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Friday, July 31, 2015

once in a blue moon...

(this is a scheduled post. today i´m officially celebrating my retirement from School with a big Party all day long - i quit because of health issues, and i think this was the right decision... from tomorrow on i will be on a sewing retreat in the alpine upland and have fun sewing and stitching together with some pals - in my own pace, no Workshops... will be back here on wednesday. ciao for now! have a great Weekend.) 
today we have the rare Occasion of a blue moon (which is the term for a second full moon within one calendar month).
i used a photo of heracleum seeds (i have quite of lot of them;)), layered it with textures from artistry and kim Klassen and added a brush from Sissy sparrows (the circle seemed to stand well for the moon...).
then i made a postal stamp from all These elements and added a cancellation brush. text "once in a blue moon" written with font byron.
linking it to art Journal journey.
(i wish i could have made more for this "postal" challenge, as it is absolutely my theme, but i´m still addicted to stitching... and when i looked for my gelli print Journal, i couldn´t find it...)
well, i´m procrastinating on my urge to pack the things i will take with me at the Weekend...
so i can Show you some preparations i made...
i will take with me two more old Jeans pieces (though i intend to make not so much on them in the four days, These are good for evening stitchings or stitching in the garden...)

i rust dyed quite some White Cotton recently:

on wednesday i decided to dye some cheesecloth, as i love its structure and it is lightweight to take anywhere.
i found an envelope on the attic with some cheesecloth, the order dating back to 2008. (now i could say that is the typical time things are awaiting their use here, haha!)
AND: the dye-inks are actually silk dyes, dating back to the last century (they have D-Mark Prices on them; and well, it was more than 25 years ago that i silk dyed. but: do not throw away anything;))
i water soaked bits of the cheesecloth and put them in glasses, then dropped silk paints over them and let them sit for a while...
there was only a small rest of the yellow Color, so i dyed it in the sink (i could better handle it there, whyever...)

in the end it felt like easter:
i let the Colors sit for about 2-3 hours,
then i took them out and spread them on old newspaper to let them dry.
(i was a bit impatient, maybe should have dried them totally, but the weather was not so fine this day.)
with one of them (ultramarine) i thought i might create a net pattern on one of the rusted pieces.
i brayered it in the wet condition over the Cloth. well, that was a bit heavy and i was not sooo happy with the instant result (should have waited and let it dry a bit, maybe...)

but then, after drying, i thought it looked ok:

next step: wanted to fix the Color and make it waterproof (though i think i mainly will use it on items that will not be washed...)
the instructions said i should iron the Cloth or put them into the oven for 15 min (wrapped in alu foil, 150°c)

they were not all dried through afterwards (i definitely should have waited longer before putting them into the stove!)
i tried to handwash this lightening blue Piece and it lost lots of Color. so i decided to stop rinsing the pieces and just let the rest be as is.



  1. Congratulations on your retirement. I'm sure you'll enjoy it, but I'm also sure you are going to love that sewing retreat with friends.

    I unwrapped my eco-dyed fabric today and was a bit disappointed in two of the three bundles, but one was incredible. So of course, I am in LOVE with your rusted fabric and dyed cheesecloth. Of course, now that you are officially retired, maybe you'll gain some patience and give those fabrics a chance to dry properly (grin).

    Have a great weekend and I hope to see lots of photos of what you worked on while away!!

  2. Have a great time of freedom lucky girl! :)
    (I hope your health is quite ok)
    Your mail art is always so awesome, clever and well done!
    I love all your pics of the dyed tulle too.

  3. Thanks for joining us at Art Journal Journey, happy retirement, and have some fun days away, Valerie

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  5. Musste löschen, waren wieder etliche unmögliche Tippfehler - ich bin viel zu schusselig immer beim Tippen, wenn mir ein post so gefällt - lol!
    Eine tolle Postage Collage Johanna, danke !! Schön dass Du noch Muse gefunden hast und diese Stofffärberei ist genial.. meine Güte ich genieße die Farben und Fotos..ganz große klasse...
    ich hab auch immer noch alte Seidenfarben...
    irgendwie kann man in Mixed Media sowieso alles gebrauchen, also entsorgt wird nur im äußersten Notfall aus Platzmangel-aber sonst schon gar nicht!
    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur Pensionierung♥
    viel, viel Spaß beim Nähtreff!
    Genieße es!

    Liebe Grüße

  6. I love your blue moon, piece, Johanna; it has a wistful feel to it.
    You will certainly have lots of wonderful material for your retreat - the colours of your cheesecloth look fantastic. I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing time. Look forward to seeing what you come back with. Jx

  7. Congratulations on your retirement, Johanna! I am loving the dyed fabric, especially the rust and blue pieces. And that colorful cheesecloth...I'll bet it will be popping up everywhere.

  8. Congratulations on your retirement, Johanna! Yay! :)
    Love the Blue Moon piece so much, brava! Enjoy the sewing retreat and hope your health issues are not so bad.

  9. So nice your blue card with the little touch of gold or is it yellow? I like it much. It looks very classy. Bravo!

  10. Love your fabrics. I've been dyeing this summer and it is so much fun. And congrats on your retirement. That's as fun as the fabric dyeing.

  11. Gorgeous artwork, Johann, the fabrics are so beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie. Enjoy the party and the stay away with your friends.

    Love and hugs

  12. Congrats on your retirement my friend. I have some years ahead but if I could I would retire right now. Hope you enjoy your weekend I really like to see what you've been doing lately.It's always good to visit your blog.

  13. A sewing retreat in the Alps, how idyllic. Only problem I would have is what to take and how much.
    Your blue moon is fabulously different and I love the postage stamp on the picture of the postage stamp. Making a postage stamp of your art is so clever and so effective.
    Oh all these colourful dyed fabrics! so beautiful hanging there. I've never heard of putting fabrics in the oven, ironing yes, but I'm probably out of date. You wouldn't wash a watercolour painting, so if you're not going to wash them they'll be fine.
    Retirement? - the best thing ever.

  14. Wow, was sehr ich hier tolle Sachen. Die Jeansstücke und die Postage Collage... einfach toll. Und erst deine Färberei, echt klasse.
    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur Pensionierung.
    LG Carola

  15. OH MY Johanna...your rainbow cheesecloth looks gorgeous!
    There is so much I want to say about all of the good stuff you've created and shared in this post.
    Thinking of you stitching with friends in the alps (which sounds idyllic and wonderful!!!) and I will be thinking of you on this next chapter of your life. It sounds like you are ready to make the change. I wish you a very happy and healthy retirement!
    I learn lots when I come to visit you and now I am off to see what Heracleum is exactly. Clearly it is a beautiful plant with what you've done with it. Making your own stamps seems a wonderful trick to know.
    Happy August!

  16. I wish you the best to come in your retirement.
    Now it is your turn and looks like you be busy!! hugs


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