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Saturday, January 31, 2015

memento mori: mors certa, hora incerta

and a last post for this month´s ajj challenge...
inspired by medieval bookpaintings
for this spread i chose medieval pictures, as these latin terms go back to these times...
("death is certain, its hour is uncertain" & "remember to die")
starting point were gelli Backgrounds (with stencil xoxo from crafter´s Workshop on the left and bubble wrap on the right page)
further materials:
left side... stencil "time travel" from crafter´s Workshop, Alpha teesha moore;
on the right side selfmade tape and Alpha from ma Vinci + white molotow acrylic pen:
neocolor II for framings

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

input days and output days...

to produce "Output" (to become creative) i need times to dig into certain sources to get "Input" (to feed my brain and Soul)...
one of this kind of sources are books.
and today i got some really terrific fodder... as i had made an order at the taschen company last saturday.
i spoilt myself with these (they were on sale, but ntl my Budget of the month is spent):
so, first there is a book i already spoke about in my last post:

the book of miracles ("wunderzeichenbuch") comes in a wonderful strongbox, lined with marbled paper. the book itself is accompanied by a 175page description book in three languages.
34,2 x 6,9 x 24,1 cm
and even heavier (you can hardly lift it; size 23,7 x 6,1 x 34,3 cm ) is this one:

Peter Beard is an American artist, photographer, writer, and playboy. He is known both for his hedonistic presence in the New York party scene, and for serious photographic and artistic work (particularly of Africa, where he mainly resides). [wikipedia]
i had come across this photographer quite some years ago when i found an article in a Magazine (Süddeutsche Zeitung) with this Picture (among others):
i loved it instantly.
he is a journaler for long time - including photos, handwriting, painting, etc in his collaged diaries...

he often puts a big photo in the Center and groups other photos around:

the next photo is edged by tags:

and he often smears paint (or even animal blood) onto the collaged Pictures.
the edges sometimes are doodled (i think nick bantock must know him... conspicuous similarities;))
if you love this style as i do... go and buy the book. worth it!!

and i couldn´t resist also buying this calender, as i also love Hieronymus Bosch!!
ca. 30x30cm, ready to cut out, i think! and coming in a handsome pocket (like the Music covers of LPs used to be).
now you know where i am in case you don´t hear of me the next days. digging my nose into these books. i surely will enjoy them extraordinarily!!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

artist(s) unknown...

it was not until the year 2008 that the world got to know the book of miracles ("wunderzeichenbuch"). researches dated the book back to the mid-16th century, when it was created in Augsburg/Germany by unknown Artist(s). it is a collection of 167 guaches/watercolors, depicting apocalyptic Scenes of signs that occured in the sky or in nature.
this incredible work of art is owned today by a private american collector, but a facsimile Edition is available since about one year.
from a mix of these paintings i created my spread today (linking to ajj & mm&m).
Background: acrylics brayered in blue and black
i embossed the words with yellow powder...
sometimes i stamp the words from the end to the beginning for better space Management;)
after taking this Picture i managed to let the powder fall down to the kitchen floor... (a sign? ...) aaaargh!! thanks god i had cleaned the floor just before, so i could save most of the powder back into the jar. [and i could have sworn i made a Picture of the mishap, but there was None on my camera... my Memory is playing tricks on me...!!] 

 the stars (stamp attic) are embossed in glittering orange
if interested in researches, click here:

Video (br, Capriccio)
und direkt beim taschenverlag gibt es das buch im Moment (bis morgen) zum Sonderpreis, sprich zur hälfte (49,99 statt 99,99€)... da konnte ich nicht anders... es ist 3-sprachig, dt/engl/frz

