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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

decisions, decisions... the binding

now i have 9 pieces of old Jeans stitched Journal pages which i can collect under the theme of "sea" and it is time to think about a binding...
the original plan was to sew them together and make a scroll.
now i realized rolling them all together would make a very thick scroll, and: the stiffened papers do not want to be rolled so easily.
hmmm,  the pages are all of the same height (approx.), but of different length.
i stashed them from Long to short:
i could make the Long ones shorter by bending them:
this is possible to all of the longer pieces except the penguins on the iceberg, where i sewed the papers overlapping and so can´t bend...
but maybe... i could bind the pages by Setting big eyelets / grommets on the left and join them with yarn, fabric etc.
the large one might become part of a Kind of back cover, which i could sew to a front cover ~ still to be made ... no real Details in my thoughts so far...
but maybe i could add a stenciled title ("the sea") and stitch around.
and add this octopus (printed onto glasses-cleaning-paper):

i LOVE this old style octopus...
it is part of a font i bought at - titled "microbrew ornaments"
that´s what is brewing in my mind...
but first i have to make a Little break from stitching (my saddle-Joint of the left thumb is complaining a bit)
will Show you when finished.
when you read this scheduled post i´m spending a few days in Dresden with "the usual suspects" (we are a Group of four women making a city-travel every year... prague, Stockholm, Heidelberg, Amsterdam, Edinburgh already visited)


  1. Danke fürs Teilen eine Idee, ich hab mich gewundert wie Du sie zusammen binden würdest. Viel Spaß in Dresden, GLG, Valerie

  2. Gosh Johanna. I've missed out on SO much, including the FLOOD, which I adore, and the picture you took from an old camera magazine. Great images and wonderful art.

    I have NO idea how you will bind these, but I bet it will come to you about the time you least expect it. That's often what happens with me. For me, it's when I'm driving a long stretch of highway, lost in thought. For you, it may be something else.

    Hope you are enjoying your time away. I look forward to the journey. BTW, I mentioned you on today's (Wednesday's WOYWW) post.

  3. Ich bin gespannt wie Du es dann letztendlich machen wirst!
    Viel Spaß in Dresden!

  4. ... und wenn du die Stoffwerke auf einen anderen Stoff aufnähst, dass du ein gleiches Bindeformat bekommst? Als du damit angefangen hast, war dir sicher noch nicht klar, dass dich die Sticksucht packen würde, nicht wahr!
    Jetzt bin ich schon auf deine Dresden-Eindrücke gespannt. LG Ulrike

  5. Could you not somehow hang them vertically? Then it wouldn't matter if the pages were different width-wise. But of course you might want them to be a book, but if the first and last pages were the same size, the rest inside could be any smaller width. Just thinking aloud (on the screen).
    It has been a fascinating project to watch.
    Hope you had a good City Break!

  6. Auch ich bin gespannt wie dein Werk schlussendlich aussehen wird, bin mir aber sicher, du wirst eine tolle Idee finden.

  7. Na, nun bin ich echt gespannt, wie am Ende dann aussehen wird. Du findest bestimmt eine Lösung. Ich bin ganz sicher, dass das ein Meisterstück sein wird... ist es ja jetzt schon.
    LG Carola

  8. Your denim pieces look great all together...
    can't wait to see how you bind them (no pressure!).
    You four sound like a fun bunch with all of your great travel adventures.

  9. Such a wonderful collection of pages, Johann. I look forward to seeing what you do with them. Jx


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