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Thursday, April 02, 2015

second look on the second...

elizabeth´s challenge to give older things a second look made me dig into my blog about 5 or even 6 years back (it was an ongoing Project over some months)
very often things i make end up forming any Kind of book...
in this case it were Flash Cards i had tinted and stamped and the unifying element were old photo booth Pictures (ebay)
i loved to do this one and still enjoy flipping through this booklet.
hope you like it, too.


  1. Ganz toll, Du hast viel Arbeit in das Büchlein gesteckt. GLG, Valerie

  2. This is most assuredly a book you can be proud of. I am in awe of how you altered the math flash cards. You not only added the photo booth pictures, you also did SO much more: paint, ink, stamps, pens, you name it. Very, very impressive. I really LOVE it.\

    Thanks for sharing this genuine beauty with us for your Second look on the 2nd. I would want to flip through it, too, if I had made it. It's a GEM.

  3. So great and pretty, Johanna! You have put a lot of work into the booklet, how fab it is! Happy Easter-time. :)

  4. Wie toll, noch mal einen Blick in dieses farbenfrohe und so toll bestempeltes Büchlein zu werfen! Ich glaube, das hattest du auch damals einmal beim Medina dabei...
    ... aber du hättest es ruhig mit eigenen Fotos von dir oder dir oder der family bestücken können!
    Lieben Gruß von Ulrike - wieder da, aber noch nicht ganz.

  5. Johanna, I was going to add your name to the links, but I realized this link requires an e-mail to complete. I would LOVE it if you would link up to Second on the 2nd.

  6. These are so fun!! The colors and images are wonderful! Nicely done!!!!

  7. Totally stunning! I bet they look beautiful as you flip them! Enjoyed this second look.

  8. I'm really glad you posted these again, Johanna. They are amazing! Such wonderful colours and background. Each is wonderful on its own, but I bet they create an even more amazing book. Jx

  9. It's so good to see artwork again from the depths of the blog.
    These are all so complex with some amusing words, fascinating to examine all the details.
    Your photography is excellent too, they are all so very clear.

  10. WOW! What a great idea and the out come is fantastic. Love each card/page of your book.
    Thanks for sharing it.

  11. OH! I can see why you enjoy looking through this book again and again!
    It's Fabulous. Great how you worked with each photo (which are all super!) staging and framing them perfectly.
    Brilliant in every detail...can you tell I really like it :-)
    So glad you shared this Johanna!

  12. This is a great little book. I'm so glad you brought it out of the archives!! hugs! deb

  13. Oh ja, an die Karten kann ich mich noch gut erinnern - sie gefallen mir immer noch total gut.


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