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Thursday, June 04, 2015

the colors, they are a-changing...

as i showed in my previous post i started an Experiment "dying with frozen blueberries".
and These are the results:
the first fabrics soaked up the defrosting blueberries very well,
as you can see on the sample and the Close ups above
of course the most intense Color appeared on the first Strip (photo below),
which laid at the bottom of the bowl and soaked up the thaw water there.
i sieved the berries and saved the melting water in a small bowl.
into this bowl with the purple water i put wet stripes of Cotton Standing upwards, so they soaked some of the colored water (hanging on the tree they were wet and more intense, the Color fades a bit when drying)

i repeated layering berries and Cotton (White and off-White) in the bigger bowl.
best is to dampen the fabric to avoid hard edges.
i think i made three repetitions and the fabric Colors became less intense. of Course.
(actually didn´t let them sit for a Long time)

then i let the dry fabrics sit overnight and ironed them today (thought that might fix it a bit).
next step was soaking them in a bucket with cold water and vinegar for an hour or two (had read somewhere that would fix the Colors).
put them into the washing machine (cold, 30 min)
and surprise!!
the Color totally changed.
that was not what i had expected. i had been afraid it could bleach too much,
but not supposed there was a real Change of Color.
and actually: i like it!
it is somewhat Indigo coloring, cool!!
a Little fading also, well, of course...
but i really like this blue!
(esp on the off-White there also is some greenish Color, but i think hard to see on the [second] photo)

now if i really want to have it purple, i know i will not wash it (for many of my purposes washing isn´t intended, so i can leave it)
and if i want some Indigo, i know the way. and i maybe can Play with intensity by using more berries. or letting them sit longer.


  1. Oh look at that, interesting but that's the unexpected joy of dying cloth right? xox

  2. That was a fun experiment, and you have some nice coloured material to play with! LG, Valerie

  3. Absolut "heiss" - bin sehr gespannt, was du daraus machst.

  4. Who would have guessed it would turn blue? Yes, I would have thought the purple colour would have faded after washing.
    Great experimentation and clever use of old blueberries.

  5. I was so impressed with the variety of colors you got with the blueberry infused fabric, but then read further and saw how MUCH the fabric changed once it was washed. Now I wonder if that could happen with blackberries, since I got a similar color when I smooshed blackberries onto my fabric last year.

    Thanks for creating these experiments and documenting the results. They will certainly be useful for me as my blackberries begin to appear on my vines.

  6. This is such an exciting experiment and it is so interesting to see how the colours changed. I might have to go out and buy some blueberries ... Jx

  7. Dein Rot zu Blau-Ergebnis erinnert mich an meine Kindheit, als ich zu Besuch bei Omi und Opi immer "in die Blaubeeren" gegangen bin... und ich weiß noch, dass die Flecken auf den Hemden nicht raus gingen, sondern immer blau blieben nach dem Waschen!
    Liebe Grüße von Ulrike

  8. I love fabric too. My grandmother was a seamstress. When I went to university, the possibilities were few here. Nowadays you can study a lot of things.If there were Fashion Studies that time, I would have studied it instead of Literature. I don't know why but I am fascinated by fabric colors, textures and design.I myself designed my 15 birthday dress and decided which fabric I want it to be tailored.I still have it. Can you believe it?It is made of laise.I like what you have been doing. It is a lovely passion which I partake too.

  9. Auf was für Ideen du immer kommst. Tolle Resultate.


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