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Saturday, June 13, 2015

keith haring exhibition

on thursday i was in munich to see the Exhibition about work and life of Keith haring
a Focus is put on the political and sociocritical aspect of his work.
a broad spectrum of his Oeuvre is shown and you really leave this Exhibition with a deeper knowledge of his artistic life - which was so much more than "drawing Comics".
i highly recommend to visit this Exhibition if you have the Chance...
lots of big formats like this one:
i always rent an audio-guide for These exhibitions, you get to know so much more about the interpretations.
(i also most times buy the catalogs, they are cheaper than ordering them via Amazon etc)
photographing of most Pictures was allowed (without Flash)

he was a Close friend to Andy Warhol:

among his sculptures also were totem-like works:

he "altered" real Money with his own photo...
of course it grew in value far behind the original amount;)

the crowns were Haring's homage to his friend Jean-Michel Basquiat following his untimely death.
Basquiat's crowns, an icon repeated throughout his works, here becomes a heartfelt rememberance from his fellow New York City Artist.
acrylic on canvas, 120 x 120 x 120 in. 1988
another large triangle, influenced by his AIDS-diagnosis:
"silence = death"

 Here Haring portrays multiple figures covering their eyes, mouths, and ears. The piece is intended to illustrate the oppression and invisibility that AIDS victims felt in the 1980s. Works like Haring's helped to give those living with AIDS more visibility at a time when many were suffering in absolute silence, with no voice, no visibility and no support from those around them. In Silence=Death, the figures are all laid over a pink triangle, a symbol associated with homosexual men. Originally used during the Holocaust, the pink triangle was used to signify those who were being targeted for their homosexuality. Since then, the symbol has often been reclaimed and re-appropriated by the gay rights movement. The AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP) also used the symbol starting in 1987.


  1. Oh Johanna, danke, danke für diese tolle Ausstellungs-Führung. Wie gerne hätte ich dich begleitet!
    Bis jetzt hatte ich mich noch gar nicht so intensiv mit Haring beschäftigt... aber es ist so spannend durch dich jetzt den Einstieg zu finden!
    (Eigentlich wollte ich es mir mit ihm einfach machen, doch das geht jetzt wohl nicht mehr...)
    Lieben Gruß von Ulrike

  2. What fun! I love his work, and saw a great exhibition a couple of years back in Köln! GLG, Valerie

  3. Wow.. da beneide ich Dich drum.. das ist sicherlich eine geniale Ausstellung!
    Danke für Deine Führung!
    Schönen Abend!

  4. This is FABULOUS. I can't begin to imagine how you isolate those photos you took, because I went to the museum web site to see their photos. You did a marvelous job reviewing this exhibition of an artist I (sad to say) had never heard of before.

    As a very young and rather naive person in the 1980s, I resented what Reagan did to try to keep us from knowing anything about AIDS. Although it has now been shown scientifically (even though there are still many who deny it) that homosexuality is not a disease that is curable, but something we are born with (like left-handedness), I am delighted to see these paintings and drawings that highlight the disease, as well as his works that show what he thought of Reagan.

    Thank you so much for bringing this artist to my attention. Your photos are simply wonderful and your review of this exhibit is so concise and to the point.

  5. Those were interesting times in New York with this artists group. Hearings bold figures always attracted me. Nice to know the show was so full of information. Xox

  6. Thanks for the tour and the description of the exhibition, that was very interesting.
    Yes, audio guides are so worth it and make all the difference to our understanding.

  7. Looks like a really fun exhibit. Thanks for sharing so I could learn a little something new about and artist I recognize the work but not the name.

  8. I have to admit I have not heard of Keith Haring, but it looks an exciting exhibition. Thanks for sharing, Johanna. Jx


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