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Wednesday, June 03, 2015


so much boring stuff to do... tax declaration, sorting insurence bills to get the Money back i already paid, and other paper issues i really hate (like most people, i know...)
and all i do is procrastinating.
everything except what i should do (and it will not go away by itself!).
anyway, i will take you to my escapes:
the flea market, always a nice place.
i decided i would photograph more and shop less, because i don´t Need anything...

one booth had lots of doll houses

a jackalope (ha! remembered this word from a previous challenge:))

i really would have liked to buy one of These very big Sheets of button samplers, but one sheet cost 100€, so no need to think about...

the only Thing i bought was this Little booklet of needles...
and together with my (older) son - the other botanist in our Family:
this box full of big sized slides, all with Pictures of plants,
about 200plus pieces. it was from a collection of a Professor (i suppose from the middle of last century, as those large slides were not used later on)

  i planted two new bushes in the garden:
asian dogwood
korean lilac, smelling VERY good!!
seems i can´t be without fabric These days:
when i wanted to thaw some fruit from the freezer for the yoghurt overnight, i came across this old bag of blueberries ... Long overdue and not looking yummy any more.
but we don´t waste anything, do we?
White fabric strips covered with layers of the berries...
now waiting until defrosted and a bit longer and see which results this may bring...
and by making this on the terrace i remembered i had some fabric sitting there on a rusty rack over the winter:

into the washing machine and waiting for some purpose...
and yesterday i stenciled a Piece of fabric with blue acrylics and started stitching the stars.
again: time will Show what for...

the sun is shining so beautifully this week and we have temperatures in the higher 20ies (Celsius), so i might work with some fabric in the garden... i would love to Play with the gelli plate, but i think i must be careful with it in the heat...


  1. I dearly LOVE the way you procrastinate. Your photos of the flea market are wonderful, and I was really shocked by the cost of that button card. I looked at the exchange rate and the cost was simply staggering. Those slides should come in handy, though.

    I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the new plants you added to the garden. I'm sure they smell lovely, too.

    And of course, you had my heart racing over the blueberry fabric and the rusted fabric left on the grill. That was quite clever. I can't wait to see how you use it both in the future. I am especially interested in seeing how the fabric that you added the frozen blueberries to turns out. I've smashed blackberries from my garden to make colored fabric, so this really intrigues me.

  2. Beautiful photos, you have been having fun! Valerie

  3. Du hast ja eine Vuelzahl von projekten am Laufen ! Tolle Fotos Johanna!
    Schönen Tag!

  4. Heute gab es aber wieder viel bei dir zu bestaunen - um die rote Kiste mit ihrem alten Inhalt bist du ja wirklich zu beneiden!
    LG Ulrike

  5. What a very nice blogpost, a wander through a flea market, some gardening, some dyeing and some sewing - I enjoyed that.

  6. Nice old needle case. It's easy to want it all at a fair like that, better to bring home something small you will use. Gorgeous stitchy stars. xox

  7. Such a wonderful eclectic mix of items at the flea market. Well done for being so restrained - it must have been hard!

    I love your stencilled and sewn star material - it looks wonderful. Jx

  8. Auch wenn du nichts mehr brauchst :D ... deine neuen Flohmarktschätze sind der Hit.


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