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Monday, April 27, 2015

stitching around three circles

it started with a Piece of old Jeans, which i divided into three parts by sashiko stitching (running stitch) in varying directions with various yarns (darning Cotton in dark and light blue).
first i cut circle placeholders from fabric scrap and basted them onto the Jeans fabric:
i planned to fill the circle in the middle with a Quote, the ones on the sides with elephants from my stash (collected from coffee packagings)

this time i strengthened the dyed glasses-cleaning-paper from the back with laminating foil, so the paper won´t frazzle,...
and i pre-sewed the circle with the machine (without thread) , so i could better handstitch through These holes.
same with the elephant circles (Background is Curry tinted coffee filter, a leftover from my egg dyings on easter).
the elephant was sewed on with blanket stitch before, and some stamping done around it

finally the Quote (printed on ledger paper with font daft brush) was glued on and framed with red pencil.
Quote reads: If you think adventure is dangerous, try Routine, it is lethal. (Paolo coelho) 
everything of this Piece are recycled materials:))

Friday, April 24, 2015

set your course by the stars...

 another Piece - not for the blanket, but for the scroll Journal(s)

the Quote reads: "Set your course by the stars, not by the lights of every passing ship."
  Omar N. Bradley
    circle on the right is sponged with Acrylic paint, circle on the left stitched with the running stich (sashiko) in blue... i LOVE These stitches, they are so meditative... you can do this sitting in the garden or anywhere... 

Monday, April 20, 2015

some process on the ravens

raven no. 2 and 3 (see the starter post on this here) got some White stiching around them (so they also match the b/w theme at take a word this week)
and: update on raven no. 1 - some stitching in his surroundings is done, just as it came to my mind:

in this last photo you see how i filled the Center of this circle with a fabric scrap;
(the circles on the right beside this one probably will also get some fillings with fabric)
now, as this leg of the Jeans is quite Long and totally consists of fabric and yarn (so it is washable), i already think i might make more of These and maybe Combine them to a blanket? (with intersections of not-Jeans-fabric, such like in the fillings...)
maybe. maybe not.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

a day in munich

thursday was our monthly stampers´ meeting in munich. it always is in the evening, but i try to go to munich as early as possible (by Train) to enjoy the day at exhibitions (if the weather is not so good) or on photo Safari, if sun is forecasted. as it was this day.
first Destination was my beloved botanical garden.
if you leave the tram one Station before, you come to a pedestrian underpass with beautiful Graffiti... i had been there a year ago and wanted to see if something had changed. well, not much, as this place obviously is "off" the famous street art places of the City... only some pen scribblings added, but most of it as last year:

the first one Shows a Quote (>AJJ)  from shopenhauer:
"we seldom think of what we have but always of what we lack"

then i spent about three hours in the botanical garden.

there was a wonderful smell of the early bloomers,
lots of tulips, daffodils, Violas, hyacinths, fritillarias...

variations of Helleborus from White to black...
(and no wonder i had aching hips the next day from always stooping down...)
of course it is the season of the magnolias...
doesn´t this one almost look like porcelain?
and the next one seems to spread her blossom like wings - or like for dancing...

i always love to have a break in the Arboretum,
where a felt Billion of cowslips and Corydalis were blooming
i usually sit on a bench there, having a Little picnic and reading a book...
to be refreshed for going on...
(i actually got my first sunburn of the year today, it was a bit cloudy, so i was too incautious...)

season of the japanese cherries...
only one Thing i was missing: the ferns...
it seems to be too dry for them so far, parts of the garden are water-sprinkled now, i hope they will come out anyway. we had quite a dull spring, but not much rain, and almost no snow in winter, so the soil is much too arid.
i had my next break in the city Center, near Viktualienmarkt.
a Café to be highly recommended: "die schmalznudel" (Café frischhut) with variations of crullers, yummy!!!
i had time enough to go to the theresienwiese, where the "Little sister" of the octoberfest - the Frühlingsfest / spring feast - would start the next day.
of course not really comparable to the autumnal feast...

and if you are looking for a Little square in town where you can sit for a Prosecco, coffee or whatever... full of life with Young families, cyclists... small and cozy, but lively...
i would recommend to go to the "wiener platz"

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

old jeans with ravens

theme at the 3 muses this week is blackbirds...
i took this leg of an old Jeans and stenciled some ravens with black acrylic onto it.
now this should give me some hours of stitching...
i plan to fill the gaps with colorful elements,
the ravens will get some White sashiko stitches around them.

here you see my work in Progress...

