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Tuesday, June 30, 2015


... is the danish word - "sterntaler" in german, "Starbucks" (?) in english...

the Color combination at SOC this week is:
red - red - metallic
and i thought the metallic Color in this case should be golden
i used a Background from artistry/foxey grunge (altered in size)
the golden elements are mostly from Sissy sparrows,
Starbucks brush made by myself

Sunday, June 28, 2015

the old raven jeans

  i totally forgot to post the rest of the Jeans-leg´s stitching here.
this Strip is quite finished, and i might make some more in this style one day (maybe for a blanket, or whatever...)
just some Details (for the record;))

Friday, June 26, 2015

experimenting with fabric and rust

it has been on my to-do-list for a loooooong time...
now that i recently cleaned my terrace shelves, i came across a plate on which i had collected rusty stuff over quite some time (years, actually).
and i gave it a try:

i put wet White Cotton on rusty plates and covered it with various rusty things like washers, clipiola (paper Clips), old flattened bottle caps etc... the fabric was Long, so i bent it to get 2 or three layers

i added a bit of salt and vinegar and put it aside on the terrace for 5 days.
then i un-wrapped it:
while wet the fabric was quite dark.
i did not dare to put it into the washing machine this way, so i soaked it in a bucket of water with soft Soap for a day. the water turned very Brown!! i poured it into the sink at the street.
then i washed the fabric in the machine (30°, Cotton program) with normal detergent.
it turned out lighter, but it is a look i like:

i think it might go together well with Indigo colored fabrics.
when dealing with the rust i put on gloves... i googled and most sites don´t give warnings, but on one site i found a note that one should be careful touching the rust directly. so i thought i might better be on the safe side...

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


... is the Color choice of SOC this week
and this is what i came up with:
the Background of this Piece is spray painted with a stencil, then scanned.
sunflower from my own photos, made into png to remove the sky.
layered in photoshop, added the Quote with font daft brush and a texture overlay from designcuts for framing.
another Piece in These Colors:

i stitched this bird (inspired by Ivan semesyuk) in two shades of purple onto a stripe of fabric, on which i had printed a large carved stamp with yellow acrylics.
after stitching i hand-sewed the edges together and so i got a pouch for Holding some mail.
i always have mail Floating around and maybe i should sew more of These...

Sunday, June 21, 2015

summer solstice

summer is not yet here - except a few hot days...
often cold and changeable weather
but never give up hope:)
i created 3 photoshop brushes: tic-tac-toe board, sun and jumping figure;
added text with font brush up too
framed with a texture from designcuts
placed them on a spraypainted Background (made on a White paper bag):
theme at SOC this week: 2x pink + 1x orange

Monday, June 15, 2015

norderney beach

on a Background of brayered acrylics i started with some lines of running stiches on the left and some interlocking blocks on the right side;
found an old postcard of the beach of Norderney (german Island in the North sea), sewed it on (with the machine);
then i sewed on some White mesh.
i´m thinking i maybe should stamp a sun at the place where i have my watermark (in the Picture above)...

linking it to moo mania & more with the free theme...

Saturday, June 13, 2015

keith haring exhibition

on thursday i was in munich to see the Exhibition about work and life of Keith haring
a Focus is put on the political and sociocritical aspect of his work.
a broad spectrum of his Oeuvre is shown and you really leave this Exhibition with a deeper knowledge of his artistic life - which was so much more than "drawing Comics".
i highly recommend to visit this Exhibition if you have the Chance...
lots of big formats like this one:
i always rent an audio-guide for These exhibitions, you get to know so much more about the interpretations.
(i also most times buy the catalogs, they are cheaper than ordering them via Amazon etc)
photographing of most Pictures was allowed (without Flash)

he was a Close friend to Andy Warhol:

among his sculptures also were totem-like works:

he "altered" real Money with his own photo...
of course it grew in value far behind the original amount;)

the crowns were Haring's homage to his friend Jean-Michel Basquiat following his untimely death.
Basquiat's crowns, an icon repeated throughout his works, here becomes a heartfelt rememberance from his fellow New York City Artist.
acrylic on canvas, 120 x 120 x 120 in. 1988
another large triangle, influenced by his AIDS-diagnosis:
"silence = death"

 Here Haring portrays multiple figures covering their eyes, mouths, and ears. The piece is intended to illustrate the oppression and invisibility that AIDS victims felt in the 1980s. Works like Haring's helped to give those living with AIDS more visibility at a time when many were suffering in absolute silence, with no voice, no visibility and no support from those around them. In Silence=Death, the figures are all laid over a pink triangle, a symbol associated with homosexual men. Originally used during the Holocaust, the pink triangle was used to signify those who were being targeted for their homosexuality. Since then, the symbol has often been reclaimed and re-appropriated by the gay rights movement. The AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP) also used the symbol starting in 1987.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

summer of color: blue - blue - green

"summer of Color" is a challenge which runs for 6 weeks
for the first week the Task is to use 2 blue tones and 1 green
as you may have noticed i´m in a heavy stitching mode;)
i made this:
i made a stencil with the small seahorses (movers and shapers series) from tim holtz, cutting These dies into a thick transparency; mixed a light green Color with acrylics and sponged it onto a Strip of fabric (one of the slightly blue toned ones from the blueberry Experiment recently).
then i took two different shades of blue darning yarn and stitched wavy lines with the running stitch.
such a meditative practice... easy to do and good for calming down.

and of course also linked to moo mania & more with the free theme.