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Monday, September 28, 2015

the moon this past night...

(4.11 - 5.24 o´clock - total eclipse in northern europe)
harvest moon is the term for full moon closest to the autumnal equinox;
 this year’s Harvest Moon will present the closest and largest full moon of the year;
This year’s Harvest Moon qualifies as a supermoon because the moon turns full about one hour after reaching lunar perigee – the moon’s closest point to Earth for the month
if living near the coastline you could watch an extra high/low Tide
(i regret i don´t)
and if you want to know more about the term blood moon lunar eclipse, click here.
writing this post i don´t know if my Alarm clock will ring in time and i will bring up the energy to get up... but anyway my camera is not good enough to take the Event properly.
so i´m glad the german Astronauts´ page provides a photo to download, which i took for my creation:

harvest moon... here in this hot year especially the harvest of the Grapes was extra fine...
something we can be grateful for - so i replaced the P with a T...
and in case you are thinking in Christian Terms: here we celebrate a harvest Festival in churches in early october, giving thanks to god for the fruit of the earth... thus the P with the X can also be seen as the monogram of Christ
Background: deviant "out of this world" freebie set; Grapes: itkupilli; font: Wanderlust; texture Black Magick-10 by shadowhouse
take a word has the moon as challenge theme for this week.

edit: no, i was not out to see the eclipse. regretfully. but i caught a Little cold These days and just couldn´t bear the thought to get out of my warm bed and Dress for outside (too many trees to see it through the Windows).


  1. I slept in for the eclipse but am grateful that thew moon is still up in the sky, and grateful for your art and's always fun, interesting! Beautiful piece!

  2. Very interesting post today. I was out several times to watch the moon, and it was wonderful, but soooo cold. There were a few clouds, but it was a fantastic experience. Have a nice day, hugs, Valerie

  3. This art fooled me, Johanna. I had NO idea it was digital until I started reading the credits. Regardless, it is beautiful.

    Although the partial and total eclipse was supposedly visible from where I live, there was too much overcast to see it. Even skyglow was hazy when I went outside. It was supposed to be between 8ish and midnight, so that may be why I thought it was so dark out. Guess I missed it. Glad you created the very symbolic art, though.

  4. Love your 'blood moon' piece and reading all your information, Johanna, clever play on words, too!!

  5. Thanks for your comment on my snow dyed fabric. I'm sure you read blogs authored by REAL dyers. However, I chose a different route, which didn't involve chemicals. If you want to check them out, here is the first post where I explain and justify the project:

    and here is the reveal:

  6. Das ist spitze Johanna.... eine super collage!
    Ich hab auch gut geschlafen... ist mir nicht wert aufzustehen....Schande über mich!
    Eine schöne neue Woche..ich hab übrigens für Dich den Häkelfensterhänger fotografiert....
    und das Foto davon als edit eingefügt.

    Hab eine wunderschöne Woche und baldige Besserung für Deine Erkältung! Pass auf Dich auf!
    lg Susi

  7. What a lovely way to express a great message.

  8. What a lovely way to express a great message.

  9. I hope you are feeling better! Your collage made me smile, love your sense of humour♥

  10. Love your harvest moon! It was raining here, so no moon to look at.

  11. Da warst du mit deinem Mond schneller als ich... und solch leckere blaue Trauben darf ich mir morgen in Nachbars Garten pflücken!
    Oh je, hat es dich erwischt... Gute Besserung! Hast aber, dank der Schulabstinenz lang nix mehr gehabt, nicht wahr! LG Ulrike

  12. Your art is always so very thoughtful and often educational, Johanna. I love a visit to your blog! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Hi Johanna! I absolutely LOVE your gorgeous work of art! We could not see the full moon or eclipse because of the cloud cover! But my hubby and daughter caught a glimpse of the eclipse for a second before it disappeared behind the clouds. Oh, and I love your play on words, too! So creative and fun!

  14. Lots of fascinating information, the moon eclipse which segued into grapes and then into the monogram of Christ, with the lovely colourful illustration which covered all of these. A clever blogpost, Johanna, thanks!

  15. You always put so much of yourself into your art, Johanna, and this is no exception. I love your interpretation, the information you gave us and the play on words. Great work.

  16. Such an interesting post, and I love your super moon art, so full of meaning.
    We did see various stages of the eclipse from our bedroom window and I'm glad we didn't miss it. Hope you have recovered from your cold.


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