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Friday, March 27, 2015

starting a new journal in scroll format

i already said i´m feeling a bit stuck These days. that always happens when i worked for Longer time in the same Format... then i have to put out my feelers into new directions. and maybe Change the medium a bit.
AND: it is for a while now that i want to fill a box with bits and pieces for handsewing. i like that because it is so meditative and i can do something e.g. while watching tv etc
PLAN IS: journaling in scroll Format.
that means: at first making smaller pieces, sewing These together to get Long stripes and getting them scrolled around a twig or something like that.
so today i started gathering some matching stuff (oh my, this again will be an endless adventure...)
ribbons, fabric bits...
but i also want to incorporate paper (sewn onto fabric probably)...
so i thought of strengthening a Piece of ledger by covering it with dispersion glue (a bit diluted; i had no gel medium at Hand, but this also works similar, i think)
spread the glue and let it dry laid on Kebab sticks to prevent the ledger to be glued onto the newspaper...

found some poetry Pictures and glued and sewed this one onto the ledger - thought it might match the themes of ajj and mm&m, but also hope it makes the words i stamped along come true... we are longing for higher temperatures (Alpha from teesha moore)

 now i will look for a fabric to sew this one on and i already have the beginning of the scroll Journal!
maybe i also add some handstitching, too...
you won´t believe it... (i hardly do...)!!!!!!
(which i had tried several times with gel medium and it never succeeded! i had given up, frustrated...)
it was like a voice whispering: try it with that glue!!!
and i did...
i took a laser printed Picture (laying around here for a while; inkjet won´t work, as water is involved...)

i painted the ledger with the glue,
then painted some glue over the Picture...

and pressed it (face down) onto the ledger, burnishing it with my bonefolder

quite moistened... put it aside.

two or three hours later it was completely dry.
then i dabbed a wet dishcloth (spongy type) over the White backside and let it soak in a bit.

and started rubbing gently.
suddenly it seemed so natural...
i have no idea why it never worked before...

going on and on adding a bit of water and rubbing in circles...

until i felt it would be enough.
there is still a bit of paper on the top, but i don´t want to rub holes.
i do not think i will seal this.
i will also sew this onto fabric (Jeans maybe?) and incorporate it into the scroll Journal.
so i call it a good day!!


  1. This is really nice Jo. Ups, falsche Sprache. Gefällt mir trotzdem gut in Deutch und in Englisch! Ich mache immer image transfers mit normale inkjet Kopien, funktioniert gut mit Mod Podge. Dir ein schönes Wochenend, ich glaube wir brauchen all etwas WÄRME!!! GLG, Valerie

  2. Sehr schönes Projekt, danke für's Zeigen.

    Danke für's Mitmachen bei MOO-MANIA & MORE

  3. I love scrolls. Made a whole bunch of them one year and still enjoy that format. Bravo on the image transfer. I hate doing it, which is why I never do, but glad it worked so well. xox

  4. Was für ein tolles Projekt Johanna.. Hammer...
    meine Imagetransfers werden meist sehr schön, aber dann komm ich nicht weiter oder versuae die ganze Arbeit, weil ich mich so freu über den geglückten, erst gestern hab ich ein Seite entsorgt. wo ein toller Imagetransfer gelungen wäre...ich hab mir extra einen Laserdrucker gekauft ..
    aber druck fast nie was aus..bin zu faul..
    sammle nur Magazinbildchen für etwaiige Transfers.

    Danke für's Verlinken zur MM&M Challenge !

  5. such a creative and clever format for journaling! Hooray on getting the transfer-they really are unpredictable:)

  6. Wow - du warst ja mega kreativ! - ich bin gespannt wie es mit deinem Journal weiter geht.
    Dein Transfer ist dir super gelungen - auch noch etwas auf meiner To-do-Liste aber da ich keinen Laserdrucker habe muss ich much mal nach geeigneten Alternativen umsehen.
    Zur Zeit sind aber gerade einige Geschenke für anstehende Geburtstage dran.
    Ich wünsche dir ein schönes und kreatives Wochenende.
    Ganz liebe Grüße, Dagmar

  7. A great idea to do a journal in scroll form

    Love the bird and nest
    Thank you for joining us
    Love Chrissie AJJ guest hostess xx

  8. A scroll journal is such a creative idea, Johanna. It is good to see it at the start. Can't wait to see how it develops.
    You transfer looks fantastic! Jx

  9. This is so exciting, I read it several times. Image transfer is one thing I've never got the hang of. I'm looking forward to reading about your fabric art explorations.
    Maybe fabric art is in the air?

  10. Das ist ja ne tolle Idee und der Transfer hat ja echt prima geklappt. Das sieht super aus Johanna! Hab ein schönes restliches Wochenende! Liebe Grüße von Gabi

  11. Was für eine geniale Projektidee - ich bin schon super gespannt wie es weitergehen wird. Das erste Teilstück gefällt mir schon mal spitzenmäßig. Gel-Transfer habe ich bislang noch nie getestet.

  12. Was für eine geniale Idee. Der Anfang ist schon mal super gelungen....sieht klasse aus.

    Zu deiner Frage der Tropfen betreffend, habe ich es kurz bei meine 2. Mini Journalseite erklärt.

    LG Carola

  13. When I first read you you were making a journal in scroll format, my technological self immediately took over and I wondered how far I would have to scroll down to see what you were making. BOY, did I feel silly when I realized you meant a scroll (as in noun) as opposed to scroll (a verb). I like the beginning you have made, and I am impressed with your glue transfer. I've used gel medium, but prefer tape. Seems I get better results with packing tape.

  14. Jetzt musst du mir aber noch mal sagen, welchen Kleber du verwendet hast - die Gel-Transferversuche habe ich nämlich auch schon längst aufgegeben.
    Muss man wirklich so lange warten, bis man abrubbeln kann? Ziemlich neugierig - Ulrike

  15. OH YES a very good day!
    Excited for you that your transfer worked so wonderfully.
    Working with fabric and paper is such fun and using that ledger paper looks great.
    Your scroll is coming along so nicely already!
    Wishing you
    Happy April
    Happy Spring
    Happy Happy Everything Johanna
    hope you get some nice weather soon


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