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Tuesday, December 08, 2015

indigo Treasures and heaps of fabric

another Collage (>ajj) page in my gelliprint Journal (Background Patterns made with embossing Folders).
Quote and weeds are stamps from tim holtz. "flygpost" custom made. "arabic air mail" stampinks unlimited
stars cemerony via etsy.
this week my drink (T/Tuesday) actually Comes from a postcard...
i owe you the Pictures of a parcel i promised to Show two weeks ago...
at the textile Exhibition in Augsburg i got in contact with a lovely woman, Petra Hassan, who dyes Indigo Cloth...
that´s what i was looking for: she is from Germany, so i can avoid all the fuss of international shipping... (you can find her etsy store here)
i fell in love with These two large cloths (above: 160 cm square, below about 140x220 cm);
so far i have no clue what i will do with them.

the shibori dyed pillow found its place on my Sofa immediately...

i suppose it will be easier to use These smaller pieces...
 at this one i see trees, a jungle maybe...
a "stray-tiger" à la jude hill would find a good home here.
but so far i never constructed such animals. will i dare?
what else is brewing?
i made some bases of woven fabric strips...

the one on the left like a checkerboard of rusted and red strips; and two blue toned ones.
waiting for... ??

and i started to do some (well, boring... something to make in front of the tv) work...

confessions: i was an avid buyer of fabrics ( mostly) between 2004 and june 2012
[then i stopped because us-shipping costs raised too much, i always had to pay custom fees - with the stress to release the parcel from the customs Office each time... and besides that: i realized i had enough fabrics for a lifetime and used it too rarely...]

now, i don´t want to go into math calculations, but i ordered once or twice each month, filling the flat rate envelope up to the brim - which means 3-4 Yards each post...
you get the Picture...
i sorted the fabrics into categories (batics, script patterned, egypt, mexican, Holidays... blabla...).

now i decided to bring things Forward.
actually more interested in other fabrics now (old, worn ones, dyed...), but i have to use the others as well.
my Task: i want to get rid of that certain "stiffness" new fabric has, and i wanted to go behind the shrinking process (in case i will wash the things i produce) before sewing the Cloth.

having mostly bought only half-Yard pieces i also wanted to reduce the fraying of the fabrics.
that means: i have to roll in and baste the edges before washing.

crazy work. will see how Long i can persevere;)


  1. Firstly, thanks for linking the lovely journal page to AJJ. Love all the cloth you have bought, and hope you have fun sewing it, but I think you have enough to keep you busy for years! Have fun, happy T day, Valerie

    1. ich versuch das hier als Antwort - ich kann einfach keinen Kommentar abschicken.. scheint grad eine temporäre Panne zu sein bei Blogger---

      Eine wunderbare Journalseite und fabelhafte Stoffe - auch das Kissen find ich toll! Viel Spaß mit Deiner Stoffsucht!
      Die Quadrate sehen schon mal nach sehr viel Arbeit aus! Wow.
      Lieben Dank im Namen von Art Journal Journey und happy T-Day!
      Adventliche Grüße von

  2. Your AJJ entry is right on track since the theme of your post deals with shipping costs and postage. It's a beautiful collage.

    That is gorgeous indigo fabric. I can see why you would want it. And the postcard really hits the spot!

    But the fabric, and the cost of postage was what caught my imagination. Much of that fabric is gorgeous, but I am like you. I've started getting my friends to give me their old blouses, jeans, and shirts. I have labels, buttons, zippers, pockets, and tons of fabric that I wouldn't have if I hadn't asked before the pieces were sent to the thrift store.

    Have you considered getting that spray that keeps fabric from fraying? It is supposed to go through the washing cycle, too. It is called Fray Check and it would be a lot faster and, in my opinion, cheaper, than basting the edges. The downside is, the product makes the edges a bit crisp. There's also a product called No Fray Spray. It's available in the US, but I'm not sure if it is in Germany. There's also Steam a Seam, where the strip is ironed to the fabric. It comes in 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch sizes in the US. Not sure what it would be, or if it is even available in metric sizes. Not sure I've helped much, but I would never be able to even thread a needle to baste, so I need alternatives. Of course, I prefer to tear my fabric and fray the edges further, so you are probably getting information from a person who would never consider stopping the fraying.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely art, your wonderful fabric, and your postcard with us for T this Tuesday. I'll root for you and your sewing project.

  3. Love that sweet collage and your fabrics are gorgeous!! Your blue pillow looks wonderful on your grey sofa. Wishing you a happy T day!

  4. That indigo fabric is awesome! I have collected fabrics for years when I was making more quilted projects, but I have no where near as much as you. Rolling all the edges in before washing is quite a project--a good TV watching project for sure.
    Happy T Day!

  5. Love the shibori, I can see some of your marvelous stitch work on those pieces. Looking forward to what you will create. Nice collage, bright and happy. xox

  6. That fabric is gorgeous! I love the pillow. :) Happy T Tuesday

  7. Mist, jetzt ist mein ganzer Kommentar wieder weg... Alles gefällt mir sehr, soviel jetzt in Kürze! LG Ulrike

  8. Your Indigo fabric is GORGEOUS!!!!
    I used to be a fabric hoarder (back when I did a LOT of sewing) I still love to look at it and run my fingers along it. I'm like an addict ....LOL Since I rarely sew anymore.
    Thanks for sharing Happy T-day

  9. Hallo Johanna, endlich habe ich mal wieder Zeit, dich hier zu besuchen. Tolle Werke sehe ich hier wieder. Die Seite, das Kissen und die Quadrate.... alles toll.
    Wunderschöne Stoffe hast du dir ausgesucht.
    LG Carola

  10. Your collage is fantastic and I love the blue pillow. I know what you mean about collecting fabric. I did for years and am now trying to finally get around to using it too :)

  11. I love your journal page - great colours and I love the quote! That's a lot of fabric you have there - good luck with the basting! Chrisx

  12. The Shibori dye pieces are just wonderful and loved your collage up top. Very nice!

  13. Love the fabrics. I can see why you could become addicted to gathering more and more. So pretty.
    Happy T-Day! :)

  14. oh had me at 'heaps of fabric!' the indigo dyed pieces are stunning! yep, I've got more fabric scraps than I will ever use...even from grandmothers' stashes. love them. Your journal page is gorgeous! that quote is a good one...I especially need to remember that this time of year. happy belated T day!

  15. Such a gorgous collage piece. Love all the fabric too.

    1. thanks, june. i tried to comment on your blog also, but i don´t have a link and i´m not at Google+

  16. I like your first piece very much, all the ingredients make a superb picture and I am intrigued by the different journals you have.
    Loved to see the blue dyed fabrics, I'm sure they will find a way into your art textiles somehow, although sometimes it is "difficult" to be brave enough to use dyed fabric which is once-off and cannot be repeated, I know this!

  17. I love batic!Love your art too!Happy belated t-day:)

  18. Was für tolle Stoffe! Schätze nicht, dass die Verarbeitung lange auf sich warten muss...
    LG Conny

  19. Still catching up after being away.
    Oh blue and white always speak to me.
    I can really relate to your fabric collecting days. Everything changes over time doesn't it. Lovely post and I salute you for planning to baste all that fabric OH MY! I would become a very good string/thread puller but I can see where the fraying concerns you.
    Your collage is super in every detail with great words to be mindful of too.


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