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Monday, November 23, 2015

winTer is here, finally

yesterday we had the first snowfall of  this winter...
that somehow guided me to work on my recently "woven" Piece of Cloth strips...
(the size of the single strips is about 5-6 cm in width)
i learned how to do this from jude hill´s blog, here
i pinned them with small safety Pins until i secured them with the small basting stitch
(also taught by jude)
[i really love the way she teaches, and she deserves a donation... as soon as i´ll get my Christmas gratification...]

i added a thin base layer for better handling after the weaving...
next time i will make it before, makes the process easier.

the blue tones just cried for winter motifs...
so i took the creature from my last post and placed it here,
surrounded by a little snow embroidery.

more stitching will go on here, on this Piece of old cloths
(recycled from dish towels, torn Shirts and blouses, bed-linen etc)
as said: first snow on sunday.
when i visited a textile market (at the textile Museum in Augsburg)
just a few impressions:
of course, drawn to the things i love to do myself,
as for example embroidery:

you can find more from Gina ballinger at
the Details of ruth feile´s stitchings are incredible.
i could spend hours looking at their bears and pigs...
made with so much love...
i had to buy one of Bettina zwirner´s pouches.
stamped and Screen printed, then foiled with lamifix.

there were a lot of felted items, this and that, small and big...
and many hats and clothes (not so interesting for me really),
bags (very exclusive, thus pricey...), carpets... well, anything you can imagine to be made of fabrics, leather etc..
there also were some sculptures of handmade paper,
here tinted in wonderful Colors:
and after two hours you are...
yes: hungry.
a beautiful and tasty Restaurant is at the base floor:
i had kashmircurry and, of course, a pils;)
enough for today.
i´m expecting a parcel with Cloth the next week...
ordered at the market...
i will Show you the surprise then.
it is wonderful!!!
(and i can´t believe i missed making photos of this booth...
must have been my excitement;))


  1. Ich glaube Du hattest Spaß bei der Ausstellung! Hier war noch kein Schnee, ist aber sehr kalt. Die Patchwork Arbeit ist toll. Weihnachtsmarkt beginnt hier immer Mitte Novemeber, crazy! GLG, Valerie

  2. Na das ist eine Geduldsarbeit.... beneide Dich um Deine Geduld dafür.. bin schon gespannt wie es fertig aussehen wird --super interessante Textilarbeiten zeigst Du uns - spannend ..und Dein Essen sieht aber mehr als appetitlich aus.. recht hast Du - lass es Dir gut gehen!
    Ich wünsch Dir schon mal einen frühen Happy T-Day!

  3. What a wonderful day you must have had, so many textile items different from here. I love the first one, the cats.
    Your owl and the snowflakes look terrific on your weaving, as if they had always been there. Are they waiting for some friends to join them?

  4. Marvelous walk about with you. I love your woven piece, so simple and it works with anything. Cute owl. xox

  5. Heute gibt's ja wieder viel zu Schauen bei dir!
    Die blauen 'gewebten' Stoffstreifen mit Stickerei zu verbinden ist eine super Idee, sehr außergewöhnlich!
    Von Ausstellungen kann man immer so viel mitnehmen an Inspirationen... hast du ja sicher auch wieder.
    Du hast dich ja inzwischen schon zur Stick-Meisterin entwickelt - ich glaub's ja kaum!
    Übrigens ist deine Grow-Flag jetzt im Warmen - im nächsten Frühjahr muss sie wieder auf den Balkon!
    Liebe Grüße von Ulrike

  6. Your woven pieces are just lovely as is the stitching you did on them. The colors do remind me of snow although we have not had any in my part of New York State yet. I hope it holds off for a little while longer. Happy T Day!

  7. I saved a BUNCH of jeans to use the fabric from them in my art. This looks like it might be the ideal project for it. Of course, since I don't hand sew, I'd have to do something different, but I really love what you have done to weave those pieces together into a cohesive and really lovely piece of woven art!

    Gotta love those bears. Such humor, too. Those screen printed pouches looked lovely, and I've always wanted to learn to screen print.

    Some of the items you showed looked lovely, but strange. The felted stones were just odd. I've felted bars of soap before, but somehow don't understand the idea behind stones. I DID like the handmade paper, though, because that's something I am really into.

    Of course, I was delighted to see the fun meal you had and the curry and beer look wonderful. It seems you must have really enjoyed the time there.

    Thanks for showing us your latest cloth you are working on, your fun trip to the textile market, and your meal afterward for T this Tuesday. I look forward to seeing your fabric bundle, too.

  8. Your blue patchwork looks beautiful-and I can see why the winter theme:) So many wonderful textile pieces and those felt yarns and stones are fantastic! Thanks for sharing your lovely meal too. Happy T day!

  9. Hi! How are you feeling about the the snow? Are you ready for it? In any case, your stitching on the blue fabric has a wonderful wintry aura. We are supposed to have our first snow later this week, so soon I'll be celebrating winter, too.

    Take care & have a Happy T-Day! :)

  10. What a wonderful day! I enjoyed seeing all the textile art (your woven piece is delightful!) and the treat at the end :) Happy T Tuesday

  11. Everything so beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing this tday! Hugs! deb

  12. Oh wow, deine Decke wird bestimmt ganz wunderschön. Der Anfang sieht jedenfalls schon klasse aus.
    Bei dir gibt es ja wieder viel zu sehen. Klasse.
    LG Carola

  13. Such a wonderful and interesting post this week. I love fiber arts too so it was very impressive to me. Love your woven fabric piece . I do more fiber arts in colder weather too. :)

  14. Johanna, so interessant, Dich auf dieses coole Event zu begleiten! Da kann man sich ja garnicht sattsehen...sehr cool der schwarze Hut, haha...Dein Projekt sieht sehr aufwändig aus und am Ende sicherlich fantastisch! Wird es eine Decke werden? Ich bin ganz neidisch, ich hätte nie solch eine Geduld! Bin schon gespannt was Du daraus noch zauberst!

  15. Your patch work piece is lovely ( I wouldn't have the patience!) and your little creature and embroidery really sets it off.
    Thanks for sharing your pictures of the textile show - it looked so interesting.
    Stay warm. Jx

  16. You really are a mixed media artist, a true one!
    Your centers of interest are without limits Johanna!
    One can't be bored with you.
    I don't sew, nor stitch at all and I admire the long hours spent so usefully to create beautiful 'real' objects.
    Keep on, you rock my friend! :)


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