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Monday, August 10, 2015

just in time

so many things happen "just in time"...
delipaper scraps and stamping

ripped this one out of a kalle anka (swedish Donald duck) booklet: the nephews just escaped the Headhunters;)
[Translation: Headhunters: they did not go into our trap! now we will round them up! --- nephews: they look bloodthirsty. shush! not that loud! ... my swedish is from the 70ies and i hope i translated right;)]
who/which are your Headhunters, trying to catch you??
[know i recently escaped one. just in time!]
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  1. A wonderful page spread, love the cartoon strips you added kits such fun.

  2. Fun journal pages, Donald Duck is always good! Thanks so much for joining us at ART jOURNAL jOURNEY, GLG, Valerie

  3. I spent much of my adult life working in industry, specifically manufacturing. That catch phrase "just in time" became synonymous with how we shipped products. I think of it often when I hear anything related to time.

    Your deli pages make a very good background for the clock and the cartoon. Donald's nephews were lucky this time, weren't they? What a fun entry.

  4. Die haben mal wieder Glück gehabt die Jungs! Eine ganz tolle Doppelseite .. frech und viel früher als just in time für AJJ Johanna! Danke sagt Art Journal Journey!
    Lg aus der Hitze ..vermutlich in die Hitze!

    Wir haben SOMMER !!! wow!

  5. Wowww, die Doppelseite ist toll geworden. Sogar mit Tick, Trick und Track, wie cool.

    LG Carola

  6. Thanks for the translation which I saw just after peering at the enlarged pictures for several minutes, trying to work it out.
    What a seriously fun page and a very clever page for "Time".
    As to your question - wow, what a question. Well I suppose Time itself, and my Blog is always chasing me, screaming for another post. Can a Blog be a Headhunter?

  7. Such a great spread, Johanna, and so true! The white background looks so effective. Jx

  8. Coole Seiten!
    Bin wieder da - endlich! LG Ulrike

  9. Fun page. I love how it looks hand sketched and water colored.

  10. Great pages and you and your language skills continue to impress Johanna!
    Things do often have a way of happening in their own least that is what we have to tell ourselves often I find :-)

  11. Zwei klasse und originell gestaltete Seiten, super mit der Comic Einlage als Collage Element. Gefällt mir sehr.
    Liebe Grüße


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