Sunday, April 12, 2015

scroll page from old jeans

old, outworn Jeans are perfect for my current Obsession...
Background made with running stitch, very meditative.
cleaning paper for glasses  tinted with denim dye ink;
stamped with Alpha (> take a word challenge) from a capella;
Picture from a free online library (can´t remember which)

Quote (> art Journal journey): “Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining.”  Anne Lamott
another page for my scroll Journal(s)
i will only hoard These so far in a box, as it is easier to work on the single pages then, many of them will be work in Progress for a while...
not sure if i will sew them together according to themes, style or whatever. time will Show.

Friday, April 10, 2015

days of spring... transfer experiments... garden & more

spring is here... finally!
we had a wonderful sunny week (though the nights are still cold),
temperatures rising with each day, up to 24° on friday (today)
the "first Generation" of flowers (snowdrops, crocus etc) is already gone,
the next ones bringing joy:
pulsatilla on the south side of the garden...
hepatica, windflower (Anemone nemorosa), lesser celandine and Corydalis blooming on the North side
the postman brought me this book:

actually i was looking for a book from jude hill (her blog is named "Spirit Cloth"), but there doesn´t seem to exist one, which i regret. i admire her work.
Amazon came up with this one instead, and i think this is Inspiration also, even if in a different way.
but i definitely have a desire to work with Cloth These days...
on tuesday i was in munich with friends/collegues
visiting the mark/macke Exhibition in the lenbachhaus for the second time (it is awesome!!), but due to some time mismanagement too short this time
in the Foyer of the museum
afterwards Meeting for lunch in the literaturhaus:
 (some quotes of oskar Maria graf)

it´s the season of bear´s garlic...
my son brought some and we made delicious pesto
(aaaah, this will be so good with Asparagus...)
(feel free to grab the Label for private purpose...)
and if you are still interested in the Transfers onto fabric, here are my final results...
i will stop them for now, but i want to draw some conclusions which i might Forget if i don´t write them down...
this time i wanted to Transfer Magazine photos,
and i used the Dispersion glue again.
i had filled a bit of it into a jar last time, and i think it had gotten some "Skin" on the top, making some lumps after stirring - which caused a Little Trouble spreading the glue.
(maybe due to this there are the White spots, not sure though)
i spread the glue with a credit Card
let dry completely
now that´s somewhat annoying...
same with the poppies Image...
maybe it is due to too much glue? that the glue also infects the next layer of paper and won´t let it loose? just guessing...
anyway, i made it with the oil method like in my last post.
but that only is fine if the pics won´t get into contact with other layers in their further purpose...

had taken some Flyers from the Exhibition for the Experiment...
same Thing. and i had to be very thorough with rubbing, as suddenly it started to make big holes.
this also has a paper coating now and i´m not sure how/whether i will use it.
last sample:
(meanwhile i used another Dispersion glue, planatol brand, but that doesn´t make a difference i think)
i took a brochure from Ikea.
another larger size Picture.
meanwhile i spread the glue (as on the tiger pic) with gloves for faster working (the glue on the fabric should not become dry while preparing the Picture)
i think i made the mistake to get too much glue on the backside of the Picture, which is not the Intention!

you can see this when i removed the backing...
and the result of the Ikea brochure was this:
well... laid aside with the tiger...
  • laser prints worked best for me [sadly i don´t have a laser Printer, there even is no copy shop in our Little town to make some; so this is involved with longer advance planning and thus not very convenient, as i normally want to work spontaneously]
  • if there will be no contact to the Transfer Piece, making the paper translucent with oil should be okay
  • not sure if i handle the glue right... might try it with gel medium some day again. but for now These Transfer experiments are coming to an end... going on to other things...