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Sunday, June 21, 2015

summer solstice

summer is not yet here - except a few hot days...
often cold and changeable weather
but never give up hope:)
i created 3 photoshop brushes: tic-tac-toe board, sun and jumping figure;
added text with font brush up too
framed with a texture from designcuts
placed them on a spraypainted Background (made on a White paper bag):
theme at SOC this week: 2x pink + 1x orange


  1. Happy Litha, my friend!The wheel turns again!Love your two pieces!Have an inspiring Sunday!

  2. Ein schöner Beitrag noch von dir auf den letzten Drücker - aber vielleicht hast du ja auch Glück beim Los! LG Ulrike

  3. What a joyous way to greet the Summer Solstice. Your digital work always amazes me, and your use of unconventional items, such as a recyclable paper bag always draws my attention. I simply adore this, right down to the TIC-TAC-TOE!!

  4. Happy week 2 of SOC! I love what you did with your digital brushes! Thank you so much for sharing your post with all of us at SOC! HUGS!!!

  5. I love the happy feel of the summer solstice tic tac toe page!!

  6. Original entry, nice background :-)

  7. Find ich stark Johanna! Super gefällt mir das!
    Ich wünsch DIr dass Deine Räumerei erledigt ist und Du wieder Zeit hast für Dich, die Kamera und das Friemeln!

    Eine schöne neue Woche!

  8. Very pretty backgrounds with the SOC colors this week!

  9. Your tic-tac-toe board is terrific, love the way you use brushes in your photo-editing, the sun and the jumping figures make great summertime board pieces, and I love the summertime pinks and oranges.

  10. Very pretty! Wishing some great warm days ahead!

    Hugs Giggles

  11. Very lovely page! I like these wonderful and fresh colours!

  12. Wonderful Summer Solstice piece you created with those beautiful warm colors Johanna!
    I would gladly send you some of our heat BUT with it comes sticky hot humidity too ugh.
    Hope summer weather finds you soon.

  13. So fun, never did learn that brush making technique, photoshop seems too much work for do it so well. xox

  14. reminds me a lot of summer :) (which seems to have missed us this year :/)

  15. Ein herrliches Werk, die Farben tun so richtig gut :) Nachdem hier heute früh die Sonne schien ist es mittlerweile wieder grau :(

  16. So warm and playful. Wonderful!
    It is slowly getting warmer here, but not always with sun.


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