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Saturday, May 30, 2015

challenge: old, new and digital, too

sheila wrote about a new challenge These days (old, new and digital, too) - theme of this month is free to Choose
i thought i might take that for a personal challenge i had to fulfill: making a birthday Card. (i do not love to make Cards actually)
it is for my brother-in-law´s 60th on the last day of may (he does not read my blog, so i´m not afraid he will see it too early).
challenge was: i wanted to incorporate Money (another Thing i do not like to do: giving Money as a present, but it somehow was not avoidable)
and i came up with this:
the making:
i used two OLD stamps i carved Ages ago...
i stamped and scanned them to create brushes for photoshop with These Images
Background is a photo of clouds i made some day.
stamped the bottles in green and red in photoshop... they were transformed into "candles" by adding the flame (brush in yellow with a shadow of orange)
[didn´t we use bottles as candle holders all the time in our youth?]
NEW: i stamped the date of the birthday and again turned it into a photoshop brush

another OLD Thing i used was a swiss postal stamp from 1980:
i thought it might fit well, as the numbers sum up to the number of his age... and the words "pro juventute" plus the sun also appealed to me in this context...
finishing digital touch: a texture from shadowhouse creations

after printing the Picture i added rolled banknotes with removable glue:

and it also is linked to the challenge "bottles" at moo-mania&more 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

decisions, decisions... the binding

now i have 9 pieces of old Jeans stitched Journal pages which i can collect under the theme of "sea" and it is time to think about a binding...
the original plan was to sew them together and make a scroll.
now i realized rolling them all together would make a very thick scroll, and: the stiffened papers do not want to be rolled so easily.
hmmm,  the pages are all of the same height (approx.), but of different length.
i stashed them from Long to short:
i could make the Long ones shorter by bending them:
this is possible to all of the longer pieces except the penguins on the iceberg, where i sewed the papers overlapping and so can´t bend...
but maybe... i could bind the pages by Setting big eyelets / grommets on the left and join them with yarn, fabric etc.
the large one might become part of a Kind of back cover, which i could sew to a front cover ~ still to be made ... no real Details in my thoughts so far...
but maybe i could add a stenciled title ("the sea") and stitch around.
and add this octopus (printed onto glasses-cleaning-paper):

i LOVE this old style octopus...
it is part of a font i bought at - titled "microbrew ornaments"
that´s what is brewing in my mind...
but first i have to make a Little break from stitching (my saddle-Joint of the left thumb is complaining a bit)
will Show you when finished.
when you read this scheduled post i´m spending a few days in Dresden with "the usual suspects" (we are a Group of four women making a city-travel every year... prague, Stockholm, Heidelberg, Amsterdam, Edinburgh already visited)

Sunday, May 24, 2015


this time a single word, which i thought would be apt for the Picture (cut out from an old photographers´ Journal)
i loved the mood on this one...
word stenciled with black acrylic Color, then shadow-stitched with Grey yarn:
3 different blue tones for sashiko stitching:

linked to art Journal journey 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

sea - beach - sand - shore ...

today´s Quote is from lang leav, a contemporary author (found it on
i printed it on old ledger with font boister black.
the Picture is cut out from a very old Olympus Magazine.
linking it to art-journal-journey.

Monday, May 18, 2015

the iceberg of the unconscious & prayer flag

old Jeans and running stitch again

this time the Quality of the paper was not so good (a weekly Magazine, der spiegel), but i liked These turquoise-blue icebergs with the penguins; pic strengthened by laminating on the back

Background for the Quote dyed glasses-cleaning-paper;
font after hours
linking to art-journal-journey and take-a-word ("turquoise")
and meanwhile i can Show this prayer flag also, because now it has reached it´s Destination...
just in time for the season of growing: in each stitch i put good wishes for a good success with the plants...

the Carmine red stenciling was made with acrylics. the poppy stencil is from michelle ward (green pepper press) and the letters are from a metallic Alphabet i have for Ages... 
various Colors of yarn were used for the sashiko stitching.
base for the poppy part was an old light-colored Jeans.
(there may be some purple stain visible from the pen i used for tracing, but that will vanish by itself within a few days...)

