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Saturday, April 18, 2015

a day in munich

thursday was our monthly stampers´ meeting in munich. it always is in the evening, but i try to go to munich as early as possible (by Train) to enjoy the day at exhibitions (if the weather is not so good) or on photo Safari, if sun is forecasted. as it was this day.
first Destination was my beloved botanical garden.
if you leave the tram one Station before, you come to a pedestrian underpass with beautiful Graffiti... i had been there a year ago and wanted to see if something had changed. well, not much, as this place obviously is "off" the famous street art places of the City... only some pen scribblings added, but most of it as last year:

the first one Shows a Quote (>AJJ)  from shopenhauer:
"we seldom think of what we have but always of what we lack"

then i spent about three hours in the botanical garden.

there was a wonderful smell of the early bloomers,
lots of tulips, daffodils, Violas, hyacinths, fritillarias...

variations of Helleborus from White to black...
(and no wonder i had aching hips the next day from always stooping down...)
of course it is the season of the magnolias...
doesn´t this one almost look like porcelain?
and the next one seems to spread her blossom like wings - or like for dancing...

i always love to have a break in the Arboretum,
where a felt Billion of cowslips and Corydalis were blooming
i usually sit on a bench there, having a Little picnic and reading a book...
to be refreshed for going on...
(i actually got my first sunburn of the year today, it was a bit cloudy, so i was too incautious...)

season of the japanese cherries...
only one Thing i was missing: the ferns...
it seems to be too dry for them so far, parts of the garden are water-sprinkled now, i hope they will come out anyway. we had quite a dull spring, but not much rain, and almost no snow in winter, so the soil is much too arid.
i had my next break in the city Center, near Viktualienmarkt.
a Café to be highly recommended: "die schmalznudel" (Café frischhut) with variations of crullers, yummy!!!
i had time enough to go to the theresienwiese, where the "Little sister" of the octoberfest - the Frühlingsfest / spring feast - would start the next day.
of course not really comparable to the autumnal feast...

and if you are looking for a Little square in town where you can sit for a Prosecco, coffee or whatever... full of life with Young families, cyclists... small and cozy, but lively...
i would recommend to go to the "wiener platz"


  1. Sieht aus als ob Du einen tollen Tag hattest. Danke fürs Verlinken zu Art Journal Journey. Schönes Wochenende, Valerie

  2. Was für ein traumhafter Ausflug Johanna! Herrliche Aufnahmen- danke für's Teilen und dass Du an AJJ gedacht hast!

  3. Ach, was hattest du Glück mit dem Wetter und dem Licht, so werden die Fotos doch immer viel bunter.
    Klasse Graffitis auch in München - da gefällt mir der Vogel echt gut! (Mit meiner HH-StreetArt bin ich noch immer nicht durch..)
    Die weiße Magnolie im Botanischen Garten sieht ja traumhaft aus!
    LG Ulrike

  4. I feel as if I have been on a holiday. I've read through this twice. Loved sitting on a bench with a picnic and a book, and all the lovely flowers, ducks and trees.

  5. I'm so glad that you and your camera took us to Munich for a day. You get a LOT done in one day, and I was impressed by all the places you visited while there.

    Personally, I don't look at or call the art you found in the tunnels graffiti. It is beautiful and should be shared with the world.

    I really enjoyed the trip to the Botanical Gardens, too. I would gladly sit and share a snack with you in these beautiful surroundings.

    I remember "meeting" you about the time of Octoberfest, so seeing the spring equivalent was a real treat. Again, thanks for taking us along on this journey into the "city."

  6. Oh My liebe Johanna...
    I feel a little choked up and emotional seeing your Munich photos. I was born there but only know a little about the city having visited when I was quite young and then again just for a handful of times. Anyway I SO enjoyed each and every photo along with your writing. I am feeling a kind of Heimweh and missing my Mutti and other German relatives too ♥ Thank you so much for sharing! That is some way kool graffiti too!
    ahhh Spring!!!

  7. Thank you for sharing your photos, Johanna. They are delightful. That underpass looks so interesting and your flower photos are beautiful.
    Nothing like a coffee or a glass of prosecco to relax and sit and watch the world go by!


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