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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

auTumn glory

well, we had the sunniest and warmest autumn since temperatures are recorded
(see diagram below, daily max of the last 4 weeks)
of course most leaves have fallen now, we had wind in the last few days.
but sun anyway.
i edited this photo with an element from cvisions and a framing layer from shadowhouse (gbox1).
the letters i added are from font brush up too and adjusted to the Colors of the photo.
i link this to ajj´s autumn Colors theme this month.
one of my favorite Food in autumn are hokkaido Squash. 

on saturday i made a Squash Pizza
(diced hokkaido, steamed al dente; added a mix of creme fraiche and sour cream - nutmegged; everything spread on a thin yeast dough, salt and pepper added plus Gorgonzola and some grated cheese and into the oven - 200°, 25 min - and finally sprinkled with parsley)


my favorite cold drink (> T stands for tuesday) to accompany my meal is non-alcoholic pils.
(i like it a Little bitter...)
once in a while... it happens... i hate it when it does, but the instinct of a cat is stronger than my Feelings...
then... some stitching...
it began very joyful à la ivan semesyuk
but it ended in incredible sadness at the Weekend...

("peace for paris" Symbol by Jean Jullien)


  1. Lots going on in your post today. What happened in Paris has shocked the world, and we must not forget it. Love the look of your Pizza. Great embroidery, too. Thanks for joining us at Art Journal Journey. Happy T Day, Valerie

  2. So traurig und schockierend was da passiert ist in Paris -
    Katzen können leider nicht aus ihrer Haut -
    ist nun mal so - sogar hier in meinem von zwei afrikanischen Löwenkämpferhunden verteidigten Garten belästigen sie ab und an mein Vogelgäste und ich finde dann Federn... Gemeinheit - dabei passen die Hunde so auf... mein Rüde ist ein ausgesprochener Jäger- bevorzugt Katze, Hase und Eichkätzchen -

    Die Stickerei ist toll und die Pizza mit dem Pils lässt mir das Wasser im Munde zusammen laufen und das um 8 Uhr früh - muss ich mir auch mal machen... tolle Idee -Kürbispizza - kann ich mir gut vorstellen... ich mag auch Spinatpizza sehr gern. Danke für dieIdee und Deine Seite ist superklasse, danke im Namen von AJJ!
    Happy T-Day!

  3. Wow so much beautiful art. You've been busy and made some wonderful pieces.

  4. Great art, and you made me hungry, too! Love that Peace/Paris symbol; a good idea to embroider it. It will take some time for us to digest what has happened, and I hope this will not escalate. Happy T-Day, and hopes for a safe and happy future.

  5. I enjoyed reading your post. Lots of fab things to look at. Amazingly high temperatures. Here in Spain too. Some days it is too hot to sit outside, but we still eat outside every day, because soon we won't be able to do it.
    I ove your pizza. I have been cooking with squash too. I see that you have peeled yours. I admit I am too lazy to do thet! I buy a large squash/pumpkin and wrap it with foil and bake it in the oven (several hours), then use it for soup, or pumpkin pie or mash or whatever. If I use a handmixer, I don't need to peel it because the skin (when cooked) is edible. I have difficulty finding fromage frais or sour cream in our area, so I used goats cheese the other day.
    Love the owl and of course the Paris Peace Sign.
    Have a good T-Day,

  6. What a lovely post. You covered so many beautiful things, like your autumn leaves. Ours are still hanging onto the trees, and our October (in Wichita, Kansas) has been the second warmest on record, so we aren't far behind you in that.

    Squash, sour cream, gorgonzola, on a thin crust and now I'm hungry. Sounds wonderful because it's all things I love.

    So glad I'm not letting Bleubeard outside any more and Squiggles has never been outside. I know those instincts, though.

    In my own post, I almost wrote that this could well be Paris's 9/11, but refrained from it. So glad you left my same thoughts in your comment. I was delighted to see your tribute to Paris. It is a beautiful piece of art.

    I am not a drinker of alcohol, so this non-alcoholic beer sounds good. And I'm a bitter fan, too. Strong and bitter describes my choice of drink any day.

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful pieces with us, including your drink for T this Tuesday.

  7. such a full post today Johanna. Isn't it nice to have some warm and glorious days this far in the season! Beautiful autumn art. Never had that squash but I know I would love your pizza! Poor birdie-but I understand as my dog is a hunting breed and she has a few times gotten a bird and some bunnies in our yard which did not make me happy. Love your creative stitching along with the Paris for Peace symbol. Such a tragedy...

  8. I've never heard of squash pizza, but that looks delicious! Happy T Tuesday :)

  9. Your squash pizza looks delicious.
    Really a great post Johanna, and wonderful art.
    Happy T-day

  10. WOW! that pizza looks fabulous -- can I have a piece?

  11. Schlimm, immer gucke ich mir deine leckeren Essens-Post an, wenn ich bereits hungrig bin - und dann habe ich natürlich nicht so etwas Leckeres im Ofen!
    Oh, armer Vogel - klar, ist Natur... aber du hast es dir nicht nehmen lassen noch ein "Horror-Foto" zu schießen mit den Krallenfüßen!
    ... und überhaupt ist dies wieder ein toller, vielseitiger Post. LG Ulrike

  12. Your pizza sounds like the perfect autumn meal! Autumn has had some big ups and downs...I hope for more ups and fewer downs in the future. Seeing your beautiful photo of autumn leaves was definitely an "up" for me. I especially like the letters with the shapes and stitching. Happy T Day

  13. Wunderschöne Kreationen und das Essen sieht äusserst lecker aus.

  14. OMG love your tiny stitched peace symbol. And your digital work, amazing. Feed me please, going to try that one out myself. xox

  15. Brilliant post! The pizza looks delicious! I love your owl and your very fitting tribute about Paris! I think it is something we will remember for a long time! As for your cat - I remember the times I was brought 'presents'when I owned cats in the past! Belated Happy T day! Chrisx

  16. The Squash Pizza sounds, and looks, yummy, I must make it.
    Love your little owl stitching, beautifully made.
    Lots of fascinating details and art here today.

  17. WOW! That pizza looks so good !!!! It's hard to be angry when the cats are only doing what comes naturally to them... Sadness is acceptable.

  18. The unusually high temperatures have taken a sudden dip in the UK, with snow for some today. 'Autumn Glory' is beautiful and will remind us of the warmth & colour during the cold times.
    Lovely stitching; thank you for using it as a sign for peace, as well as your cute little owl. Jx
    P.S. Can I come for dinner?!!

  19. Your pizza is mouth watering!Yummy yummy. What happened in Paris is shocking but here our eyes are on an environmental disaster that happened some weeks ago. It destroyed our rivers and it is reaching The Atlantic.We all are in panic. Many cities didn't have water and we are doing what we can and can't to help our brothers and sisters in Minas Gerais. The enterprise that caused the damage was fined but we cry for our rivers and fauna.Now they have to stop it before it reaches the ocean. There were some Brazilians who were shot in Paris. One got three shots on his back. He is better now. A girl had a serious injure on his hand and some others had some cuts. A lof came back on the following day. Everybody is afraid and people fear the worst may happen during the Olympic Games. The world had gone mad. I am angry with all that and sad too. But life goes on. Let's hope for a brand new day where brotherhood will prevail over blindness and stupidity.Happy T day:)!


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