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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

textile exhibition

on sunday i got the Chance to visit an extraordinary Exhibition of textile artwork,
there was a broad variety of textile art, as i will Show you. it was allowed to take photos - at home i wanted to look up some of the artists in the web, but unfortunately most of them do not have a site.
but in case any of them is bothered to see her work here, just tell me and i will remove it instantly.
i gave credits to every Piece (and my watermark is added solely as i don´t want the photos to be stolen by others).
the Exhibition runs until sunday, and if anybody living nearby is tempted to visit: DO IT!!
it was fun to climb the Tower and look to the Windows (>ajj) along the stairway, which were beautifully decorated: (you know, These Windows with the deep sills, because of the thick walls)

 [the window Pictures are layered with kim klassen´s texture charmed; i left the other photos "pure")
as the Tower is narrow, the Exhibition was spread on 4 floors...
actually we spent almost 3 and a half hours there, time was flying... we also had a very interesting presentation of textile art and Yurt making in kirghizia - there is a Group of women among These artists who makes a journey every second year to various places in the world.
this year their travel lead them to France / Bretagne, as the stitching at the entry Shows, a Homage to the bayeux tapestry:
and here you see a textile Approach to mimic the Stones of Gavrinis by couching some strings
(couching in this case is an embroidery term)
there was a lot of free stitchin, (which you know i admire...):
(regrettably hard to photograph because of the glass protection)

[oh, i think there should be an "f" here: Fantasy... too late...]


here you can see how the same Artist is approaching a theme with different methods:
above free stitching, below felted Patchwork:
some more felt:

some textile books were displayed (and Cotton gloves were laid out so you could page through them):
above you see a book made by samples the Artist created in various Workshops.
the binding Looks also wonderful for me [but how can i drill so tiny holes into the wooden sticks?]
a mixed media Piece,
and quite some quilts /Patchwork pieces (way too many to Show here)

a Group of flags (bobin lacemaking by a local Group)
wonderful knitted socks with Patterns from all over the world
(and not too pricey at all)

some doll sculptures
well, as a mailart fan i particularly loved this one of course, gathering the stamps from all over the world...

and one of my absolute favorites:
this Magic cube (with foam inside):
the Artist (very friendly) was present, too and showed us how it works
(oh my god, beyond my Imagination to get this all into the right place during the making...)

up under the Roof there hung some big traditional pieces, like this suzani:
there was another stitching Exhibition going on, but that´s a theme for another blogpost.
hope you became not too tired, but actually i had a blast!!


  1. Wundervolle Exponate! Das war sicher die Inspiration pur für Dich!

  2. Sieht toll aus, was für schöne Exponaten! GLG, Valerie

  3. Das war ja wohl wieder genau das Richtige für dich und vieles des Gesehenen wird bestimmt in deine nächsten Werke mit einfließen!
    Mir gefällt das Traveling in Tunis und Pure Nature supergut, aber auch der Würfel mit der Schlange... und die Socken auf den Stöcken. Toller Post, Johanna!
    Lieben Gruß von Ulrike

  4. WOW was für eine Fülle an tollen Stickereien,die 2 Traveling in Tunis gehören auch zu meinen Favoriten, aber es sind so viele fantastisch verschiedene Arbeiten, danke füres Zeigen.
    LG Anja
    Deine Frage hab ich auf meinem Blog unter Deinem Kommentar beantwortet. :-)

  5. That was a lotta fun. I enlarged the first and cruised through the others in enlargement so enjoyed the exhibition to the full.
    I liked the advice for a good holiday - especially "send a postcard" and "come home", good advice I think (although we hardly ever send a postcard but like it when others do).

  6. I'm in LUST. These are wonderful photos and gorgeous textiles. Very impressive art.

    May I suggest to make the tiny holes, first use a small vice that you pad with an old towel. Then nail a hole in the sticks and push it back and forth a bit as you are nailing it. Remove the nail as soon as it goes through the stick. You don't need a drill, just a small nail that you can manipulate and turn back and forth to slightly enlarge the hole. I can see you doing something like that for your embroidered pieces you are creating at the moment. And then, someone will invite YOU to present your art at the next textile show!!

    1. that sounds like a good tip to me, elizabeth!
      and thanks for the compliments and faith you have in my pieces!

  7. Oh wow, what a feast for the eyes, Johanna.

    It's a sad fact that watermarks are a necessary evil because of all those unscrupulous people who will steal without a thought.

    Thank you for sharing.

  8. Oh wowww, das sind ja tolle Textilwerke. Einfach nur super. Danke fürs Zeigen.
    LG Carola


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