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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

second look

this month i want to revisit a series of moon pages which i made in 2011/12...
today is strawberry moon, the full moon in june
if you are interested in seeing the other Eleven moons, too - just click here.

the "second look" comes in handy, as i had/have no time for new things currently...
i was on a trip in Dresden for four days last week (and will sort through the photos for a photo book, showing a selection here soon), on a Family birthday celebration at the weekend... and other things as Long procrastinated housekeeping and gardening are demanding time as well...
i´m at the Point where dust bunnies are having a big Party here. normally i don´t care, but the sunrays of These days (glad they are here!) show them all;)
banksy stamp from stempelbar/Berlin,
Alpha from teesha moore (translates: spring cleaning)
Background marbled with shaving foam recently


  1. I know exactly what you mean by not being able to spend time making art. It's hard when you are gone several days to return and be able to post something artistic on your blog. So I'm glad this was a great reprieve for you.

    Although it's still a bit early here to add your link, I'm so, so glad you joined the Second on the 2nd this month with your Strawberry Moon. It is beautiful. BTW, I'll clean your house if you'll clean mine (tee hee).

  2. Sehr schöne Arbeiten, und sorry wenn Hausarbeit Dich von Kunst abhält, das ist ganz schlimm! LG, Valerie

  3. We may miss seeing the Strawberry Moon here in Virginia because of stormy skies :-(. Your page looks great!
    This time of year so much comes alive that there seems extra things to do and you are so right about the light showing us things we cannot ignore ;-)
    Looking forward to some Dresden photos Johanna.
    Wishing you a Happy June.
    p.s. yes that was me with my parasol on our favorite beach on Ocracoke Island ... thank you for your kind words!

  4. ...also bei mir funktioniert der moon-link nicht... aber ich kenne deine Monde und liebe sie sehr!
    Frohes Schaffen! Ulrike

  5. My summer seems to have picked up speed too, and I find it hard to get things posted...let alone made....LOL
    Having the GDs here two days a week this summer will keep me hopping, but it should get me back in the habit of least their work.......*grin*

    The dust bunnies are learning to cohabitate with the cob webs here at this house......LOL

    LOVE the strawberry moon page.

  6. A lovely look back. I love strawberries and a strawberry moon sounds really cool. I've got to Google that to find out what it means. :)

  7. I'm glad you have showed your strawberry moon page again, Johanna; it's beautiful. I love your Banksy piece, as well.
    Good luck with your Spring cleaning! Jx

  8. Your collections of Mother Moon is divine!


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