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i consider my blog to be my "artistic diary" - so i can recap what i made and which influences i got (exhibitions etc).

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Friday, July 31, 2015

once in a blue moon...

(this is a scheduled post. today i´m officially celebrating my retirement from School with a big Party all day long - i quit because of health issues, and i think this was the right decision... from tomorrow on i will be on a sewing retreat in the alpine upland and have fun sewing and stitching together with some pals - in my own pace, no Workshops... will be back here on wednesday. ciao for now! have a great Weekend.) 
today we have the rare Occasion of a blue moon (which is the term for a second full moon within one calendar month).
i used a photo of heracleum seeds (i have quite of lot of them;)), layered it with textures from artistry and kim Klassen and added a brush from Sissy sparrows (the circle seemed to stand well for the moon...).
then i made a postal stamp from all These elements and added a cancellation brush. text "once in a blue moon" written with font byron.
linking it to art Journal journey.
(i wish i could have made more for this "postal" challenge, as it is absolutely my theme, but i´m still addicted to stitching... and when i looked for my gelli print Journal, i couldn´t find it...)
well, i´m procrastinating on my urge to pack the things i will take with me at the Weekend...
so i can Show you some preparations i made...
i will take with me two more old Jeans pieces (though i intend to make not so much on them in the four days, These are good for evening stitchings or stitching in the garden...)

i rust dyed quite some White Cotton recently:

on wednesday i decided to dye some cheesecloth, as i love its structure and it is lightweight to take anywhere.
i found an envelope on the attic with some cheesecloth, the order dating back to 2008. (now i could say that is the typical time things are awaiting their use here, haha!)
AND: the dye-inks are actually silk dyes, dating back to the last century (they have D-Mark Prices on them; and well, it was more than 25 years ago that i silk dyed. but: do not throw away anything;))
i water soaked bits of the cheesecloth and put them in glasses, then dropped silk paints over them and let them sit for a while...
there was only a small rest of the yellow Color, so i dyed it in the sink (i could better handle it there, whyever...)

in the end it felt like easter:
i let the Colors sit for about 2-3 hours,
then i took them out and spread them on old newspaper to let them dry.
(i was a bit impatient, maybe should have dried them totally, but the weather was not so fine this day.)
with one of them (ultramarine) i thought i might create a net pattern on one of the rusted pieces.
i brayered it in the wet condition over the Cloth. well, that was a bit heavy and i was not sooo happy with the instant result (should have waited and let it dry a bit, maybe...)

but then, after drying, i thought it looked ok:

next step: wanted to fix the Color and make it waterproof (though i think i mainly will use it on items that will not be washed...)
the instructions said i should iron the Cloth or put them into the oven for 15 min (wrapped in alu foil, 150°c)

they were not all dried through afterwards (i definitely should have waited longer before putting them into the stove!)
i tried to handwash this lightening blue Piece and it lost lots of Color. so i decided to stop rinsing the pieces and just let the rest be as is.


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

the bears

i started working on a new Piece of old Jeans - stencilling different silhouettes of bears with acrylic paint onto it and now embroidering it like the raven Piece:
i have other pieces in planning (wolves, moose), maybe some with single animals, as there are Jeans-parts in several sizes lying around.
maybe together with other Cloth patches these will make it into a blanket or so...
and i will stitch on other Cloth pieces (more lightweight) in between, not to afflict my thumb Joint too much.
but i enjoy it so much - it is so meditative... (did i mention that already?;))

Monday, July 27, 2015

black and white

this week´s theme at take-a-word is b/w
i combined a photo of trees i took a while ago with a Background moon-photo (sussieM, scrapbookgraphics - cut down a bit) and edited it to this look;
added the Quote with font pea sean

Friday, July 24, 2015

seth apter - buried treasures

this post is following seth apter´s annual request to Show some "buried treasures" from the past.
(click on the Picture to be linked to the list of participants)
it was a hard decision for me which post i should Show...
i consider my blog to be my artistic diary, showing my alternating addictions...
alternating means: i seem to go in circles, my preferences vary in phases, and before i can get bored, i just go on to the next addiction and will frequently return to each of These one day again...
my main passions are
  • stamping/carving - that were my beginnings
  • mail art (incl. making faux postage) - influenced by nick bantock
  • collaging
  • altered books/art journaling
  • photographing & editing/ digital collages
  • working with fabric - currently predominant
back in 2010 my Obsession for collages lead to a daily Project, for which i created the blog "scrap squares". i really really loved it so much that i sometimes think i should repeat that: making a collaged square every day from all the scrap here lying around... i think i´m breeding a Revival...
but so far i will Show you the link to this Project and some of the collages i made.

and fourhundred-plus more of them... ;)
i would love to hear from you if you like this Project.
thanks for looking!! have a great time with seth´s Showcase!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

the heat is (was?) on...

high degrees here (mid-30°ies) in the south of Germany...
if i can avoid going outside, i do... but that is not always possible.
now thunderstorms are predicted and i hope they won´t be too cruel and leave us with temperatures a bit bearable.
the sun stamp is one of my very first eraser carvings almost 20 years ago...
acrylic inks, also for stencilling the Alpha.
meditative stitching...

the swallows soar high These days... but i got one down to my fabric...
Clip art Image copied with this blue tracing paper onto Cotton, then stitched along the lines. 

Monday, July 20, 2015

sea life

sea life is the theme of the current challenge at take-a-word,
so i will Show one of my new sewings:
this is a pouch for Holding letters, paper etc...
paints in the Background are acrylics,
then i stitched with some blue & Brown yarn.
before i sewed it together (by Hand) i added a photo (i bought on ebay a while ago) with the buttonhole stitch


Saturday, July 18, 2015

moo mania & more: in the garden

my main Obsession These days is fabric and stitching, as you surely have noticed...
so my contributions to the moo mania & more challenge also are done this way;)
the roses...
(former boxershorts of one of my sons, i don´t even remember which one...
wonderful washed out Feeling, i love it when fabric lies so smooth in your Hands.
the checkerboard pattern was good here for an easy stitching...)

the animals in my garden are
the cat:
and unfortunately the slugs (getting a bit better now because of the heat):
yesterday i did some stencilling with acrylic paint on old fabric, i think this flower design is from julie fei-fan balzer - its edges also back-stitched with White yarn
and i did a lot of rusting cloth recently... foam stamped this flower onto a Piece of it and will also stitch around here... or/ add sashiko stitches...
Keep safe at the Weekend, here locally some thunderstorms are predicted. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

faux graffiti

a Graffiti made by myself:
i photographed this orange texture Background in our town.
added a blue bird (holliewood Studios: stenciled and sprayed vol 1);
wrote my Name with font urban calligraphy / dafont) and added a Frame from designcuts [both clipping-masked with the bird Color]
this is for the last week at SOC: orange-orange-blue
and for the 3 muses street art / Graffiti
and i played a bit more and came to another Piece for SOC:

this time the Background is blue (erica parée, altered from turquoise to blue);
then i made one of my photos - tree with crows - into a png and clipping-masked it with an orange texture (free from flickr). shadowing effects on the tree (drop shadow, bevel&emboss, inner shadow)

Monday, July 13, 2015


Quote from William blake

Quote from muhammad ali
at the Weekend i bought the set "film Strip fly away" from jen maddocks/ scrapbookgraphics (sale - as it will be retired at july 17th).
and of course i had to Play with it and looked after "wing" quotes for the take-a-word challenge.
full sized Images from foxey grunge via artistry,
Fonts daft brush and bleeding cowboys