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Monday, October 12, 2015

witches at tea time

i always loved this old Picture of the tea drinking witches...
and made a brush from it for this layout.
i do not suppose they are drinking a brew of henbane (Hyoscyamus niger), but who knows?
 Background  itkupilli, Spiritus mortis kit
font bleeding Cowboys, with a clipping of multiplied henbanes
well, i will not drink tea with them, i better stay on the safe side.
i enjoyed some red wine
(isn´t this Label beautiful?)
... together with some baked hokkaido (red kuri) Squash

remove seed, cut in slices (~1 Inch thick),
brush it with a Marinade of olive oil, thyme, garlic, salt and pepper;
bake it in the oven for about half an hour. yumm!
linking to take a word: witches
and tomorrow: t stands for tuesday


  1. I'm going to get the jump on T by saying how much I adore that digital art. It looks rather spooky, but very detail oriented. The arched gate caught my eye after I saw the witches.

    I may have to try your baked hokkaido. It looks really lovely and I'm always interested in anything vegetarian and low calorie.

    Thanks for sharing your art, your wine, and your baked hokkaido recipe with us for T this week. BTW, that label IS gorgeous. I'm sure you'll figure out a way to soak it off and use it in your art.

  2. Wunderbar, die Hexen haben sich gemütlich gemacht. Geniess das Essen, happy T Day on M Day und danke fürs Mitmachen bei Art Journal Journey, Valerie

  3. Eine super digitale Collage Johanna und Dein Kürbis sieht fabelhaft lecker aus... hab ich auch ein paarmal gebacken im Ofen zuletzt. gemischt mit Kartoffeln , Paprika und Karotten. Extrem lecker... muss ich mal mit Thymian probieren.. schmeckt sicher sehr mediteran damit....

    Ein tolles Weinlabel, jawohl!
    Eine schöne neue Woche, danke für einen Beitrag
    zu AJJ und happy early T-DAY to you!

  4. Zu dieser freundlichen Hexenrunde möchte man sich am liebsten dazusetzen, und auch ich würde den leckeren Rotwein bevorzugen!
    Lieben Gruß von Ulrike

  5. Oh my gosh, what a fantastic picture, the gossiping witches and the haunting buildings - and then the innocent looking flower which is actually not so innocent.
    I think you have done something amazingly clever with the Bleeding Cowboy font to make it match with the Henbane.

  6. I'm sure that my creatures would be delighted to test a cup of the beautiful & magical Hyoscyamus niger tea...

    I love the way you've colorized only the witches faces!
    This image is really fascinating Johanna! :)

    And your wine from my region is surely good? No?
    I thank you for the yummy recipe too! :)

    A real pleasure to pass by here, as always...

  7. Excellent piece, Johanna! I love your brush, what a great idea, and the background is superb.

  8. Everything about your digi collage is wonderful Johanna!
    Makes me want to join that hen party in such magical surroundings.
    Your drink looks just right to me too...I confess I have bought beverages because of the labels :-)
    Happy T Day...happy to be back so I can join in tomorrow too.

  9. Wouldn't you like to sit in on a witches tea party? I suppose they compare spells and such! I'm going now to cook some squash. Sounds yummY!

  10. Love your eerie background, Johanna, a very spooky piece and I love those gossiping witches, too!

  11. Dein Architekturbeitrag ist ja suuuuper. Ich liebe die 4 schrulligen Damen, die hier in herrlich gruseligem Mauerwerk ihre Teezeremonie zelebrieren.
    Das Weinetikett ist wirklich toll. Ich wette, Du hast es gedanklich schon wieder irgendwo verbraten. Mitunter kaufe ich Wein auch nach dem Etikett, probiere gerne neue Sorten aus.

  12. this is adorable I love your cute little witches.

  13. Johanna, I love your witches having tea! I have not seen these before, sio very new to me and yiou put the piece together beautifully :) Now the red kuri is also new to me...i love squash but this kind is not common here in Michigan...but I'm going to look for it and try your recipe! :)

  14. Wine for tea - that´s not too bad! lol The witches are so funny, Happy T Day!

  15. Had to stop by and laugh at your comment. I stopped for lunch the other day while I was out buying groceries and other essentials. Although I had my camera with me, I didn't take a single photo. I guess I need someone with me to feel comfortable enough to take photos of my food.

  16. Love the art ♥ That wine label is beautiful and I'm sure you saved it for future projects ☺ The baked squash does look yummy. I just may have to try it too ♥

  17. gorgeous digital art Johanna! That wine along with the squash look SO good as I love both:) Happy T day!

  18. I'll join your witches in their spooky setting, but I'll ask about their recipe first ;) That squash looks tasty.

    Happy T Tuesday!

  19. Great spooky tea it!
    The wine label is so interesting, I would be soaking that off to use for some mixed media art.
    Squash sounds delicious.
    Happy T-day

  20. I enjoyed having tea with the witches today! Squash is a great autumn food, and yours looks yummy. :)

  21. Haha, I love your tea drinking witches!
    Yes, squash is lovely made that way (that is how I make it too). But when I make soup I leave the squash whole and cover it with aluminium foil and bake it in the oven. The squash can be used unpeeled (if well baked) to make soup.

  22. Brilliant digital collage! The squash looks delicious and I'm sure the wine must have tasted good from the lovely bottle! Happy T day! Chrisx

  23. They look like happy, friendly witches. ;)
    Squash and wine from a lovely bottle--nice!
    Happy T-Day!

  24. I'm with you, think I will skip the tea with witches, but I'll join you for squash! Love you art piece!

  25. Nice tea with the witches, but what might be in their strange brew. Love simple roasted veg, that's my fave. Nothing more needed than olive oil salt and pepper, then the veg can shine on their own. xox

  26. I do love that image of the witches having tea too... I don't think i'd join them either. But i'm so glad you joined US for tea. :) So sorry for the late fly by but i'm afraid construction rules my life at the moment...uuughh.. Hugs ! deb

  27. Oohhh, was für eine tolle Seite. Die Hexenrunde ist ja mal cool. gefällt mir sehr gut.
    LG Carola

  28. Auch ich war mal hier und habe gestaunt!
    Herzlich Pippa

  29. Auch ich war mal hier und habe gestaunt!
    Herzlich Pippa

  30. You are right; I wouldn't want to drink tea with them, either! Red wine and squash, yes please!


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