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Friday, April 10, 2015

days of spring... transfer experiments... garden & more

spring is here... finally!
we had a wonderful sunny week (though the nights are still cold),
temperatures rising with each day, up to 24° on friday (today)
the "first Generation" of flowers (snowdrops, crocus etc) is already gone,
the next ones bringing joy:
pulsatilla on the south side of the garden...
hepatica, windflower (Anemone nemorosa), lesser celandine and Corydalis blooming on the North side
the postman brought me this book:

actually i was looking for a book from jude hill (her blog is named "Spirit Cloth"), but there doesn´t seem to exist one, which i regret. i admire her work.
Amazon came up with this one instead, and i think this is Inspiration also, even if in a different way.
but i definitely have a desire to work with Cloth These days...
on tuesday i was in munich with friends/collegues
visiting the mark/macke Exhibition in the lenbachhaus for the second time (it is awesome!!), but due to some time mismanagement too short this time
in the Foyer of the museum
afterwards Meeting for lunch in the literaturhaus:
 (some quotes of oskar Maria graf)

it´s the season of bear´s garlic...
my son brought some and we made delicious pesto
(aaaah, this will be so good with Asparagus...)
(feel free to grab the Label for private purpose...)
and if you are still interested in the Transfers onto fabric, here are my final results...
i will stop them for now, but i want to draw some conclusions which i might Forget if i don´t write them down...
this time i wanted to Transfer Magazine photos,
and i used the Dispersion glue again.
i had filled a bit of it into a jar last time, and i think it had gotten some "Skin" on the top, making some lumps after stirring - which caused a Little Trouble spreading the glue.
(maybe due to this there are the White spots, not sure though)
i spread the glue with a credit Card
let dry completely
now that´s somewhat annoying...
same with the poppies Image...
maybe it is due to too much glue? that the glue also infects the next layer of paper and won´t let it loose? just guessing...
anyway, i made it with the oil method like in my last post.
but that only is fine if the pics won´t get into contact with other layers in their further purpose...

had taken some Flyers from the Exhibition for the Experiment...
same Thing. and i had to be very thorough with rubbing, as suddenly it started to make big holes.
this also has a paper coating now and i´m not sure how/whether i will use it.
last sample:
(meanwhile i used another Dispersion glue, planatol brand, but that doesn´t make a difference i think)
i took a brochure from Ikea.
another larger size Picture.
meanwhile i spread the glue (as on the tiger pic) with gloves for faster working (the glue on the fabric should not become dry while preparing the Picture)
i think i made the mistake to get too much glue on the backside of the Picture, which is not the Intention!

you can see this when i removed the backing...
and the result of the Ikea brochure was this:
well... laid aside with the tiger...
  • laser prints worked best for me [sadly i don´t have a laser Printer, there even is no copy shop in our Little town to make some; so this is involved with longer advance planning and thus not very convenient, as i normally want to work spontaneously]
  • if there will be no contact to the Transfer Piece, making the paper translucent with oil should be okay
  • not sure if i handle the glue right... might try it with gel medium some day again. but for now These Transfer experiments are coming to an end... going on to other things...


  1. I had good results with gel medium and magazine images. The heavier the paper, the harder it was to remove the transfer. Exactly OPPOSITE when I use packing tape. Packing tape works great with heavy images and they sew up nicely, too. But of course, you have to sew the packing tape to the cloth. Your experiments are quite thorough and I enjoy learning from you, dear Johanna.

    Also loved seeing the flowers, most of which I had never heard of before. They are beautiful.

    I am familiar with Jude Hill's work. it is gorgeous and I love what she does, but because I don't hand sew, her art doesn't add much interest. She does make some beautiful pieces, though. Hope you are having a great weekend with your new book.

  2. Wow.. das ist heute wieder mal ein Überangebot an Info und schönen Fotos! Herrlich!
    Danke dass Du uns bei allem dabei sein lässt!
    Scheint ein tolles Buch zu sein!
    Hab noch einen schönen Sonntag.. bei uns wird es auch besser mit dem Wetter aber so richtig etabliert hat sich der Frühling noch immer nicht!

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about transfers. I have never found them easy!
    Your photos are beautiful!

  4. This post is fantastic and so full of good stuff Johanna!!!
    I thought you might be interested in this India Flint link:
    We are celebrating the Wash DC cherry blossoms here right now...Welcome Spring!
    p.s. you make me want to play with more transfers ;-)

  5. So viel Verschiedenes zum Gucken heute!
    Also, so ganz richtig befriedigend sind deine Transfer-Experimente für dich offensichtlich nicht... da wäre ein Bedrucken des Stoffes schneller gegangen... aber man will es einfach doch hin bekommen, nicht wahr!
    LG Ulrike


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