuchung! GLG, Valerie

  2. I am intrigued by the trolleys, a good excuse to go to Ikea.
    I especially like the last fabric and Ikea's calico has a good reputation among textile artists here. The birds are sweet too.

  3. Ikea ist furchtbar...denn man findet immer was zum Mitnehmen...

  4. Ich wollte heute auch zu Ikea..aber dann gab's wieder Schnee und Schneesturm ... jetzt liegt viel Schnee aber die Sonne scheint ..wie eine Farce..dieses Wetter...
    und ich musste grad lachen, das könnte ich sein... ich vergesse immer was beim EInkauf... auch wenn ich den Einkaufszettel mal ausnahmsweise nicht zu Hause vergesse!

  5. There isn't an IKEA within a thousand (1000 mi, 1609 km) miles of my home, so I've never been tempted. But I sure like that fabric you bought.

    Don't feel bad. I forgot my friend Sally's birthday on Saturday and had to make it up to her yesterday when I took her to lunch and sculpture viewing in another city.

  6. I can see why you were tempted by those lovely designs. Hope you get your trollies soon. Jx

  7. Oh Oh!!!
    a second trip to IKEA...
    look out :-)
    Great purchases ... I can see why you were tempted.
    I am lucky our IKEA is a kind of far drive away because it is definitely full of temptations!
    Good luck on your return visit.

  8. :D Das hätte mir auch passieren können - wenn ich mir nicht alles notiere und vor allem auch auf den Zettel gucke ;) Deine Stoffe sind auf alle Fälle toll ... und so hast du ein gutes Argument mal wieder zu IKEA zu fahren ;)


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