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Saturday, April 04, 2015

around easter... carved pattern - blue and white eggs

easter is around and the Boys are here, which i love:)
so it will take a few days until i can Show all my recent experiments.

but now - as eggs definitely are a easter Thing, Symbol of life...
another Piece for the scroll Journal:
this time i thought i might use something from the mulberry paper stash, a deep blue one.
i had carved this stamp (big!! about a5 size) a while ago after a pattern of a blouse (which i really loved, but had ruined it with coffee some day)
i inked it with the White pad from stampin´ up, but of course the mulberry paper soaked in quite an amount of the ink - so it turned to a light blue in the end. that was ok.

next i stamped the pattern with blue vivid ink onto White 100g-paper

then i cut out 4 eggs from the White paper and placed them onto the blue Background, trying to layer them suiting the pattern.
i had laminated the White eggs (on topside only... maybe nextime only at the bottom to prevent the glare), otherwise they wouldn´t withstand the stitching i had planned; the blue Background was sewn to a Piece of Cotton after bonding it with vliesofix (= wonder under)

i used a blanket stitch to sew them on

then i thought about a Quote i could add to the Piece.
found one from bernard meltzer:
i printed it on deli paper and recognized i could only handle that by glueing the paper onto miracle tape from viva las vegastamps (quite good stuff, here i have a 2" broad roll, can be torn easily).
tore it with a ruler and awl, went well...

added it to the mulberry Background and edged it with neocolorII
the eggs were numbered with stamps from ma Vinci on old tinted paper (also glued on with miracle tape)
so the final result is this:
so another "page" in my scroll Journal is done.
i´m not sure if it was coincidence that this Piece turned out blue and White.
well, blue is my favorite Color, but it may also be related to my current researches i´m doing about old japanese boro fabrics...
there is a fabric Artist, jude hill, which is one of my Idols in working with fabric scraps (i would call her the queen of contemporary boro)... she sews smaller and larger pieces, all by Hand... i want to make it more in book (scroll) Format, but i´d like to have baskets like this one, where there always is laying stuff to work on...
now, linking this egg Piece to moo mania&more (eggs), ajj (favorite Poems and quotes) and the upcoming numbers-theme at take a word.
yesterday i tinted some eggs for easter, using eco Colors (which means the results are not as on the packing, but i already supposed that;) ok, i had Brown eggs...)

i only tinted some in two Colors, red and green...
i had poured away the green coloring too fast, not recognizing the potential of dying for other stuff...
but the red water was saved and i let some coffee filters and tea bags soak in it... 
tea bag before and after: cool, i think
the papers took a deep Curry Color in the red water, which i like...
do not waste anything;) !!
and just 3 minutes ago pulled out of the oven,
only waiting to cool down:
now all that´s left is wishing you a very
(or passover or whatever you are celebrating...)


  1. Your eggs are wonderful. As always, I'm very impressed with your wonderful carving skills. And of course, you did a fantastic job stamping, too. I enjoyed the tutorial, and was impressed with your dyed eggs, too. I might have to color a few today so I can dye some coffee filters and tea bags. What a clever idea.

    Happy Easter, Passover, whatever you celebrate. I KNOW you are going to have a good time with your sons home. A priceless weekend!

  2. Your project for Art Journal Journey is great, but being greedy, I love the look of the Easter bread and eggs even more! Dir ein schönes Wochenede, GLG, Valerie

  3. Na Du bist in perfekter Osterstimmung.. was für eine tolle Eier Idee und Deine Färbungen sind ja wohl Hammer -ganz zu schweigen von dieser herrlichen Osterpinze... yummie!
    Frohe Ostertage für Dich Johanna!
    Danke für's Verlinken! ♥

  4. was für eine fantastische Arbeit in deinem Journal!!!!
    Ich habe in diesem Jahr bisher gar keine Eier gefärbt - wir sind seit Jahren mal wieder ohne Besuch. Morgen zum Frühstück gibt es dann aber frische, gefärbte Eier ;o) Ich wünsche dir entspannte Ostertage. Liebe Grüße, Dagmar

  5. Totally cool - I really love your egg creation and your carving is wonderful :-D LUV your dyed eggs and what a great idea with the tea bags and stuff :-D
    Have a good Easter.

    IKE in Greece xoxoxo

  6. Meine Güte warst Du fleissig...toll!

  7. Oh that Easter bread looks so good. I am coming over. Nice scroll page. the stitching of your eggs really makes it. Nice to see the re use of your dye bath. xox

  8. I like Your blue and white eggs, but of course the red ones, too. You find very suiteble quote, very wice.

  9. Your art is technically so fine that I had difficulties to find the numbers but there tey are ;) Love your eggs, you've coloured.

  10. Your art is technically so fine that I had difficulties to find the numbers but there tey are ;) Love your eggs, you've coloured.

  11. What a very creative Easter, Johanna, love your handmade stamp and the results, wonderful work as usual!

  12. Wow, your eggs are gorgeous, Johanna!

  13. My goodness, these fit so many recent challenges ... eggs, blue and white, and numbers. All are outstanding, as usual. I'd love to see the scroll journal!

  14. Deine blauweiße Eier-Kreation ist super, vor allen Dingen gefällt mir die Schnitzerei. Das passt sooo gut!

    Ja, wenn man mit Familie Ostern feiert, müssen auch bunte Eier sein... ich weiß gar nicht, wann ich das letzte Mal Eier gefärbt habe. In diesem Jahr habe ich noch nicht einmal eins geschenkt bekommen!
    Liebe Grüße von Ulrike

  15. Großartige Osterwerke, liebe Johanna, sowohl Deine Karte, die gefärbten Eier sowie das Gebäck. Große Klasse.

    Schöne Rest-Ostern noch

  16. This is another fabulous blogpost, you are really rocking, Johanna.
    What a terrific carved stamp, so many patterns in one stamp, love the way you have matched the egg patterns with the background, that is so very clever, and love the blanket edging, a very neat idea. I checked out the miracle tape and found myself on a tour of all the stamps in the world it seemed, what a store, it would be too stressful to see all those stamps at once, how could you choose?
    Then red and green eggs and dyed teabags and a yummy bread which I think may be a German cake/bread?
    All fascinating and entertaining and super-fun art.

  17. Was für eine geniale "Seite" für den Scroll Journal - der geschnitzte Stempel ist der Hit. Wenn ich deine bunten Eier betrachte, fällt mir ein, dass ich unsere Frühstückseier in diesem Jahr noch nicht einmal bestempelt habe :O ... gefärbt wird sowieso nie

  18. WOW ich bin grad sprachlos wegen Deiner geschnitzten Stempel, was für eine tolle Arbeit!!!
    Ich hoffe Du hattes ein shönes Osterfest mit sonnigem Wetter.
    LG Anja

  19. Fantastic Easter projects- awesome and inspiring Johanna!

  20. Looks like you had a great and colorful Easter celebration Johanna. Your eggs are super and blue is my fav color too so your blue egg scroll page really speaks to me along with that fun quote!
    AND I could not agree more...waste nothing is what my Mutti taught me !

  21. You are an Easter wizard a fantastic post ...thanks.

  22. You are an Easter wizard a fantastic post ...thanks.

  23. I hope you had a good Easter, Johanna. Sorry I am so behind!
    Your stamp is amazing and the prints look so good! I love how you've used them.


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