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Monday, June 15, 2015

norderney beach

on a Background of brayered acrylics i started with some lines of running stiches on the left and some interlocking blocks on the right side;
found an old postcard of the beach of Norderney (german Island in the North sea), sewed it on (with the machine);
then i sewed on some White mesh.
i´m thinking i maybe should stamp a sun at the place where i have my watermark (in the Picture above)...

linking it to moo mania & more with the free theme...


  1. Sehr schön gearbeitet, Norderney mag ich auch sehr gern! Danke fürs Mitmachen bei Moo Mania and More, Valerie

  2. Das sieht toll aus Johanna! Macht sich perfekt !
    Würde ich auch gern mal Urlaub machen da!
    Danke für's Verlinken zu Moo Mnai & More !
    Ich wünsche Dir eine gute neue Woche.. bei uns hat's fest abgekühlt... soll erst wieder Mitter der Woche wärmer werden!


  3. I see what you mean about stamping a sun. It's a real beauty regardless. And I see you got your sewing machine out and actually did some of MY kind of sewing on the postcard. I was especially fond of the way you also broke the hand sewing up by making it different on the left and the right, yet making it one cohesive unit. This is stunning.

  4. Das alte Foto ist herrlich mit den ganzen dicken Sandburgen um die Strankörbe... ich glaube, das ist heute gar nicht mehr so erlaubt....
    Das Motiv hast du wieder schön in Szene gesetzt1
    LG Ulrike

  5. Interesting how the postcard, the sewing and the net all merge together, very skilful work, Johanna.

  6. You are really inspiring me with all of your wonderful stitches on your latest creations Johanna...
    all so cool!
    Happy beginning of the weekend to you and yours oxo

  7. Another superb art work, Johanna! And yes, I can see a sun stamped there. I also really like your seahorses piece. You have been very busy creating lately. :)

  8. It looks great - wonderful colours and textures. I think it looks good as it is, but it could look good with a sun stamped on it.

  9. This is delightful,Can you embroider the sun?

    1. good idea, why did i not think about this myself?


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