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Friday, June 26, 2015

experimenting with fabric and rust

it has been on my to-do-list for a loooooong time...
now that i recently cleaned my terrace shelves, i came across a plate on which i had collected rusty stuff over quite some time (years, actually).
and i gave it a try:

i put wet White Cotton on rusty plates and covered it with various rusty things like washers, clipiola (paper Clips), old flattened bottle caps etc... the fabric was Long, so i bent it to get 2 or three layers

i added a bit of salt and vinegar and put it aside on the terrace for 5 days.
then i un-wrapped it:
while wet the fabric was quite dark.
i did not dare to put it into the washing machine this way, so i soaked it in a bucket of water with soft Soap for a day. the water turned very Brown!! i poured it into the sink at the street.
then i washed the fabric in the machine (30°, Cotton program) with normal detergent.
it turned out lighter, but it is a look i like:

i think it might go together well with Indigo colored fabrics.
when dealing with the rust i put on gloves... i googled and most sites don´t give warnings, but on one site i found a note that one should be careful touching the rust directly. so i thought i might better be on the safe side...


  1. What fabulous results! I can see why it was on you 'to do' list. I think it will have to go on mine now. I look forward to seeing how you use them now. Jx

  2. Die Fotos von deinem ganzen Rost-Sammelsurium sehen allein schon super aus...und der Roststoff auch!
    (Sehe ich da eine kleine Schlange auf deinem Rasen?)
    Vielleicht hättest du den Stoff doch nicht auswaschen sollen...mir persönlich gefällt das braune Stück sehr viel besser.
    Nun bin ich neugierig, was draus wird!
    Lieben Gruß von Ulrike

  3. Fascinating to see your process from start to finish, with all the differences in between. Thanks for all the details, interesting stuff.

  4. What a great result! Really fascinating. :)
    I also really like the first 2 shots, such lovely details.
    Happy Friday and weekend ahead.

  5. Ganz toll, das Endresultat ist fabelhaft geworden. Bin gespannt was Du daraus machst. Ich sammle immer rostige Stücke am Rhein - Draht, Metalteile etc, schöööön! Hugs, Valerie

  6. gorgeous rust! I will have to try that!

  7. I always warn people to wear gloves and wash the rusted fabric in a sink or bucket with baking soda. That neutralizes the rust and, only then makes it safe to handle. And yes, rust will mess with the hemoglobin in your blood.

    Ironically, right before I logged on this morning, I was working with a fabric I am rusting. It will be fun to see the outcome and how yours compares to what I've made. Mine will also take a few days. It's not an "immediate" process, that's for sure.

    When I make rusted fabric for art quilts, I never wash them after the baking soda bath. Mine will go on the wall or in art books, but will never be washed, anyway, so I don't.

    I was impressed with your fabric. I like how you used smaller pieces than I usually use. The smaller pieces bring out better detail. I like that. Now I must try the same by rusting a few small screws, nuts, washers, and clipolas.

  8. Oh YES you got some wonderful rusty goodness going on with your experiment Johanna!!!
    It would look great with blue fabrics I'm sure and lots of other color combos as well.
    When I am admiring rust I always think of my father who worked all his life to keep rust away from things *gg*
    Happy beginning of the weekend to you and yours.

  9. Das sieht toll aus Johanna ! Super Effekt auf dem Stoff!
    Ich hab mir zwei Komponenten Rostmittel für's Malen und Art Journaling zugelegt vor längerer Zeit aber wirklich viel gemacht damit hab ich dann doch nicht... ein paar Versuche..und jetzt ruht es im Schrank.

    Hab ein schönes Wochenende!

  10. Klasse Ergebnisse, jaaaa das hab ich vor Jahren auch mal gemacht!! Heute kann man ja Rost fertig kaufen, aber ich fand den Prozess sehr spannend, obwohl Geduld nicht gerade meine Stärke ist :-)

  11. Das Ergebnis kann sich sehen lassen. Ich bin hin und her gerissen, ob mir der Stoff vor- oder nachher besser gefällt.Tendiere wohl eher zu vorher :D Auf die Idee, Handschuhe anzuziehen wäre ich jetzt nicht gekommen. Ich befürchte, dass ich in dieser Hinsicht viel zu sorglos bin. Handschuhe sind mir echt ein Graus.


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