Thursday, January 22, 2015

einstein quote

after a Long Absence from creating with photoshop i thought i might make a new Piece today...
b/w, background textures from artistry, Quote written with font daft brush.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

shaving foam backgrounds

today i had one of those days...
(i suppose you know them...)
you want to get creative, but somehow you can´t get yourself started.
and you get more and more discontent,
well, it was 4 o`clock pm, and all i had done today was reading the newspaper, Surfing through the web (which i wanted to reduce...) and being at lunch with a colleague (which was fine).
then i remembered a post from anja i had read in the morning about a Video with shaving foam Backgrounds made in combination with stencils. and you never have too many Backgrounds, right?
well, i do not have actual plans for using them, but at least i was happy i did something;)
 i started with red, yellow and green
 i loved how the stenciled foam looked on the paper
(actually quite less dramatic after removing the foam)
 after some papers the foam was quite stirred, which was not bad for the paper, as less White space was left... and i added some Drops of red (i used tim holtz´ distress inkers) for refreshness...
(you see, meanwhile i had left away the stencils...)

 some black Drops added on my way...

in the end i had more than 20 Background Cards.
not too heavyily colored, so i can use it for... hmmm... not important at the Moment;)
but i was busy for an hour and more satisfied now;)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

pixelated masterpieces

well, i´m absolutely not Feeling the urge to paint like the old masters (as painting just isn´t what i´m striving for), so i took a Twist on this month´s theme at ajj...
the mastermind behind These creations is Marco Sodano, who created These copies of the masters with lego-bricks. 
of course you would have "seen" the originals by squinting your eyes... but i needed a Little something to fill the pages - so i came up with postal stamps of the paintings.
Background made with gelli plate + embossing Folder (colored in and stamped upon the pages);
Alpha stamps teesha moore

 you also want to see
Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer
Lady with an Ermine by Leonardo Da Vinci ?
just click here.

i´m also linking it to moo mania & more "anything goes"

Sunday, January 18, 2015


ANNA and OTTO, two names you can read from both sides...

my first contact to dadaism was about thirty years ago, when i was at a Performance of kurt schwitters´ ursonate here in our small town. i enjoyed it so much!! and there is a direct relationship between Dadaism and fluxus, which i´m also fond of.
it would be shoreless to try to explain dadaism here, but you can find a lot browsing in the web.
i have some Dada-stamps, which i used on various papers or directly on the Acryl brayered Background. the White impressions are embossed. big Alpha from heindesign, small "hier öffnen" (=open here) stamp from stembello. numbers stamp custom made.
wer sich mit dem Dadaismus beschäftigen möchte, dem empfehle ich neben den Wikipedia links noch diese deutsche seite als kurze zusammenfassung:
und natürlich ist es nicht verkehrt, dabei da-da-da von trio zu hören;) 
linking to ajj and moo mania&more

Thursday, January 15, 2015

wintery file folder bag

today i thought it is time to bring the Christmas Cards to sleep and pondered about a storage...
and i came up with the idea of a file Folder sewn to form a bag (once seen at roben marie Smith, who is my Artist i relate to this time at ajj)
and that is how it started:

i built up blocks (mix-it-monthly challenge) in frosty blue tones (rubber Dance challenge of january) with my gelli plates and acrylic Colors.
(Colors look a bit lilac here, in reality they are more blue)

then i went to search something that could match the christmassy/wintery theme and found napkins with a moose. love moose.

then i had to make a break, as the sun went down...

back in the house i found a roll of japanese paper, which was ready to use (after laying in my stash for more than one decade, probably at least one and a half...). ripped two stripes off.
can you see how the moose thinks: what will she do next?
i thought i might look for some stamps. big Alpha (heindesign) for the word SCHNEE (=snow), embossed in White (on the not-moosey side).
then: rummaging for die cuts (sizzix/tim holtz) and rubber stamps (the snowflake on the "snow" side is from heindesign).

the snowflake is stamped several times and embossed in three different powder Colors...
then back to the moose-side.
i found an other rubber stamp of snowflakes in three different sizes (Flamingo artstamps) and also embossed it in the three Colors:
and there is something i can hardly resist, when it Comes my way: fabric selvedges with Color circles...
then i glued the file Folder along the sides together (with a double sided tape), sewed along twice and here is the final result, this time photographed under daylight lamp for better Colors:
and as moo mania & more has an "open theme" fortnight, i also link there...