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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

T stands for Tuesday - and some sTiTching;)

it is the first time i participate in elizabeth´s weekly
where some Kind of drink should be involved.
after some years of break in cooking elderflower syrup, my son felt the Need to do it again this year. he made almost 4 Liter of this sugary water (one tea spoon in one glass of ice water is enough).
quite popular in Germany over the last years was a Longdrink called "Hugo", in which the syrup is filled up with Prosecco, water and mint.
and it renders good Service catching fruit flies.
(mix water + syrup + vinegar + a drop of dishwashing liquid)
and with selfmade Labels some of them will be small presents.
did some stitching the last days /evenings... therefore i prepared fabrics
maybe you know this deco material (snitched some at the birthday recently;) well, i asked...)... it is synthetic and Comes on a roll. the fibers are stiff and i thought they should be fine for a Background on fabric.
prepared a mix of green and White acrylics, rolled on an old transparency
and rolled this onto the fabric using the fiber "stencil"

then i stamped eraser cut flowers in three Colors onto these Backgrounds:
the one on the bottom has some space left for a Quote from Ralph waldo emerson,
which i stitched after writing it with a pen that will vanish by itself after a few days...

on the smaller Strip i stitched around the stampings,
on the larger one only the Quote is stitched.


  1. Ich liebe Hollunderblütensirup auch ... und Hugo ist spitze.... Du wirst lachen aber ich hab meinem Mann vorhing gebackene Hollunderblüten als Nachtisch serviert.. hab ich heute vom Hundewalkbmitgebracht-
    total lecker.. eine Sünde für meine Diät... wie immer...

    HAPPY T-DAY Johanna!
    Welcome to the gang !

    Und nun zur Kunst!
    Das sieht sehr raffiniert und schön aus Johanna..
    ich bewundere dass Du immer so schöne Handstiche auf Dein Arbeiten bringst!
    Absolut schön!

    Die würd ich mir beide einrahmen und aufhängen..super!
    Danke sehr für's Zeigen bei Moo Mania & More!

    bei uns heute angenhem kühl und diesig.... auch schön!

  2. Really fun to see you for T Johanna!
    "Hugo" sounds like my kind of drink...I like bubbles ;-)
    Elderflower seems to be making it's presence known here as well (better late than never *gg*).
    What a treat to have your own homemade syrup!
    The flower quote is one of my favorites.
    You've done a great job creating that lovely piece.
    Happy T Day

  3. I have never tried elder flower anything, but I think I would, given the opportunity. I love your eraser flowers and the stitched pieces are lovely with the bright colours you chose. Happy t Day :D

  4. You have been busy! I don't like drinking Hugo, but I know a lot of people do! Nice work with the flowers. Thanks for joining us at Moo Mania and More, Valerie

  5. First of all, Johanna, thanks so much for joining us this week for T Stands for Tuesday. I was thrilled to see your name on the link up.

    Second, I learned many new things today. I learned there was such a thing as elder flowers, although I have seen Elderberry wine, and a drink called Hugo. I had to look up prosecco and found it was a white wine you add to the elder flowers. Now I know a bit about this drink. I'm simply thrilled to learn about it, because this is not something we've ever had on Tuesday.

    I simply adore your little hand carved flowers. They are adorable, and the stitching is remarkable, especially because I can't sew by hand.

    Thank you for joining us for T this Tuesday with your elderflower syrup and Hugo.

  6. Elderflower ... now is that the flower of the Elderberry bush?? If it is it has conjured up wonderful childhood memories...of fishing with my older brothers stuffing my mouth full of Happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  7. love that fibrous material! I have a bit but had no idea what it was. I love how you incorporated it into your lovely fabric art. Happy T day!
    PSI have heard of elderflower liquor but not syrup.

  8. Oh, I do so love that quote!! This turned out so sweet.
    Happy T-Day! :)

  9. Have heard of elderflower syrup or maybe wine. Never had a chance to try it though.

    Your stitching is great, I like the shapes you carved as well.


  10. Have heard of elderflower syrup or maybe wine. Never had a chance to try it though.

    Your stitching is great, I like the shapes you carved as well.


  11. I have never had Elderberry anything either, but I am willing to try most drinks at least once....*grin*

    I really like your art with the stitching......very cool!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog this week and for leaving a comment.

  12. I've actually heard of elderberry syrup. I'm currently making a rhubarb shrub. It also can be called drinking vinegar. I like to put an ounce or two over ice then fill the tall glass with club soda. Tart and refreshing drink.
    Love that quote on the fabric!!
    Happy T day!

  13. Hello, and welcome to T Day! Your art is beautiful, and I especially like the hand-carved flower stamps. I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

  14. Hhmm lecker! Das Flaschenfoto im Gegenlicht gefällt mir sehr...In meinen vorigen Leben habe ich auch immer Holundersekt gemacht, Sirup nicht.
    Hübsch, deine Blumenstickerei... durch diesen leichteren Stoff kommst du mit der Sticknadel bestimmt leichter durch als durch Jeansstoff - gut für die Gelenke, nicht wahr! Lieben Gruß von Ulrike

  15. Hugo und Holunderblütensirup mochte ich auch immer sehr gerne. Leider hat sich zwischenzeitlich eine Unverträglichkeit eingestellt und ich muss beim Genuss von Holunderblüten ständig niesen. Da verzichte ich dann lieber.

  16. Oh my! There are so many wonderful things to look at here. I love the flower strips - such a great background to those brightly coloured flowers - and I love your drink piece. I wouldn't survive without tea, but I may have to try a Hugo, now!


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