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Sunday, March 29, 2015

robin´s eggs

in preparation of the scroll Journal(s) there will be a lot of W.I.P. -
simply because i make strips or pieces until a certain stage... then collect them in a box to have something to work on by handstitching.
so far not sure about the size... at the Moment i end up with about a half a4 size (lengthwise), but there may be other measures and either i sew together pieces with about the same size or with different size (or place the smaller ones on backings to fit...) - all that will turn out at a later Point of time. just collecting so far...
today i made this:
it started with stamps from green pepper press. michelle ward made gorgeous egg stamp-sets and i inked two of them in blue raspberry and black (my favorite things - pads):
[well, Robin eggs ARE turquoise, but i´m sure you know;)]

i stamped two Little nests and in between i glued a selfmade faux postage of a Robin and added a cancellation stamp (ma Vinci)

and then i went to the attic to look for my embroidery floss (well, leftovers from a previous life, when i was doing a lot of cross stitching... decades ago...)
what a joy this big tin can holds for me: my heart is singing when i open it, it is like a treasure box...

i looked for some threads in Colors to build a nest for the eggs and started crazy stitching:
and i fixed the faux postage by machine stitching:
then i layered it onto a Strip from an outworn boxershort of one of my sons (see photo on top).
there is a rule in the house: old and damaged clothing is NOT to be trown out!! (not before it ran through my fingers...)
secret: as my husband is too lazy to buy Shirts himself i buy them in "advance planning" to use the pattern/Color for myself one day.
so, this Piece is now in the box waiting to be embroidered with some handstitching. French knots, cross stitching or whatever i can come up with...
linking it to mm&m and ajj 


  1. Ganz toll Jo,. und ich bin neidisch auf den vielen Ei-Stempeln, so schön! Dir einen schönen Sonntag, nd danke fürs Mitmachen bei AJJ & MM&M,
    GLG, Valerie

  2. Super Idee das Nest zu sticken. Du hast wirklich einen tollen Vorrat an Stickgarn :)

  3. Super schaut das aus! Boah welch tollen Ei Stempen Du hast! So eine Blechbox mit Stickkgarnen hätt ich zwar auch ( von meine Mama geerbt) aber so richtig "schätzen" tu ich sie nicht.... eine tolle Idee die Nester zu sticken!
    Danke sagt AJJ & MM&M .
    Einen schönen Palmsonntag wünsch ich Dir noch!

  4. Wowwww, das sieht klasse aus. Tolle Idee! Gefällt mir sehr.
    LG Carola

  5. Love the eggs and bird stamp ~ such a sweet creation for spring! And ... I LoVe your embroidery floss stash ~ It's so nice to know I'm not alone!

  6. That embroidery thread is a nest in itself. I have a box like that too!! Great idea to do sections to hand stitch. xox

  7. Lovely colours and images
    Thank you for joining us
    Love Chrissie AJJ guest hostess xx

  8. Sometimes gathering and finding are the biggest joy in a new project. Looks like you are truly having fun with this one. Those robins eggs are wonderful and your stitching is the icing on the cake. of course, I was also very, very impressed with your faux stamp, too.

  9. Die Idee mit dem gestickten Nest finde ich wie alle andern auch echt kreativ großartig, und die "Briefmarke" mit Rotkehlchen lässt mich auch wieder dahinschmelzen.
    Ich wünsche Dir eine schöne Woche,
    lG Anja

  10. Ein großartiges Werk, liebe Johanna.

    Vielen Dank, dass Du es zu MOO-MANIA & MORE verlinkt hast.

  11. Das ist aber hübsch!
    Oh ja, auch ich beneide dich um die vielen Stempel-Eier... ich habe mir in HH gerade ein Eierpapier gekauft, auch schön.

  12. This is going to look so good in your scroll journal. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  13. I realize I am going backwards...but if I wait I'll forget what I wanted to say *gg*
    Great way you have of keeping old clothing...worn fabrics have a charm all their own.
    This is looking like a very interesting project...birds and eggs and scrolls oh my very cool!


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