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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

the heck cattle

what the heck... (sorry, couldn´t resist) -
well, the heck cattle (english info/ german info) is a breed that should come as close to the extinct aurochs as possible in its characteristic appearance.
retired friends (both of the couple were biology teachers) found a great Passion in raising them and meanwhile they have a herd of 22 cattle. they rented 20 hectare (about 50 Acres) of peatland, for whose conservation these animals should be helpful. they are hardy and not too big as they should not sink into the sometimes wet ground.
last wednesday i visited them with some of my colleagues and we had a marvellous day there.
if interested in more, they also have a Website (german only). 
i made lots of photos...


... but:
i only recognized at home (at the pc) that the sun had been too sharp and showed every single fly the cattle were plagued with... argh!! the upper ones i edited with photoshop to eliminate most of these little beasts, but on the last ones you see the full swarm.
now, as it is with breeding, some of them turn out not with the characteristics that are wanted.
so what to do with them?
one or two each year are slaughtered...

... and have the most delicious and tender meat you can imagine.
(on These days it is good not to be a vegetarian!)
Gerlinde is an excellent cook and she prepared this wonderful meal with tomatoes and Gnocchi.
together with a glass of good wine...

... and as dessert Espresso and mousse au chocolate (cooked with lavender, soooo yummy!)
well, bellies full we visited the cattle, got lots of Information from günther (it is so nice to see him burning for this Passion!) - and afterwards we were spoilt again with tasty cake

(so i can also link it to elizabeth´s challenge this week)


  1. Those cattle are beautiful, and the flies have to live too, unfortunately. Food looks great! Happy T day, Valerie

  2. Die sehen toll aus! Gefallen mir!
    Die erinnern mich an die Bisons im Lainzer Tiergarten in Wien, da war ich viel mit meiner Tochter, als sie klein war.
    Das Essen sieht ja spitzenmäßig aus! Boah!
    Gut dass ich gestern Rindfleisch eingekauft hab...
    sonst wär ich jetzt frustriert und mein Magen würde noch mehr knurren als eh schon in letzter Zeit.

    Happy T-Day !

  3. I have heard many times that Heck cattle are very aggressive, but they don't seem aggressive at all from your shots. :) So much delicious food, yum! I never tried mousse au chocolate with lavender but I bet it's yummy! :D Happy September, Johanna.

    1. they are not aggressive if you know how to handle them... but of course i never would go to the other side of the fence, a little respect is never wrong;)

  4. I was beginning to worry about you. It was so good to know that you were off on some new adventure, which included a new learning experience and wonderful food.

    Yes, it's hard being a vegetarian when you see this lovely food. That leaves more room for dessert, though.

    I really enjoyed this post because it never fails I learn something new each Tuesday. I'd never heard of Heck cattle before, so this was very interesting.

    Your food and drink are quite tempting, as are your always wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing both with us for T this Tuesday, And so glad to see you back, too.

  5. Wow, what magnificent beasts! I have learnt something, as I had not heard of this breed.
    That meal and the cake look delicious - they're making my mouth water ...
    It looks like you had a great time with your friends.

  6. Aw heck those animals are handsome!
    That was a very fine feast and dessert looked delicious and over the top = Yum! I'll drink to that :-)
    Happy T Day Johanna...thanks for sharing such a fun outing oxo

  7. Its so good to have passion for something isn't it?! They sure are handsome cattle. The deer around here are bedeviled by flies too. Wish there was something i could do to help them poor dears... All that food looks yummy!!! Thanks so much for sharing all your photos this tday! Hugs! deb

  8. they are handsome looking -and that first pic is a great shot! I wouldn't be able to raise animals and then have them for dinner-there in would lie my problem living on a working farm with livestock-I'd have them all named and make them my pets:) Your food looks scrumptious though-and that one at the end reminds me of a French dessert - a cherry clafoutis I learned to bake from my relatives in France. Happy T day!

  9. Fascinating! Sounds like they've really immersed themselves in their passion :) Happy T Tuesday!

  10. A perfect day. Love these cattle, we have some longhorn Scottish cattle around these parts. Nice to see these old breeds. Food looks so delish. xox

  11. It looks like you had a lovely day at your friends' hobby farm. My favorite part was the cake, because I like the polka dotted look of the top.

    T Day greetings to you!

  12. It is so nice to see such passion in keeping an old breed alive. The article was interesting, too. The meal certainly looks delicious!

    Thanks for your comment about my collage--it made me smile!

  13. Oh Johanna, I so enjoyed your post today. Those are magnificent cattle! What a good man Gunther is to preserve this type of cattle.
    The food looks really delicious and the gnocchi are home made I think. Wow, you have had a super day.
    Thanks for visiting earlier,
    Have a good week,

  14. The poor cattle are really swarmed by those pesky flies, but they sure look stunning, regardless. You had a wonderful visit and that cake looks delicious! Happy T-Day!! :)

  15. I love the cattle pics - they look so gentle! Not a great meat eater so an extra slice of the cake please! Happy T day! Chrisx

  16. Hello and Happy T Day! These are great pictures, flies and all, nice job I think. Not sure about the dinner part but I do want a slice of that cake.

  17. Enjoyed seeing and learning a bit about the cattle. They do look different than what I see locally. I make a cake that looks very similar to what you had. A Plum Kuchen. Your picture make me want to go bake one.


  18. not familiar with this breed of cattle but they are handsome as Linda noted. The horns look very sharp though, so I will keep my distance! and it does look like the beef meal is delicious! That was a favorite meal of mine when we visited my grandparents farm as a child (they raised Black Angus) --I could not be a vegetarian ! I do enjoy seeing cattle in the field as it brings back memories of my grandparents farm. happy T day a bit late!

  19. Solche Rinder habe ich noch nie gesehen, sie sind hübsch mit ihren großen Hörnern und dem weißen Ring ums Maul herum! Dort einen Tag zu verbringen, könnte mir auch sehr gut gefallen...und dann noch so lecker bewirtet zu werden! Da läuft mir ja das Wasser im Mund zusammen!
    Jetzt freu ich mich auf die Pizza beim Stammtisch gleich...
    Liebe Grüße von Ulrike

  20. A blogpost about cows, how original and interesting.
    I can't imagine ever wanting to breed cattle but thankfully others do, which makes for an exciting and diverse world.

  21. Ui, das sind ja stolze Rinder. Tolle Bilder zeigst du hier.
    Schön, dass du so einen schönen Tag dort hattest.
    LG Carola

  22. Belated T-day wishes Joanna, Sorry I'm so late in returning your visit.

    I found this to be a very interesting post. I don't think I've heard of Heck cattle, they put me in the mind of Texas longhorns, only smaller.

    ALL the food I could certainly enjoy....every bite! It looks and sounds delicious !!! What a learning experience all this must have been.

  23. Beautiful photos, my friend and the food is superb. I am glad you had a super day!


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