and this one is linked to moo-mania&more

Friday, May 15, 2015

salt water cures everything

another Quote for the sea theme at art Journal journey:

Quote is printed with font microbrew four onto old ledger.

i made the sashiko stitches in Colors according to the Picture.
all Pictures i use here are direct cut Outs from magazines (not copies)...
i had subscribed to photo magazines quite some years ago (like Olympus Magazine etc) and one day i decided i had to "slaughter" them due to space issues... i often only kept the photos (without the names of the photographers, which i regret sometimes).

Thursday, May 14, 2015

unwetter realschule aichach

gestern abend so um 22 Uhr fegte ein Unwetter über Aichach... nicht lange, keine Viertelstunde, aber das reichte für viele umgeknickte bäume und dachschäden.
besonders schwer betroffen war auch "meine" schule...

schon aus der Entfernung sichtbar: die kiefer am eingang wurde "geköpft"
direkt über dem Haupteingang: abgedecktes dach...
die oberen teile der kiefer sind im schulgarten gelandet.
das dämmmaterial war im weiten umkreis verstreut
gar nicht auszumalen, wenn das während der unterrichtszeit passiert wäre...

auf dem pausenhof...
morgen ist die schule erstmal geschlossen, wie es nächste Woche werden wird, ist noch nicht abzusehen.
the School where i have been teaching for over 30 years has been hit by a big thunderstorm last night. what a luck it had not happened in the teaching time...

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

like the sea...

the challenge theme for this month at ajj is the sea...
this is what i came up with: a Quote from Vincent van Gogh, printed on a teabag with font fueled by schlitz (aren´t These font names sometimes funny?)
the Picture (seychelles) i used is from a travel brochure. i cut it out in oval shape and stitched around it with the running stitch.
for the Picture itself i used the blanket stitch.
(pre-sewed with machine without thread; pic strengthened with laminating foil on the back)

my camera isn´t really good for bird Pictures, the zoom is not effective enough.
but yesterday i suddenly watched a tit frequently flying to our terrace. there is a chair with an old lambskin, a leftover from my childrens´ baby-days, which is used for our cat now (he can sleep there when he is out in the night). the tit had detected this as good nesting stuff and picked bits out of the fur. i hope it wil get lucky with it:)

Saturday, May 09, 2015

only dead fish go with the flow / bot. garden augsburg


i think this Quote is so common that there is no origin to be found.
once again you see sashiko stitching, in a light rosy colored yarn.
i trace the shapes for the places to leave unstitched with a pen that will vanish by itself.
the words are printed (font: microbrew four) on a paper that i collected from my glasses cleanings. i Think they are too good to throw out just after one use. and they have a somewhat leathery Feeling when laminated (on the back only). they are good to be dyed, too - but here i took a pure one.
and as all These fishes are Swimming in the deep sea, this scroll Journal Piece is linked to art Journal journey.
on thursday our monthly stampers´ Meeting in munich was due... but: the all-week-Long Train strike (the 8th now!!!)  Held me off going there... i was really disappointed and angry actually (People loose understanding for this strike meanwhile...)
as the weather was fine, i tried to find an alternative for my plan to visit the botanical garden in Munich... and decided to go to the botanical garden in Augsburg (the local Train went like scheduled:))
i had heard several times that it should be beautiful - and it is!
different to the one in munich, with lots of small niches to sit and recreate.
and with one of the biggest japanese gardens in europe (4.200 m²)


don´t These branches look like japanese signs?
(not that i have any knowledge about These...)

it was a day with beautiful clouds - happy guessing...
(i see a raven skull in the upper one and falkor [dt: fuchur], the luckdragon from "the neverending Story" in the lower one)
the purple magnolia "nigra" seems to be one of the late bloomers among the magnolias
frogs in spring mood...

actually i wanted to take some pics of ferns to turn them into pngs, but it seems impossible to get them focussed in my camera:(
anyway, it was a beautiful sunny day and i felt Content in the evening...