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Friday, July 24, 2015

seth apter - buried treasures

this post is following seth apter´s annual request to Show some "buried treasures" from the past.
(click on the Picture to be linked to the list of participants)
it was a hard decision for me which post i should Show...
i consider my blog to be my artistic diary, showing my alternating addictions...
alternating means: i seem to go in circles, my preferences vary in phases, and before i can get bored, i just go on to the next addiction and will frequently return to each of These one day again...
my main passions are
  • stamping/carving - that were my beginnings
  • mail art (incl. making faux postage) - influenced by nick bantock
  • collaging
  • altered books/art journaling
  • photographing & editing/ digital collages
  • working with fabric - currently predominant
back in 2010 my Obsession for collages lead to a daily Project, for which i created the blog "scrap squares". i really really loved it so much that i sometimes think i should repeat that: making a collaged square every day from all the scrap here lying around... i think i´m breeding a Revival...
but so far i will Show you the link to this Project and some of the collages i made.

and fourhundred-plus more of them... ;)
i would love to hear from you if you like this Project.
thanks for looking!! have a great time with seth´s Showcase!


  1. Being the curious snoop I am, I have been to your scrap squares blog. I am now inspired to do something similar in an altered book, BUT I will never make anything as great as the pieces you have made. I adore everything about your art, and simply LOVE these images you dug up from the past.

  2. Ach ja, deine squares, ich kann mich an die Zeit noch gut erinnern.

  3. Ach ja, deine squares, ich kann mich an die Zeit noch gut erinnern.

  4. Gorgeous buried art work, Johanna. Happy Friday!

    Love and hugs

  5. Wow - these are FABULOUS Johanna. What a great treat to see your Buried Treasures. Thanks bunches for sharing. j.

  6. Lovely squares. I made something similar a few years back and collaged ICADs, I have a whole Rolodex full of them. GLG, Valerie

  7. Oh yes, they're wonderful with the stamps! Love them. You should repeat it in some way:). Thanks for passing by and your kind comment. - eric

  8. I REALLY like these; such a good project. I feel a revival coming on, and I may have to join it!

  9. I love your collages ! Would definitely like to see you do more.

  10. Wow, these are wonderful! I find collage very difficult yet these don't appear complicated, just well done.

  11. Oh ja..das sind meine Lieblinge ..Deine legendären Squares!

    Die sind es wert nochmal gezeigt zu werden! Ganz recht!
    Einen schönen Sonntag!

  12. Such great buried treasures! The stamps are all so fab (I used to collect them). Your scrap squares blog is just lovely too, Johanna! :)
    Have a lovely Sunday.

  13. Four square inches is a perfect size IMO, and your collages are simply wonderful. You must have had a good stash of pictures and other such stuff, of which I have none, but it's what you did with them that is the skilful part.
    I liked reading the list of your obsessions too.
    And now I'm going to explore your squares blog.

  14. Wie schön, dass du diese Schätze wieder ausgegraben hast - ein Augenschmaus!
    Gerade war ich auch bei Seth... er hat ja toll Stencils! war ich mal 2 Tage nicht online und habe so viel abzuarbeiten, dabei wollte ich eigentlich etwas anderes machen...
    Beste Grüße von Ulrike

  15. Joanna, you have inspired me to create some of my own squares. I will start to post them in a week a two, with a link back to your site. Hope that's is ok. Jx

  16. Absolutely fabulous!! I always love your collage pieces- your creativity is unending!! Jackie xx


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