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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

experimenting with transfers on fabric

as my recent Transfer on paper turned out to my satisfaction, i decided to Experiment with Transfers on fabric. base i used was Cotton in natural White and diluted Dispersion glue.
i tried it with 3 different Goals:
1: transferring poetry scrap Pictures of butterflies (quite sturdy paper compared with "normal" one)
2: normal laser print (medieval fish Pictures)
3: stamping on the fabric (with my favorite things pad) and after that also adding a normal laser print (skulls)
and here is how it went:
the butterflies:
These are the original scraps, laid onto the fabric; then i put glue onto the fabric where i wanted to place them, coated the scraps with glue also and laid them upside down plus burnished them onto the fabric (with bonefolder). wait to dry.
then i moistened the scraps. the paper was quite thick, so i had to wait a while until i got dampened places on the paper. started to rub gently (from the inside to the edges). actually had to make all the Strip wet to get the paper off.
then it looked like this... no clear butterflies...
the pic above Shows the wet "see-through" when Held up, but when laid down to the table it was this:
ummm... rubbing more seemed to cause holes:

... i put it on the drying rack anyway and thought to care about later...
the fish:
forgot to make a Picture before, but this was a simple laser print and after moistening and rubbing it Looked like this:
went smoothly.
actually meanwhile i just put a generous amout of water on it. (i would be careful with paper, but fabric can handle water...)
looked ok for me (here wet stage at the end of rubbing), went to the drying rack.

third sample: the stamped medieval script combined with a laser print:
stamp from green pepper press, inkpad red hot from my favorite things

glued down the Strip of printed crowned skulls
here the interesting part was how the ink would withstand the water, as again i made it very wet (removing the rubbed paper remains under the sink actually)
all sitting on the rack to dry:
you can already see the butterflies taking the White of the paper again
and so i decided to really soak them in a bowl of water for a while.


the two fish (he has a mirrored companion) also got a thin paper coating after drying, so i threw them into the bowl, too
[swim yourselves free, i said;) no. i thought;)]
and after a while and a Little more rubbing it was fine:

the Outlook of the third Piece was the best - and what i really loved: the ink didn´t bleed.


it might end up on a Strip of fabric, whichever...
so only one problem child was left.
the butterflies.
but before throwing it out i thought i could make a Trial to get the paper translucent.
i smeared it with my finger adding a bit of oil (sunflower oil from the kitchen).
definitely looked better!
now i didn´t want to smear the oil onto contacting items in the scroll later on...
so i thought i might take away something of the oil by pressing the Piece between newspaper pages under a big and heavy catalog over night...
fine, i think. some transferring of the newspaper actually Looks good.
so i think this Piece also is saved.
i´m happy with my results:)


  1. Oh ja.. alles fabelhafte Resultate.. menno das ist alles sehr inspirierend mit Deinen Experimenten und Transfers hier und Deinen Bemühungen! Spitze!

  2. Du hat offenbar viel Spaß gehabt mit experimentieren, mache ich auch sehr gerne, und Du hast tolle Ergebnisse erzielt. Sehr iteressant und inspirierend heute, danke! GLG, Valerie

  3. It's such a shame, I think, that we all live so far away from each other. I would have been fascinated to observe what you did here, Johanna, and even perhaps join in with you and have a go. Thank you so much for a glimpse at the journey you took to make these things. Take a bow, my friend.

  4. What fun to walk through your creative process with you Johanna. You document it in photos and words beautifully!. The crowned skull image is fabulous and combined with the medieval text it did come out really splendidly!
    Clever idea to try the oil too...your scroll book has so many stories to tell!!!

  5. Not only do you try fascinating techniques but your images are fascinating too - crowned skulls indeed! and they go so well with the medieval text. Now I'm going back to look at these experiments again as I've never had much success with transfers although I haven't tried very hard. You seem to have cracked it.

  6. I was surprised that the heavier paper of the butterflies was harder to remove the backing. I often find the heavier the paper, the easier it is to get a good transfer. I'm super impressed with your ability to stick with it, though. That text made me smile, because I always love anything medieval. Beautiful job on this experiment.

  7. Viel Arbeit.Bin gespannt, was Du daraus zauberst.

  8. This was interesting following your progress through the different stages. Have you tried taking a transfer with clear sticky backed tape. Liked the design your butterflies made in the end

  9. Your efforts were well rewarded- the transfers look beautiful! I enjoyed looking at your other posts, too. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I'm off to look through some of your earlier ones- love all the color!

  10. Deine Geduld und Hartnäckigkeit hat sich voll ausgezahlt, zum Schluss ist das Ergebnis wirklich klasse. Aber ich weiß nicht, ob ich das so durchgehalten hätte...
    Wenn ich mal mehr Zeit habe, muss ich mich unbedingt auch nochmal an diese Transfers wagen.
    Liebe Grüße von Ulrike - zur Zeit wieder arg mit 'Rücken' geplagt

  11. Definitely worth the hard work. They look great!


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